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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Does it really? It's all a guessing game and I'm sure GMs are feeding "inside" sports writers a bunch of malarkey most of the time. After the top 3-5 picks, I don't think there is really any consensus in the draft year to year. I think a lot of people making mock drafts base their mock drafts off of other people's mock drafts and i think the GMs intentionally put false info out there. This is all about expectations and everyone expected that person to go at a certain spot but it's all guesses.
  2. Parsons Out for Rest of Season

    No surprise. Both he and Selden are getting orthobiologic knee injections.
  3. Ping pong time.

    i have zero control over it. It all depends on where we fall on draft night. I have zero insight on that (i mean I know between 2 and 5) and zero control over who we draft but hopefully whoever it is can contribute right away.
  4. Ping pong time.

    Good for you. Recovery from back injuries are very specific to the individual. 5 different people can have the exact same injury and surgery and recover in 5 different ways. There are people walking around with herniated discs right now and they don't even know it. says who? The orthopedic surgeon who told me that i had a herniated disc. The back is extremely complicated and it's different for everyone.
  5. Will Tyreke play for the Grizzlies again this year?

    That's great but what would be the explanation for him not getting any offers last offseason and having to settle for a 1 year $3.3 mil deal with us? i think there is a pattern and there's a reason why he is in the position he is in now, regardless of whether he was salty over how the trade deadline stuff went down. He's only been on 1 team that made the playoffs in 9 years. Obviously, he was on bad teams but the question to me is why don't good teams want him?
  6. Ping pong time.

    It's college, not everyone adjusts. It doesn't always translate and some people's games are most suited for the game.
  7. Get Rid of Low BBIQ Players

    You know, I'm not big on the term BBIQ. To me, most players know how to play the game within a certain range. Some exhibit a more extensive knowledge of the game than most players and I'm fine with saying they have a high BBIQ. Out of the young guys, I would say Dillon Brooks falls into this category. He plays the passing lanes well, recognizes what the other team is doing and understands the plays they are running, etc. Pretty good for a rookie and being a rookie, he makes rookie mistakes but I won't hold that against him. Rabb seems to have a glimmer here and there. With that being said, on the opposite end of the spectrum are the low BBIQ guys. Guys who are perpetually lost. This hurts your team and affects both your offense and defense in a negative way. I say we get rid of these 3 guys asap by hook or crook: Ben McLemore- No need to say anymore. I feel sorry for this guy sometimes. He just doesn't get "it" and has not gotten "it" since he's been in the league. i'm not even sure if we could flip him for a 2nd rounder Jarell Martin- Sorry, but anytime I hear people talk about how athletic he is, I tend to think of another 6'9" PF out of LSU,. People on the board should Stro what i'm talking about. just not impressed DD Davis- I'm tired of this guy. Just move on. He doesn't seem to get it to me. He looks like he's lost sometimes, other times he looks like he lacks energy, other times he looks like he just doesn't care. Does he even want to play bball? I haven't watched every game, especially after the new year but these guys seem to hurt the team in more ways than just court production (or lack thereof). I think it would be addition by subtraction because all of these guys are getting minutes in some form or fashion.
  8. Ping pong time.

    A lil birdie told me that the league will hook us up, especially in light of the recent ownership stuff, but you didn't hear that from me.
  9. Will Tyreke play for the Grizzlies again this year?

    Who cares if Tyreke ever plays for the Grizz again I was all for having him as a 6th man scorer off of the bench. I get the feeling that people think that he can contribute more and be a starter. The guy kills ball movement, takes bad shots and doesn't play any defense. Having a guy like that in your starting lineup will backfire. I bet if he leaves and we stay relatively healthy, we'll be back in the playoff race next year. I'm not willing to say that if he stays. If someone offers him a big deal, good luck to him. If someone offers him the full MLE, good luck to him. There's a reason why he was on a 1 year $3.5 mil deal this year with us and that reason hasn't changed. At most, I would go partial MLE with the understanding that we are bring him back to be a scorer off of the bench, nothing more, nothing less. If you want a former Tiger, go after Will Barton as your starting 2-guard. I would give him the full MLE, not Tyreke.
  10. New_Sacred_Cow appreciation thread

    man, this is one cutthroat business.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    A late second round pick. What's the harm on using a late second round pick on a guy to see if he can contribute?
  12. Ping pong time.

