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  1. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I think he's a solid player with a low ceiling but high floor. He kind of is what he is. I would happily take him at 8 or 9 or 10. Good two way player, probably the most NBA ready big behind Ayton but not sure if I would take him at 4. He doesn't have elite athleticism but once again, I think he's probably the perfect fit for our team alongside Gasol but I wouldn't use the #4 pick on him.
  2. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Let's look at the recent trends of #4 pics: 2007: Conley 2008:Russel Westbrook 2009: Tyreke Evans 2010: Wesley Johnson 2011: Tristan Thompson 2012: Dion Waiters 2013: Cody Zeller 2014: Aaron Gordon 2015: Kristaps Porzingis 2016: Dragan Bender So you have what, 1 bona fide superstar in Westbrook and a rising superstar in Porzingis. Then you have some good players or as DWash would call them middle of the road players like Conley, Waiters, and Gordon. Tyreke is barely middle of the road, then you got straight flameouts and busts like Thompson, Zeller, Johnson and Bender. So 2 superstars, 4 middle of road and 4 busts. Seems to me, the odds are against us getting a superstar at the 4th pick. We more than likely will get a bust or middle of the road player. And when you look at the last 3 times the Grizz had a top 4 pick- We got Conley, Thabust and Drew Gooden. That doesn't give me much confidence and that's not counting when we had the 5th pick and traded Love for Mayo.
  3. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Well, you already guaranteed that Harris and Ingram will never get better and that we won't benefit by moving off of Parson's contract so why not? lol As I said several posts ago, you have more faith in these players than i do. Also, most mock drafts have Carter closer to 10 than 4, you could trade down and still select him. All of those players you mentioned have major flaws and present risks. You keep bringing up superstar as if we have no choice but to draft a superstar. I think Ayton, Bagley and maybe Doncic are the closest thing to that and I don't see any of them being available at 4. Porter is the other guy I see like that but he's coming off of back surgery. It's funny you didn't mention JJJ because i get the feeling that's who we will pick with the #4 pick.
  4. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    That's your opinion
  5. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Once again , who is the superstar we will get with the 4th pick?
  6. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Actually, the answer to that question is in an earlier post. Others chose to harp on my comments about trading down, while ignoring what I clearly stated what my preference would be .
  7. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    You must be dating Porter. Sorry to offend you. Just my opinion.
  8. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    It's effective, not affective. I have been posting on these boards, heck, I don't even know how long, I don't care about anyone questioning my opinion, it's when they try to tell me "that's your opinion" which is beyond obvious that it's my opinion. I know that. It's obvious that it's my opinion. It's not questioning my opinion, it's telling me that "that's your opinion" which makes no sense because it's blatantly obvious.
  9. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Just an opinion on what i have heard about his attitude and probable arrogance. If he doesn't provide the Grizz his medical records, he shouldn't even be in the conversation.
  10. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    of course it's my opinion. Why do people come on a discussion board and say stuff like " that's your opinion" I never understand that.
  11. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    All drafts are different but I don't think there's much difference between the 4th pick and 12th pick in this year's draft in regards to talent and the impact they will make. I'm just not enamored with anyone who will be available at 4. Porter is the closest one and he has back issues, plus, I doubt if he wants to play in Memphis.
  12. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Exactly. There is no guarantee that anyone we select at 4 will be some superstar. I don't see much difference between selecting a player at 4 vs selecting a player at 12 right now. It's a lot of hype out there right now and all of this talk about potential means nothing. That's how Thabeet got selected.
  13. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    it's interesting how you are trying to change the narrative and make the trade proposal into trading the #4 for Tobias Harris. That's not the trade at all, it's the #4 plus Parsons horrible contract for the #12 (so we still have a lottery pick), Tobias Harris, and Patrick Beverly.
  14. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    What are you talking about? That's not what I said. I want to flip this to acquire as many young talented assets as possible that can contribute to this team. I'm not convinced that any of the players that we take at 4 will make a big impact to the team. That's not saying they will be busts but they could be the next Mike Conley who is a nice player, but why not have 2 Mike Conleys on your team? You're the one advocating losing year after year to try and get lottery picks until you get a star. What good will having a star do when teh rest of teh team sucks? I don't see much difference between the #4 pick and #12 pick in this draft. All of them have questions. There are 3 players in this draft who have risen to the top and then a bunch of players after that. I would rather have Wendell Carter Jr or Bridges on a talented team than have JJJ or Bamba or Porter on a talent deficient team. No one has any idea how Porter's back will react. I just want to know, who is this 100% surefire 15 time All-Star 10 time ALL-NBA first team, never injured bona fide superstar do you think we will pick at #4?
