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  1. chipc3

    Vegas Summer League

    Isiah Thomas should never be allowed near a microphone again for a summer league game. He spent the entire 3rd quarter talking to the friend of LeBrons' and allowed him to pimp his service while ignoring the game. Then in the 4th quarter he kept talking about himself instead of the game. I was getting a headache from trying to watch the game while he droned on and on about his number 11.
  2. chipc3

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    You act like that isn't the case any longer... Just teasing. You know I love you and your new wife!!!
  3. I want to give Martin a shot in training camp but he has to impress a lot to not be the odd man out.
  4. chipc3

    Ron Tillery...

    I heard that yesterday as well. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  5. chipc3

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

  6. chipc3

    JJJ vs Mo Bamba

    Practicing to learn new systems of play plus a ton of games can sap anyone's legs. We all need to chill out a bit and wait until training camp before making too many assumptions about players conditioning.
  7. chipc3

    Ron Tillery...

    I hope I am not right. I hope he has a valid reason for not attending the games and when we find out what it is we will all feel bad about making some of these comments.
  8. chipc3

    JJJ vs Mo Bamba

    Perhaps but then again a 100% rested team probably wouldn't have left Bamba open under the basket to get that dunk. It was the tired legs of Jackson that allowed Bamba that position under the basket unchecked.
  9. If I were you I'd be quiet about where "my board" had players ranked considering what's happened in the draft and so far in summer league. It's still early and you may end up being proven correct but right now it's not a good look for you.
  10. chipc3

    JJJ vs Mo Bamba

    Bamba had a good game against JJJ but it is important to remember that JJJ was playing his 5th game in like 7 days while Bamba was playing his second game this summer. Fatigue played a part in this outcome.
  11. chipc3

    JJJ vs Mo Bamba

    Or it is safe to say that summer league performances mean nothing once the regular season begins...
  12. chipc3

    Ron Tillery...

    If he is on vacation it's a long vacation. Personally I think he is out of a job now but I have no proof of that.
  13. Some interesting notes I have found researching Kyle Anderson as a NBA prospect: It should be noted that Kyle also had the 3rd highest body fat % at the combine so we will all need to do our best to keep him away from the Fried Chicken and BBQ haunts!
  14. chipc3

    Marc's interview with Spanish newspaper

    Thanks for posting. What I took from this article is something I have been saying almost from the beginning. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes than just a Gasol and Fizdale feud.