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  1. srmjr23

    Trade Likely Coming for Draft

    +1. We can obviously offer two lower picks, guaranteeing ATL gets JJJ, especially if we put on the pressure by taking him at 4, removing the Mavs bargaining power. Giving up on the 32nd pick is absolutely worth the opportunity to get Doncic.
  2. srmjr23

    We Should Trade the Pick

    Compounding the mistake of signing Chandler Parsons to trade off his contract to get Taurean Prince is one of the most ludicrous suggestions I have ever seen on this board, and that's saying something.
  3. Everyone is talking about trading the pick. I agree. Trade the 4th pick to ATL if they take Doncic, along with the 32nd, to trade into the 3rd. ATL has been reported to be enamored with JJJ. They could guarantee getting their guy at 4 and an extra asset in the 32nd pick. I'd even be willing to give up DD or Martin, possibly even Jam, depending on what would get it done. IMO the drop offafter Doncic is far and I believe he will be a future all star. Swing for it. edit: It should be noted that we could draft JJJ at 4 to remove the possibility of ATL trading down with either Dallas or Chicago or whomever, unless they decide they just want Trae Young.
  4. srmjr23

    Denver @ Memphis 03/17/18

  5. srmjr23

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    If we get the opportunity to draft Ayton, at whichever pick we end up, and then don't - then I'm finally done. That would be the final straw for me with the F.O. Thankfully the top 6 is so deep that we'll likely end up with a great player anyway, but you can't pass on generational talen - multiple times - and expect your franchise to succeed in the NBA. Ayton has superstar potential. can't miss with this guy.
  6. srmjr23

    2018 trade deadline thread

    This is a quality post
  7. srmjr23

    2018 trade deadline thread " Memphis has been asking for a first-round pick for Evans, but the Celts haven’t yet been willing to go there. Denver has reportedly offered Emmanuel Mudiay and a second-round pick, and while the C’s could propose something similar, the second -round pick (or picks) they could send would not be very high. "
  8. srmjr23

    David Fizdale Fired.

    Because he is famously an idiot with an immature attitude and opinions
  9. srmjr23

    David Fizdale Fired.

    Yea, let's all care about what STEPHEN JACKSON has to say. Holy ****.
  10. srmjr23

    Marc sounds off

    If people are considering trading Marc for anything other than first round picks and young players, they're doing it wrong. Kevin Love type players are not what we want in a return. If we trade our best players,we're tanking.
  11. srmjr23

    Be sure to use Valvoline motor oil

    The board is so negative they hate the motor oil sponsor
  12. srmjr23

    New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Hey, if you're the guy booing out there, please just STFU instead. If your buddy is booing, tell him to STFU too. Some folks just need to get some perspective and grow up.
  13. srmjr23

    Why do the grizzlies BS us about Chancun Parsons?

    But what does Weezy have to say about it? /s
  14. Did we not already waive Martin? edit: I thought we waived him but decided to keep him through camp/preseason to let him make an impression on other teams.
  15. Does anyone have League Pass yet? I've been trying to deal with xfinity and it's INFURIATING. I live in CA and I don't think I have the local broadcast for the game on Fox Sports. Stream link would be super sweet.