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  1. " The Parsons Zone " LOL
  2. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    ill take Austin rivers if we cant get them
  3. Hearing rumors of a potential sign and trade with TA. What can we get in return with our cap space?
  4. #ThankYouZBo

    Thanks Zbo ! Crying a little on the inside lol
  5. Kings sign Zbo - 2 yrs/24 mil

    Gonna miss Zbo. I think he will get atleast 30 mins per game and avg 20 & 10 again in sac
  6. Dallas @ Memphis 02/06/16

    I'm sick of getting beat by the opposing pgs every game
  7. Come Back Shane

    And Amare has family in memphis. His brother plays for Lemoyne owen
  8. That meant Allen, a team and fan favorite since coming to Memphis in 2010, had to go to the bench. That would be a problem on a lot of teams. But Allen never let it become an issue, saying publicly he accepted Green taking his starting spot. "I can see his potential," Allen said. "That's pretty much what we needed, one of those Durant, LeBron-type bodies in the lineup, I believe. It's best for the team. I didn't really take no offense to it. I just said if it's best for the team, let me come in and do what's best for the team, give 110 percent. Let's win a championship. I'm well-proven in this league. Now, we got Jeff and he's adapting well, and I'm adapting myself. But I've been productive coming off the bench last year, and I know what the ultimate goal is." - http://mi.nba.com/article.html#!/news/architect_behind_these_surpris_20150202.html
  9. Grizzlies & Hornets - 12/12/2014

    Feels good coming off of deployment and seeing the grizz win like this after bragging about them the whole time and people laughing at me for being a grizz fan!
  10. Nba 2K15

    Anybody wants to play 2k on xbox one add me ejpj23
  11. Vince Carter Signed

    thanks everybody it sucked being cut off from the world for 2 months. the only thing i heard about was lebron lol . sucks even more that ill miss most of the games next season
  12. Vince Carter Signed

    Navy and I'll miss JJ but I think we will have a better team this year. I hope the draft pics get more play time than Jamaal got last season.
  13. Vince Carter Signed

    I usually read the posts all day but I just got out of bootcamp so I'm 2 months behind ! I'm happy to see we signed vc! What else have I missed ?
  14. Grizzlies @ Thunder - 5/3/2014

    BELIEVE !! Never count the grizzlies out
  15. Who Do We Draft

    Elfrid Payton??