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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    But Bagley and Bamba over Ayton? Ayton looks like an Embiid to me, but without the injury concerns.
  2. Bamba and Young are the only unicorns i see i this draft.

    I was comparing our 3 favorite bigs in this draft (I still have Ayton #1 but y'all are apparently out on him), and maybe we should be giving JJJ more consideration if we're outside of the top 2... His defense is out of this world and apparently he can shoot 3s even better than Bamba (on 4.5 attempts per 36, vs 2 for Bamba) Mock drafts now have JJJ as a top 4 prospect, ahead of Bagley, Bamba and Young.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Why is everybody in this thread writing off Ayton...? I know his defense isn't great but he looks like the next Embiid to me, except healthy.
  4. Bamba and Young are the only unicorns i see i this draft.

    Just matters where our pick lands, then we'll know who to pick. Can't go too wrong with any of the top 7 IMO. Obviously we need someone to come in and contribute immediately, which may end up causing us to pick based on that need vs best player available... With NO pick next year we cannot tank. Memphis fans won't be down for a multi-year tank job, and with the contracts we have on the books we'd have to get off of 2 of 3 Mark, Mike, Chandler contracts to make tanking even sensible. We need a ranking and from there we'll just see who we land with based on how the picks shake out. My list is as follows, and since we'll be picking top 5 we won't have to worry about anyone outside of this list: 1. Ayton 1b. Doncic 3. Bagley 4. Porter 5. Bamba 6. JJJ 7. Trey Young I could be convinced to swap Young and Jackson Jr here, and I could also be convinced to leave Porter off of our board completely (except in some whacky trade down scenario or lottery bs that lands us in the 7-10 range) based on the injury issues and our need to win now. Really exciting that we could get one of these players. This will be the first rookie to be hyped about since... I dunno, Conley? I'm still mad we didn't take Rodney Hood a couple years back... would've had me excited.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Doncic doesn't have upside? His ceiling is whatever white dudes you can think of off the top of your head? Why is he a unanimous top 2 prospect right now in this loaded draft then? You're really underestimating his competition in the Euroleague. I think Ayton is the only player that we should consider drafting over him. Possibly Porter also, if there was no injury concern. The other bigs are nice but seem to be much more of role players than someone who can instantly come in and spark our offense.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Another thing I just read and didn't previously realize about Bagley is that he is only 18 years old and is a re-classified highschool senior. Still think he's a tier below Ayton/Doncic, but he should be our target if we don't get #1 or #2. EDIT - actually maybe 4th behind Porter Jr... That dude looks like a durant-like point forward from the limited film there is of him.
  7. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    it's also just that when you go south of the forum their are projects and bad neighborhoods right there. Doesn't even feel like you're downtown in a city at that point.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Man, Doncic seems like the pick, but can we leave Ayton on the board if we are #2 and someone picks Doncic #1? I like the idea of trading down in that scenario, but if we try to get too fancy and don't get any of Doncic, Ayton, Porter or Bagley we will be kicking ourselves. And honestly, I don't think Bagley is a franchise-changing player like the other 3 listed above have the potential to be. Trey Young also might be someone the front office would look to draft in a trade-down scenario, but I think he'll just be more of a crowd-pleaser than superstar NBA player. Ayton is Embiid 2.0 and has more experience and polish than Embiid did with his injury. I also believe he could play alongside Gasol without issue. The more I watch him, the more he and Doncic pull away from the rest of this draft class into a tier of their own.
  9. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Memphis is a somewhat fair-weather-fan city. Tigers were the heart and soul of this city for years, and two years of mediocrity has completely decimated attendance. People in Memphis probably don't have a ton of disposable income and would prefer not to waste it on inferior products. However, no matter who was on our team and what kind of run we were on, a Tues night game against the worst or second worst team in the league is never going to bring in a great crowd. At least we aren't Detroit... The first game with Blake Griffin and their arena was 80% empty. If we got a superstar like Griffin, we'd pack the house. Memphis DOES love their basketball, just not $hitty basketball. On the subject of this thread... Memphis will NEVER host an NBA All-Star game. Our downtown barely has enough hotels for Memphis in May festivities... Most hotels are too far out east (i.e. where you can't walk out of your hotel room and to attractions) to make Memphis a viable downtown for events like huge conferences and pro all-star games. Similarly-sized cities like New Orleans and Nashville actually have plenty of lodging in the walkable areas of downtown. Also, our downtown only has a walkable area of a few square miles. Don't wanna find yourself walking even 1 block south of FedEx Forum at night...
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    Ayton and Doncic are definitely worth tanking for. Probably Young just because of ticket sales and hype and I'm a HUGE fan of Jackson Jr. Almost forgot about the mystery that is Porter Jr. and Bamba is intriguing. Basically top 5 are absolutely worth tanking for. We BETTER not get a #7 pick
  11. Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    Who the heck did we drop him for again? One of those journeyman point guards that only lasted a 10-day contract? Or was it Ryan Hollins for the 15th time?
  12. Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    The prophecy of Troy Williams! The 2nd coming is nigh! Ehh I guess with Brooks we don't need Williams anymore. That is, assuming Parsons is actually a living basketball player worth even 1/10th what he's getting paid. I loved Williams when he was here but we have enough projects on our team tbh
  13. We shouldn't play him, therefore he should be waived. He will NOT be happy if we just sit him in a contract year. Should've just taken the 2nd round picks or Mudiay and a 2nd.