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  1. yelloyello

    Grizzlies & Sixers - 4/11/2014

    Must. win.
  2. yelloyello

    Grizzlies & Heat - 4/9/2014

    If they lose this game, the season will be over I fear.
  3. yelloyello

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    JBay ... In case any of you are WONDERING, I'm going to post Bayless's stats since January 29. He was traded early January, the sixth if I remember correctly, so... Taking into account adjustment and getting the feel of the team... I've decided to post his stats now. Taking into account how well he played in preseason (avg like 13 ppg, 40% on 3P%, etc) then the injury by Leuer falling into his leg, the missed games and many games after where he struggled. I still contribute the injury to that. Dude was forced to come back way too early because we were losing so bad. Well, then that probably didn't help, he struggled more and as he was avg double figures and getting his feet back under him he's traded. Has to adjust again... Now here we are in April here are his averages since January. Rebounds 2.4 Minutes. 26 assists 3.3 FG. 42% 3P. 42% PPG. 14 So there's that. Funny thing is, he scores a lot of his points in the 4th Quarter. But Rondo says he likes how he doesn't have to make plays for bayless often, that Bayless just makes plays for himself. Guess it's a load off his back. I'm happy I just still wish it wasn't on this sucky team though. I miss watching him on the Grizz, but he has more opportunities here. It appears that he's allowed to be more free and do what he wants. He'll always try to get everyone else going first but after that, he takes over and it's fun to watch! Watching Boston in general is painful. Pure jump shooting team. I'm sure you all miss the jerryd bayless talk lol so I decided to provide it here
  4. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 3/28/2014

    Yeah, his 3P% has jumped from last time I saw (which was like January lol). He seemed to be in a slight slump then, but has definitely picked up since. Still, I believe in Conley!
  5. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 3/28/2014

    I still love Bayless so much. I watch every Celtics game and if a Grizz game is on, I'll always watch it after or the next day. I still miss him playing with us a lot. Curry does not even compete.
  6. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 3/28/2014

    The entire season or is that over the past few games? Last time I checked he was shooting in low 30's for both FG and 3P%. This was before all-star break when I checked.
  7. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 3/28/2014

    This game finna be epic. I get to watch grizzlies destroy Golden state while also enjoy watching my love Stephen Curry play! Our defense will really hurt them in keeping them from being able to get in a good offensive rythym. It probably won't stop Curry, but I think Tony Allen and Mike Conley switching on and off guarding him will slow him down enough for us. His shooting % are really not very good this least last time I checked. The only thing we really have to worry about with him is if it gets clutch time and it's a one possession game... We don't want him to have the ball- at least without Tony Allen on him. Overall it'll be a great win.
  8. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Heat - 3/21/2014

    If the godawful celtics can beat the heat then we can. Not the best way to look at it, but it makes me feel better about playing them lol.
  9. yelloyello

    Team Hero Vs Clippers 02/21/2014

    Th: TA and JJ Honorable Mention: griffins missed free throws
  10. yelloyello

    Grizz Shut Out Of Asg

    We seem to play best when we are the underdogs , so I'm fine with being counted out against. It'll make victory that much sweeter when we win.
  11. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Kings - 1/29/2014

  12. yelloyello

    Grizzlies @ Trail Blazers - 1/28/2014

    We're coming back. 6-1 since Gasol's return. Call me crazy but I still believe we are title contenders. Just had to wait till everyone was back.
  13. yelloyello

    Team Hero Vs @blazers 1/28/2014

    TH: gasol HM: Conley, Zbo, lee
  14. yelloyello

    Is Calethes Actually Improving?

    I would take that one game with a grain of salt even though it was clearly the best game he has had in his NBA career. I'd wait and see if he can continue to keep that level up on a consistent level or if he'll fall back to his old ways of rookie mistakes, etc.
  15. yelloyello

    Grizzlies & Pelicans - 1/20/2014

    Whenever Calathes comes in our lead immediately disappears