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  1. Months ellis.

    Is there any chance grizzly could sign monta ellis?
  2. Lance Stephenson Traded To Memphis

    could be the "River City Bad Boys' maybe Grizz can play like a conventional team where system is not run by the center or go small. maybe Lance can get in curry's head nothing else has slowed them down maybe some energy will return would love to see them win but as long as I see players diving after balls and giving hard fouls when needed I am okay
  3. Marc Gasol 2015-2016 Season Outlook

    It's probably true that players are not physically as good as they get older but they are without a doubt smarter.Ray Allen and Reggie Miller were just about as deadly late in their careers. Are Duncan and Parker as good physically as their first year together. No, but they are better players now
  4. River City Bad Boys?

    I think the only way that Memphis would ever get a chance at the finals is if they become the team that everyone hates. Face it folks,the NBA will ever allow memphis into the finals unless they think it will sell.Calls influenced games last year far more than they should.SA gets away with more moving screens and grabbing than any two teams in the league.Barnes ,Zach,TA,VC could be a bad guy, but could Gasol and Conley?
  5. Welcome Matt Barnes

    Sorry so condensed. My point is that the only physical presence they have is Bonner And as far as GS, who knows what would have happened if TA was not hurt? And now Grizzlies have added another gritty player to spell Green or TA. And OKC third? Grizzly have played them straight up the last 3 seasons and Houston? A train wreck waiting to happen. How is McHale going to control that nut house. And who is the leader?
  6. Welcome Matt Barnes

    Everyone keeps saying that the gross have too many wings but according to trade machine(don't know how accurate it is) GS has 8 and Cavs have 9. For all the talk about how Spurs are going to run away with the title: Spur. Grizzly. Advantage Parker. MC. Slight Parker Ginobili. Lee. Lee Leonard. Green. Leonard Aldridge. !Zbo. Slight Aldridge. Depending on how they use him Duncan. Gasol. Gasol
  7. Roster Moves

    Did Boozer ever sign with anyone. Not sure,but can you send 4 players to Iowa. Why not stokes,Harrison,Martin and Jam. Don't know how much$ left but could they get Boozer with minimum? MC,Lee,Barnes,Zbo,Marc Russ,Adams,Jeff,Boozer,Wright VC,TA and be no to spare starters in special circumstances
  8. Roster Moves

    Why not start Barnes at SF? Would space the floor with MC,Lee,Zbo and Gasol.Bench would be Russ,Adams,Jeff,Jam and Wright. Use TA and Carter in special circumstances. Easily the most athletic bench Grizzly have ever had
  9. Just my opinion but I think the Grizz still matchup with all the teams in west. Spurs got Aldridge and West but I think Splitter was an important part of their strategy against Grizz. Houston will NEVER win a championship with Harden and Howard, Same with Clips and CP3. Golden State went into finals with NO health problems, which very few teams ever do. Cavs will implode with Love and Labron after a big losing streak. Barnes is slightly less the defender of TA but can hit the 3. Wright is an upgrade over KK. I know I am in a minority, but I like the koolaid. sit back and really enjoy the ride.people all over the country respect G-n-G. I like that tough image more than the Splash brothers
  10. Lionel fired himself.I admire him for what he helped develop and give him a lot of the credit but Sports or not, you can't butt heads with the boss. And as much as everyone says to spend, spend and then spend some more, it is possible Memphis could spend the way out of city .Grizzlies are more popular than the Tigers.10 years ago, that would have been a dream. If Memphis spends and doesn't make a profit or at least break even then they will be gone. and besides, I don't care who they get in here, if Memphis doesn't get a fair shake with the refs, they will never win a championship. They were even with GS at the end of 3rd quarter and then got screwed.they win that game and have a shot in game 7, who knows?
  11. Roster Moves

    I hate to admit it but I am coming around to the idea of trading TA or let Marc walk .I like numbers soI was looking at the shooting % of people I wanted on Grizz, like Crawford and Monta Ellis. Lee has as good if not better percentage on shots than those two and also Eric Gordon, yet they are 'better' players. Why? If Lee would shoot more and not be as scared to shoot and if the Grizz would set up plays for him and Barnes. Why is it that every good shooter that comes to Memphis can't hit the ocean from the beach? shooters should have the green light to shoot. if they are afraid of being yanked, then that is the coach. let the players play. AS for Marc, people act like Memphis owes Marc because he was so kind to come here and help this sorry franchise. As I recall, Zbo carried him a couple of years and Memphis has given him a VERY COMFORTABLE living so he can fly to Spain anytime he wants. Would the Grizz be better with Joe Johnson than with Marc? There, thru venting thank you all so much
  12. Welcome Brandan Wright

    can a free agent sign and then be traded? would love to get ellis
  13. Roster Moves

    what did clips get for barnes?heard they were shopping Crawford. How about shipping Barnes and calathes for Crawford?
  14. Marc Back In Fold For 5 Years 108 Mil.

    I think that the Grizz and Marc are trying to see how the free agency period falls out and who the Grizz can get and then Marc will sign a could be for 108M but the first year may be 18m and then rise each year according to the cap. it may be a long wait
  15. Welcome Brandan Wright

    MC, Mo Williams, Beno Ellis,TA,Adams Barnes,Martin,VC Zbo,wright, Jam Gasol, Amare