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  1. Official draft strategy thread (one per person)

    Then the front office did a bad job of evaluating the draft. It happens all the time to all teams so I am not being u fair but when your job is to pick the best player and you don’t what else can you consider it but a failure?
  2. What about the white dude from Duke

    Please tell me this is meant as a joke. Haven’t we evolved past profiling people by race?
  3. Official draft strategy thread (one per person)

    I’ll play along but I realize individual workouts haven’t begun yet and the draft is still over a month away. There is still a lot of work to do. 1) Draft the player who is projected to have the best career. The end. Rught now I believe the players should be ranked as follows: 1) Ayton 2) Porter (provided his back checks out) 3) Bagley 4) Doncic 5) Jackson 6) Bamba Whoever is available among this list should be drafted by the Grizzlies in that order. I am against trading down unless the team is guaranteed to still get the player they believe will have the best career by trading down. That is a very risky strategy and the FO has better be right if they do this.
  4. That's the big problem I have had with Wallace. What picks has he made himself? I think Wallace has done as well as can be expected with later picks but the big decisions have always been made by others. Wallace defers too much on the big calls even when he knows they are mistakes. Wallace didn't want Iverson but bowed to Heisley's demands. He didn't want Thabeet but bowed to Heisley again. It was rumored that Xavier Henry wasn't a Wallace pick as well (although I don't have anyone standing up to say who Wallace did want so I take that with a grain of salt honestly). Even the Mt Rushmore Four is questionable. Conley was drafted a week after Wallace was hired. Zach Randolph was wanted by Heisley who had taken over all final decisions. Marc Gasol was clearly a Wallace acquisition that even Heisley questioned after the trade when Pops and others criticized the team for making the deal. Tony Allen came from Boston as a free agent but Tony said he signed with Memphis to be closer to his buddy Tony Barberie (I may have spelled that wrong). Jordan Adams, Tony Wroten, and Jarell Martin all were late first round picks. Trading Donte Green for Darrell Arthur was smart however. Wallace has done better with late first and 2nd round picks honestly. Sam Young, Greivis Vasquez, Andrew Harrison, Ivan Rabb and Dillon Brooks were all great moves later in the draft. His misses weren't terrible including Jarnell Stokes (D League MVP one season), Josh Selby (included in a trade to acquire Jon Leuer by Levien not Wallace), Jamaal Franklin, Janis Timma. They were all worth the risk that late in the draft. The bottom line for me is Wallace is an excellent talent scout, capable of being a good Asst. GM but out of his league as the top dog, preferring to get along and keep his job rather than ruffle feathers to do his job.
  5. Situational Analysis: Jaren Jackson Jr This is the name most people are penciling in for the Grizzlies top pick. That just tells me he most certainly won't be the Grizzlies top pick since Mock Drafts are notoriously wrong.
  6. Grizzlies should hire him. He knows how to coach players to play the "right way."
  7. Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    Firing Fizdale could have been the answer. What was the question?
  8. Pick the best player available and find a way to make moves with lesser players to make the team fit. It's the only way to properly draft. That doesn't mean you can't trade down if you seriously believe that the best player available at 4 will be there when you draft later. However it's a risk generally not worth taking in my opinion. Pick the player you believe is the best available when your pick is on the clock and worry about the fit later.
  9. You do know how to make me giggle at your humor. This is supposed to be funny right???
  10. The 2018 Free Agents

    That team sounds like lottery fuel for sure. The Grizzlies top 5 aren't as talented as most teams starting units and the bench consists of 2nd round pick Andrew Harrison, undrafted Wayne Selden, 2nd Dillon Brooks, 3 knee operation Chandler Parsons and 2nd rd pick Ivan Rabb. Some of these players may produce above expectations but it is highly unlikely all will.
  11. The 2018 Free Agents

    Isn't there a higher likelihood that Marshon fizzles next season. I have seen too many April surprises fail to reach the lofty expectations the next season when teams have scouted them.

    Good grief.
  13. The 2018 Free Agents

    What Alpha do you believe will be available at the 4th spot?
  14. 15 legit looking mock draft sites

    I don’t believe Stro’s Talent was underestimated. His desire to improve however...
  15. 2018 NBA Combine

    Just curious but should the Grizzlies be looking for Gasol’s replacement in another year? JJJ at 6-11 plus is intriguing as Gasol’s replacement since Gasol will be a free agent next summer. So would Bamba for that matter if he can put on weight. The idea of getting someone with tremendous upside and giving them half a year or so to learn from a Gasol seems pretty intelligent. Especially if the Grizzlies aren’t looking like a playoff team next season.