  15. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    What happens if a guy we selected 4 becomes a bust? Nothing is guaranteed in this league. You pick where you want to take a chance and I would prefer to use this to get additional assets. One of those trade scenarios have us trading down so we still retain a lottery pick. The last first round pick that we had pan out is Conley and that was 2007. Look how long it took for him to develop and he's no superstar, never made an All-Star game nor an All-NBA team. There are no guarantees and i think at the 4th pick, there's some major bust potential going on., that's just me.
  16. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I think this simply comes down to you think we're going to get a superstar with the #4 pick and I don't believe anyone we pick at 4 we be a superstar so I'm fine with giving up that pick to acquire more talent/assets where as you are not. I just think we have a lot of holes to fill and can fill more than one if we trade this pick. Clippers Proposal: Someone posted a link from B/R that proposed this trade. We give up the #4 and trade down to 12. We give up the #4 pick and Parsons albatross of a contract for the #12 pick, Tobias Harris and Patrick Beverly. Tobias Harris averaged essentially 19 points and 6 rebounds last year. You think that's a middle of the road player? We haven't had a wing with the ability to put up those types of numbers since Rudy Gay (well, Jeff Green has the ability but....). He would be the SF giving us the production we thought Parsons would give us and he's cheaper, younger and doesn't have the injury history. In addition, we get Beverly who is an NBA-starter level talent playing off of the bench behind Mike. He's a tough minded, gritty player who annoys people and gets under their skin. I love players like that because it gives you a psychological advantage, plus he can play AND we get the #12 pick to choose someone with more realistic expectations. We're getting 30 points of production, 10 boards and 5 assists of production for nothing. So we get a starting SF, a backup PG, hold on to a lottery pick with the #12 pick, get rid of Parsons contract and keep the MLE. This is a good trade for us and immediately upgrades our talent while allowing us to retain a lottery pick and use the MLE to give us 4 new players to plug the holes in our roster. B/R 3 Way trade: This is a 3 way trade between us, the Mavs and Portland. We get Harrison Barnes, the #24 pick in 2018 and Dallas' first round pick for next year. Barnes numbers are similar to Harris- 19 pts, 6 boards at the SF position. Barnes is a nice player and would contribute right away alongside Mike and Marc. I would want another player before liking this one but we once again get rid of Parsons' horrible contract. Barnes is not a superstar, but he's a legit starter who can give you really good production at the 3 and then we get 2 more first round picks. Lakers The Lakers came out and said everyone on their roster is available. If they are infatuated with say a Porter or let's say Doncic is available, I say why not? If we could get Brandon Ingram, Luol Deng (to make the numbers work) and a couple of future firsts for the #4 and Parsons' contract, why not do it? Ingram went through the bumps and bruises and had only an okay rookie year but he improved this past season and will be better next year. He's 20 years old and avg 16 and 5 as a SF. Will we be able to pick someone at 4 who will be better than Ingram in his 3rd year? i don't think so. This guy is 2 years removed from being the #2 pick, he has talent. Deng would give us a backup 3/4 off of the bench. The Lakers aren't even using him because they want a full rebuild of young talent but are paying him $18 mil.They are hoping they can sign a couple of max contract players this offseason, Ingram may be expendable. We get a starting SF, backup SF, future firsts and get rid of Parsons contract (yes we pick up Deng's contract but he can be on the floor more than Parsons the next couple of seasons) A Hawks fan posted a proposal of Bazemore and some young players, I would want more than that but my point is, there is an opportunity to use this pick as bait to acquire multiple talented, young players and not put all of our eggs in one basket, hoping that the #4 is a superstar. When you look at who will be available at four (assuming Ayton, Doncic and Bagley go in the top 3), I'm not sure if anyone available at 4 will match or exceed the production of Harris or Barnes or Ingram in the next 2-3 years. I'm not sure if there is much difference or risk in the #4 pick vs the 12th pick imo, so i'm fine with trading down or even out depending on how much talent we get back. We have a lot of talent deficiencies on this team, no cap space and may lose our 1st round pick next year, I say do what you got to do to plug those holes and not focus so much on hoping you're getting a superstar with the #4 pick.
  17. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Once again, i'm not saying go out there and trade for Vince Carter. Do you not think Brandon Ingram or Tobias Harris are guys who will be there for the next era of basketball? Those are 2 young guys that can help right now. Also, as I said, it's not that I endorse keeping Mike and Marc, I think we should blow it up and start over. Getting 1 lottery pick ain't gonna do much for this team and having Marc and Mike may even hinder their development. We're stuck in the mud right now due to finances and bad decisions made in previous years. I'm just saying get some young players who have already been in the league a couple of years and showed they can produce. Ingram was a lottery pick and took a year to adjust. I don't think any of those draft picks we can get will be better than Ingram next year and most of them won't be as productive as Harris either. It's just my opinion but I doubt if any of these draft picks become superstars. I think Porter, jr has the best potential but he also has back problems. it's risk with every pick. I'm just saying go out and get young guns who have proven something instead of hoping that some lottery pick with a lot of risk may pan out.
