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  1. Grizz Game Removed from ESPN

    Grizzlies-Pelicans April 4 game taken off ESPN I guess losing a game by 61 points has consequences.
  2. Memphis @ Charlotte 03/22/18

    I'm not even sure I would keep Selden (or Marc for that matter but they won't trade him). I would keep Conley, Brooks, and see if we can re-sign Reke. Parsons will still be on the books unless he retires cause nobody's trading for him. This loss tonight was just an embarrassment. Probably worse than anything when they first moved here. How many real #1 options are there in the league?
  3. Memphis @ Philly 03/21/18

    5 shots ain't that bad. May have to pop open this Whistle Pig
  4. Memphis @ Philly 03/21/18

    I just got home and was about to turn on the game......then i saw the score
  5. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/19/18

  6. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/19/18

    Mainly his attitude. I posted that a few minutes after his tech from the bench which was just totally unnecessary, just like at the beginning of the year with the Chalmers situation. It's like he just has these moments were he kind of acts like a petulant superstar in my eyes. If he was a superstar that produced at a superstar level, i would ignore it but he's not. Kind of remind me of KG's attitude at times but without the talent or production. i know people are going to try and excuse it as passion but it's not doing anything to help the team, quite the contrary.
  7. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/19/18

    I really don't like JaMychal Green. I really hope they trade him this offseason.
  8. LMAO..."if this lottery pick can't play with our 3rd string C we ain't uh draffin him"....sounds like something the Griz would do.
  9. Marshall Henderson

    The Hustle would be a good spot
  10. Deyonta or Ivan?

    We may as well argue over who is better and who should we keep out of Myke Henry and Brice Johnson. I'm not sure if Rabb or Davis has done anything to prove that they are solid rotation players on a winning team. Obviously, this is just Rabb's first year. I do see some things that I like and he does seem to have a feel for the game but at this moment, not sure how much he could contribute on a winning team. He did have the injury last off-season which put him behind and he may just kill it this off-season but right now, we need to upgrade talent. I see him as a better offensive player and DD as the better defensive one but we shall see. As of right now, I would assume both would be back on the roster next year but they would both really need to step their games up to get regular minutes on a winning team.
  11. Marshall Henderson

    From Iraq to Dallas, NCAA Bad Boy Marshall Henderson Still Chasing Hoops Dream Quite honestly, in a season like this, I would give this guy a chance if I were the Grizz. More than likely he won't make the team but it's a nice regional PR move being that he went to Ole Miss.
  12. Inverted Standings Watch

    A warning? What will they do? A fine or something silly like that? Who cares. It would be hard to prove they intentionally are tanking.
  13. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    Looks like thE Australian NBL may be coming after hs players:
  14. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    Agreed, been saying this for years. there is nothing amateur about men's college bb and football and the NBA and NFL just use them as a farm system. WHy go to college at all? If they get drafted by teh G League, go and play in teh G League. Why would they need college?
  15. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    I disagree that only 10-30 players make a difference in college basketball. There are numerous teams in the top 25 without "stars" or first round NBA draft picks. Every year there are numerous teams that make runs in the tourney without top players. The college game has a lot of teams and people support those teams that win. It's not just the students, it's the alumni, it's the people in the surrounding communities, it's the casual fan who wants to see a good game. There are tons of sources of revenue and it's not just about the top 30 players. The NCAA has properly marketed the game to get tons of people to watch games and spend money on going to games, not to mention the tv contracts. It's a collection of players and teams and not just 30 players. As far as most schools being in the negative financially, that's poor money management. You have public schools in Power 5 conferences making $35-$45 million in revenue from P5 tv contracts and still are in the red. That's not even counting the money they get from ticket revenue, merchandise sales, donations, etc. They are in the red due to lavish overspending and constantly trying to keep up with the Jones'- charter flights for recruiting visits, gold plated this, crystal that, fancy fountains, totally renovating or building new practice facilities, stadium/arena upgrades, overspending on equipment, overspending on consultants, etc There is TONS of wasteful spending. They have no incentive to control their costs because they know that they will receive subsidization from the universities and they are spending money that is made from the back of those players. It's a sick system. As far as sparse arenas in the G-League, once again, the NBA has no motivation to change that. If they wanted to change that, they could. Look at the money in AAU basketball. They could easily market these players in hs. Also, shoe companies and other companies could give those kids endorsement deals. The big thing is getting a tv contract which translates into more viewers, more fans and a familiarity with the game, not a few games here and there on NBATV but a real tv contract. This ain't the WNBA. It can be done. People are so fixated on how the system is now but let's not forget that the NIT used to be the main tournament for NCAA men's basketball. March Madness hasn't existed forever. It was created by marketing and getting fans to buy in and spend money. You could do the same thing with the G-League, especially if every year they are pulling in the the top 50-100 players in the country.