    I've been saying for months that we will end up with Porter and I have no issue with that. I have no concerns with his back. it was a freak thing, it was a relatively routine procedure and he's 19 years old and is recovering nicely, now will I have concern when he's turning 30, sure but that's way down the line.
  13. New_Sacred_Cow appreciation thread

    ****, NSC got traded?
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Not looking for his brother, i said that we could possibly make him a serviceable backup. At 6'11", long and athletic, if we could get him to understand the game better, he could be a serviceable backup big in the league. That's all i am saying. I am not trying to catch lightning in a bottle and get a clone of his brother, just saying take a flyer and see what happen. Can't be any worse than DD Davis. Here's a good write up on him.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I would take a flyer on Kostas Antetokounmpo in the late second round. Had a lot of stuff happen while in college so his numbers aren't really that good but I think we could develop him into a serviceable backup in the NBA.
  16. Dillon Brooks named to Rising Star Challenge

    He's more Shane Battier Light to me. I don't think he needs to be a star on this team. He can do what he does as a player in the rotation. There's no need to overburden him or force him to do stuff he can't do. If we're healthy next year, with a draft pick and Conley and Gasol and Tyreke, he could help this team win by doing the little things and then have 20 pt scoring outburst here and there throughout the season.
  17. Will Tyreke play for the Grizzlies again this year?

    im pretty sure his agent can easily explain why he only played 52 games on a team that was intentionally tanking and then feverishly tried to trade him at the deadline, so much so that they sat him while he was healthy. I don't think that will matter one bit, he had the little rib thing but was otherwise healthy all season. If anything, it should make him fresher for next year.
  18. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    There's nothing wrong with Porter. Dude is going to kill the combine, mark my word. He's 19 years old and will be 2 months removed from being medically cleared to play. He'll bounce back. I said that he would play again this past season and I'm saying dude will be fully healthy and kill the combine. I don't care if we get Porter or Doncic but if Bamba falls to say 7th or 8th, I would trade a future first rounder and JaM to bring in Bamba as well. I think he's worth the risk I wouldn't bring him in as the sole draft pick though.
  19. Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    Ok, provides some stability going forward but it means 15 more years of Chris Wallace
  20. Omari Johnson signed to Multi Year Deal

    Uhhhh, ok. Looks like he did okay with the Hustle but not eye popping numbers. 41% from 3 range Also, they waived Teague.
  21. Kobi makes top ten in the NBA!!

    I was going to say the same thing, except I was going to say that he's suffering from anorectal trauma over Baldwin being cut. That guy needs to give it up. All he does is try to point how bad players on this team are when we already know that but it's almost as if he thinks it absolves of over his proclamation that Baldwin was the next star for the Grizz.
  22. Marshon signed to two year deal

    No complaints about this one. Nice to lock him up on a cheap deal as opposed to letting him hit the FA market. I'm not as concerned about this one as I was James Ennis. I think people's expectations for Ennis were way too high after he scored a lot of points at the end of the season in NO before we signed him. He was never starter material as many hoped. Brooks expectations are lower. All he has to do is outperform Benny Mc and come off the bench and heat it up. Not sure how they will get rid of McLemore. I'm not sure if someone would give up a 2nd round pick for him, pure trash. I remember people having such high hopes for McLemore and I just kept bringing up his past performance and saying how he is what he is. That was just wasted money, another Wallace special and yes I know people will say that Fizdale wanted him but Wallace is the decision maker.
  23. Grizz Gaming

    Had no idea that this was a thing. They even have a Twitter page and have been drafting players
  24. Grizz Gaming

    Uhhhhh ok.
  25. Jay Wright

    Coaching young poor kids in college is totally different than coaching a bunch of grown men who make more money than you.