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  1. Exactly on the Tyreke part!!!!!!! We have missed a guy like him in Memphis for a long time and I like him with that "get buckets" mentality.
  2. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    EXACTLY! We need Mike to be consistent and I would think it will come. We need Tyreke to do exactly what he is doing and ignore the people who think he isn't good and needs to pass more. The team will have a heck of a time winning without Tyreke and that's a fact. Coach Fiz is a great coach and I personally think this team can be really good. They look a lot better than some of the other "preseason powerhouses " and we haven't had our entire team healthy yet. If we can avoid injury and get the rotations down then we will see how solid our team can be! Go Grizz!
  3. ^^^^ Im glad you said this cause I thought it was just me.
  4. McLemore/Selden

    I sure hope they don't trade Wright. I like him as a change of pace big and he can run with the second unit. I think Ben Mac starts at the 2 and Jam back at the 4 ofcourse. I don't think we will see much of Martin but think Harrison will still find a few spot minutes. I want to see brooks/selden reke parsons Wright and Rio running the second unit. The push the pace second unit can be fire! I'm not sure how coach can spread minutes but brooks should be in the rotation and I can't figure it how to make it all work Mike Marc Ennis Jam BenMac Reke rio brooks/selden parsons Wright think the second unit of selden or brooks will depend on matchup and how selden plays when he and Ben mac get back I am real excited with how deep we are but can't have dead stretches like we did against charlotte and Dallas.
  5. Team Hero @ Rockets 10/23/2017

    I'll roll with this one also!! Mario also hit a huge 3! James Ennis is just playing great and I keep saying all this guy does is hustle!!! The guy plays hard and it is so much appreciated! I hope the board keeps respecting the guy. Parsons is playing really good and slowly getting back to old Chandler in my eyes. Grizz won this game when they probably shouldn't have and that is huge! They didn't play great until late and still get a W! Marc carried us for most of the game and Mike finished it!
  6. McLemore/Selden

    I thinks brooks defense has been pretty good. One huge thing I noticed was late in the shot clock he doesn't look scared and throw it to Mike. I like that he isn't afraid to take a shot. Ennis is playing extremely hard and that is what we can use alongside Mike and Marc. Coach seems to know what buttons to push right now so hopefully it continues and we can stay healthy. It is just my opinion but I would not take ennis out of the starting lineup. I think Parsons role right now is really nice and that guy is working hard on defense also. That second unit is just scary on defense and Reke can just take over a few possessions like he has done and go to the hoop (which we haven't had consistently in a long time off the bench)
  7. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    The last thing you said is a great point and exactly right. That second unit can switch anything on defense...Coach said we will just try to annoy you on defense and they definitely do
  8. I'm glad you pointed that out! The negativity is absolutely awful on here
  9. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Marc is so underrated. I don't know a true center id rather have on our team. He plays the right way and we just have to keep him inside the game and not be too timid. I love his IQ for the game and that helps us also. I don't want him taking games off so to speak or not take enough shots when it's his time.
  10. I just hope Parsons comes to life this year and makes us a way better team. I remember when VC got here I thought he was just used up and didn't have to anymore. He could barely run but I just thought that is what he had left. He came back the next year healthy and wow was he a better player! I hope Parsons has that in him but who really knows.
  11. Sorry I been a Grizz fan for a decade but I don't post much on here because everyone wants to be negative and belittle people like you had to do. I simply asked a question and wanted to hear what someone else had to say. I know Mike made big money but I had the feeling he wanted another guy to help score. No matter what I'm glad he came back
  12. Do you really think Mike resigns even if we don't sign Parsons? ( who we thought we be a great addition) I'm just asking cause he seemed to give the vibe that if he doesn't get another guy then he might be out ?
  13. ZBO ??

    Wow... you're right looks like we should have traded him when we had offers
  14. ZBO ??

    Meeting with OKC-LAC-SAC tonight ??? Aldridge reported