  18. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    IDK, color me cynical but I'm not sure if any of these top players would do much to change the direction of this team. Sure Conley is coming back but this team has a lot of holes and needs to accumulate as much talent as possible asap. Personally, I think this team needs 3 starters(SG, SF, PF) and a 6th man. That's 4 positions that we need to fill to be really competitive (top 4 seed in the West). This draft pick only fills one and the we have the MLE to fill the other. Can we realistically get a productive starter with the MLE?. We could try and get by with Brooks and JaM, depending on who we would draft, but even then, I say the ceiling is .500 and we would be lucky to make the playoffs. I think there's a big decision to be made, are you going to ride out Mike and Marc the next 3-4 years or not? If the answer is yes, which I believe it is (meaning i think the Grizz plan on keeping them until they retire). I suggest you try to trade for talent that can help you now. That doesn't mean the player has to be a 15 year veteran who's washed up and long in the tooth. They only have to demonstrate that they can contribute/start in the NBA and have at least a couple of years experience. Target young players who have proven something. Any trade that happens, Chandler Parsons must be involved. If you can find a trade that nets you two solid starters(and maybe a bench player) and get rid of Parsons. I'm fine with trading the pick. Addition by subtraction, plus we get 2 experienced starters instead of one potential starter who everybody would want to be a superstar and would probably be disappointed as we wait a year or two for them to develop, all the while, Mike and Marc continue to get older. We could then use the MLE on a solid 6th man If the answer is no (which I prefer), I say keep the pick but get rid of Mike and Marc and try to potentially get a second lottery pick in this year's draft. Might as well do a complete rebuild When you look at the lottery teams, CHA and LAC are the only teams wit higher salaries than the Grizz this season and higher projected salaries for next year. (CLE has Brooklyn's pick and Philly has the Lakers' pic) That's a a bad place to be. You're in the lottery and capped out. The other 11 teams have financial flexibility which we don't. I think we have to do something drastic. if that means grabbing Porter as trade bait and getting multiple players and draft picks back or trading Mike and Marc. We have to do something different because I think we will be stuck in the mud the next 2-3 years just selecting someone at #4 and then using the MLE to overpay someone who we want to be a starter but probably doesn't have starter level skills. Trades can be had and yes, as the clock winds down on Parsons contract, teams will become more interested even if it's only to pad their salaries. Heck, the Lakers are paying Luol Den $18 mil a year to just sit at home because they want to go younger. We can get some good young experienced players for that 4th pick. I have seen some good trade proposals such as the one on Bleacher Report for Tobias Harris and Patterson (probably need to throw in some 2nd rounders). Someone in another thread suggested an ATL trade for Bazemore and a couple of players and future first rounder while taking Parsons back. Let's just say the Lakers really want Porter. That would make Brandon Ingram expendable and Julius Randle has probably been pushed out by Kuzma. Both of those players are productive and could start for us and be better than what we had last year. Magic said everyone is available, plus they are trying to sign at least 2 max players. May be an opportunity for us. I'm just not blown away by any of the picks we could get. I mean, Porter has injury concerns, JJJ and Bamba aren't ready and need to develop. Bagley may be the best option but his defense is atrocious at the moment. Doubt if Doncic will be there but after watching film, I have serious questions about his speed and athleticism and how it would translate to the NBA. That's why I said I think he would be Kukoc like. Honestly, i think Wendell Carter Jr. may be the most ready to plug in with the least concerns but I wouldn't take him at 4. I would trade down and try to gain more assets such as a vet starter. We need more talent and I don't think this pick and the MLE would do us any better than topping out at .500. Hope I'm wrong.
  19. Grizz Offseason Moves

    ESPN Insider: What offseason moves can and should the Grizzlies make? Hmmm, i learned 2 things. One, I didn't know Gasol had a trade kicker in his contract and 2, Parsons is eligible for an extension . Let's hope Wallace doesn't give him that extension.
  20. The 2018 Free Agents

    Oh, i'm pretty sure it was someone who had no clue what they were talking about. i just wanted to point it out.
  21. The 2018 Free Agents

    Why? As far as Doncic, idk why but i'm thinking he'll be a Toni Kukoc type, not sure if that is what this team needs. Also, had no idea Conley had knee surgery. i thought he had surgery on his heel
  22. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Just trade the pick
  23. Who's getting moved

    Pretty sure if Rabb came back looking like that he would be flagged for PEDs in an instant but at least no one could knock him off of the block.
  24. Who's getting moved

  25. Draft Workouts

    Interesting group to bring in. I mean, a lot of them seem to have some connection to Memphis and/or Tennessee....Chiozza is from Memphis, Okogie plays for Pastner former Memphis coach, Schoefield is from UT(sounds like he's going back to school like he's Rodney Dangerfield), Stark is from Munford