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  1. lsugrizzfan

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    The thing is every site I have read says 3 weeks before you are walking normal again. Obviously it would take longer to play basketball. But 5 months seems long if you are walking normally within 3 weeks. It's been more than 5 months, and he isn't playing. Maybe I'd be less concerned if Vince and Chandler hadn't been such disasters. But I am worried.
  2. lsugrizzfan

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    I was told I'm crazy the other day on here for wondering the same thing. Bone spur surgery on your heel doesn't have you out for more than 5 months. Something is wrong.
  3. lsugrizzfan

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    I like Mack. But he's just a solid backup. So why do we keep adding PGs? Could it be they don't expect Conley to be ready or even possibly limited???????????
  4. lsugrizzfan

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I was one of the Wendell Carter votes. Still would take him over Jackson. However, I am loving what I saw from Jackson and can't wait for me to say I was wrong.
  5. lsugrizzfan

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Glad you had zero concerns. He just had another back surgery. There is no such thing as a short term injury if it involves back surgery.
  6. lsugrizzfan

    Why Memphis Must Take Wendell Carter @ # 4

    I think Jackson has a higher ceiling than Carter. I also find it hilarious when people say 18/19 year olds are close to their ceiling.
  7. I'm pessimistic because of the Grizzlies history. Vince was going to be ready by the start of the season. Chandler was going to be ready by the start of the season. Grizzlies medical history is awful. Now we have a guy who was originally sidelined with an Achilles injury (that had bothered him for seasons). Then the team announced he was having surgery for bone spurs on his heel. However, all the research on the internet I have found suggests that heel bone spur surgery is a minor thing with a quick recovery period. Here we are more than 5 months later and he still isn't ready to go. That is scary to me. It truly makes the conspiracy theorist in me believe that it was a form of achilles surgery and not bone spurs. You can be optimistic. I'm terrified, especially knowing a true achilles injury is essentially a career killer.
  8. I'm not talking about the injury. I believe he could have come back in a limited form as well. I'm talking about the surgery. Surgery for bone spurs in your heel should not take this long to recover. This is a reasonable take. Although I am still perplexed that he isn't playing ball yet.
  9. I haven't found a single website showing more than 3-4 weeks to start walking normally. I know walking isn't the same as playing basketball. But if you can walk in 3 to 4 weeks, but can't play basketball 5 months later? Come on. I'm not sure what to make of that video. I saw it a few days ago. It's definitely not a 10 foot goal. The top of the backboard on a 10 ft goal is about 13 feet in the air. He ain't getting close to that, much less from flat footed. Is the video real? I can't think of why anyone would make a fake one. I also don't know why anyone would expect people to believe Conley can touch the top of a NBA backboard, but based on twitter, there are plenty of fools out there.
  10. I'll believe in Mike Conley again once I see him play. The man went out with an "achilles" injury but had "heel" surgery. If he had any type of procedure on his achilles, he will not be the same. Hopefully most of you have learned from Chalmers. And I am not very optimistic over the fact that he still hasn't been cleared to play ball yet. He announced in late January that he was having surgery and still isn't cleared to play????? That sounds like a major procedure, and I believe that it was probably an achilles surgery based on that time line.
  11. lsugrizzfan

    The 2018 Free Agents

    And why aren't we reaching out to James Nunnally? He's only 27 and seems to have found his footing over in Europe. He is a good defender and has been shooting lights out over there. He has taken 400 three pointers over the last two years combined and made more than half. His true percentage was 70%. Why haven't we looked into him? Surely we could offer more than the Rockets. I can't imagine that 2 years for a total of $10m wouldn't get the job done. It would still keep with our time frame for cap space. If we can't attract guys in the NBA, why not gamble on a guy trying to get back to the NBA?
  12. lsugrizzfan

    The 2018 Free Agents

    Say what you want but I'd offer OJ Mayo the non guaranteed league minimum deal just to get him in camp. See if he's in shape and can he still shoot. We need shooters and spacing. He was once capable. If he's off the drugs and has his head together, he might be able to contribute. If not, you cut him. I'd also would call Hood, Smart, and Lavine. They probably wouldn't accept our $7.5m. And if they did, their teams would probably match it. I'd make the player say no. Then I'd make the teams match. If nothing else, the players might consider one year deals because it is more than their QOs. If the teams don't match, it may not do much for us long term as we'd have a hard time keeping the players next season. But it would help us be better this year (since that is their goal). If their teams match...eats into the Bulls cap space, taking options away from other free agents,...makes Boston more likely to go into the luxury tax when they fill out their roster, making them another year into the repeater tax when they try to keep their budding dynasty together (that means a bigger revenue sharing portion for us)....Hood wouldn't affect Cleveland much but still worth the effort, just in case they don't feel like he's worth it. Plus it would build good will amongst players.
  13. lsugrizzfan

    Fire Sale???

    They give a percentage to the league and keep the rest. I don't know the exact percentages though. So teams with huge local contracts help the entire league, just not nearly as much as it helps them.
  14. lsugrizzfan

    The 2018 Free Agents

    On one hand, I'm with you- always call and ask. On the other hand, I'd find it hard to believe they couldn't get a better offer for Warren than that.
  15. lsugrizzfan

    Fire Sale???

    If you want to get something in return for Marc, 1) look around the league and figure out the worst contracts in the league 2) make sure that contract ends in the next two years to keep our cap clearing on track 3) then get a quality pick or young proven player in order to take on said contract For me, that is how you get it done. I don't think the Lakers would be interested because of the Fizdale connection. LeBron seems to hold grudges. I'd still call and ask if they would swap Marc for Deng and who they'd be willing to include. I'd shoot for Ingram and settle for Kuzma. Again, unlikely, but take your shot. It would give the Lakers another all-star level player without taking up their cap space for next season because they get off of Deng.