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  1. tmoneyinmphs

    Referendum on bringing back TA & Z-Bo fails

    Zbo and Tony are just too old to come back now. Grit and grind was going downhill before they were moved out because they were getting too old to carry Mike Marc and Chandler parsons. Those older guys don't fit whatever it is the grizz are doing now. The grizz should have been kept all 3 older guys who won games and let them retire here but whatever. It's done now. You can't get it back and the current team is done whether the front office wants to admit it or not. It's the nucleus not the supporting cast that is the problem. Same problem we have had at least two seasons now. It's beyond time to make big changes. Imo a rookie superstar could have his game limited by having to play with Marc gasol. I think it's a mistake to let gasol take a leadership role any longer. He needs to take a back seat possibly meaning not starting or just leave.
  2. So did JB keep his job, because he will be a yes man to the gasol situation which means marc does what he wants even though it's not the best thing for the team? ^^^^^We will see. Once the roster is set, i'll make my final season prediction, but i'm saying the best the grizz can do next year is a 7th or 8th place finish with a first round playoff exit. Of course the worse case would be another year similar to this year. Have some balls. It's time to roll the dice and change things up with the roster. Marc gasol should have already been moved. I cannot believe guys in the front office can't see what is going on or the owner or whoever is calling the shots.
  3. tmoneyinmphs

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    It could happen. It will depend on how the roster plays out. My guess is mike and marc and practically the same roster plus a draft pick. That means 7th or 8th seed at best and getting our ***** handed to us in the first round.
  4. tmoneyinmphs

    Get real about our scrub roster

    Scrub roster? Does that include the so called "star players" too? Do we have the weakest "big 3" in the nba? Mike is always hurt and plays average on a lot of nights when healthy. Marc is just average and his game holds the team back from success, yet he gets touches on nearly every offensive possession. Still. Even after it should be obvious what it going on. And chandler parsons remains an anchor. Big contract and bench players produce more than him. He is a joke. He should be embarrassed to even get on the court. The grizz are most likely stuck in their situation under the contracts expire or the grizz make a trade that doesn't really give us what we expect in return. This should have been done two years ago. Imo, the grizz management is too blame for the situation we are stuck in. Keeping nearly the same team next year and just adding a draft pick, and the best the grizz can hope for is 7th or 8th place and a first round exit in the playoffs. Even making the playoffs won't be a given.
  5. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis @ Minnesota 03/26/18

    Aight, i haven't watched a game in a while now. If gasol is playing, i'm just gonna watch wwe wrestling. I think i will continue avoiding the grizz until they get rid of gasol. I have absolutely no respect for him, and his game is so boring and hurts the team. My time is valuable too, and i'm not wasting it watching a team that is done. I see gasol is playing, so i'm watching wwe wrestling tonight.
  6. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis @ Philly 03/21/18

    I've quit watching recently, but what's wrong with brooks at SG? He defends and can score. He'd probably learn the game better and quicker if gasol wasn't around, imho.
  7. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis @ Philly 03/21/18

    If i had known marc gasol was sitting out the last game, i would have watched. I don't see any point in him playing again this year or ever for the grizzlies. I'm becoming disconnected to the grizz season, because i don't like seeing him play. His game is boring af and useless to a team. Gasol (illness) is officially listed as probable for Wednesday's game against the 76ers. (about 21 hours ago) I'll find something else to watch tonight.
  8. tmoneyinmphs

    Milwaukee @ Memphis 03/12/18

    If marc is playing, i'm turning it off immediately. I haven't watched quite a few games now, because i can't stand that *******, and he is gonna taint the progress of all of our younger players. The "right way" that he plays does not help the team or the offense. Fwiw, this will be the first season i haven't attended a game. Usually i attend at least 10-20 home games per year. The reason is marc gasol. I doubt i'll go to a game next year if they have him.
  9. tmoneyinmphs

    Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    If aggravates the f out of me watching marc boss everyone around on what they did wrong. Gasol isn't even that good. I'm just waiting for one of those young players to snap back at him.
  10. tmoneyinmphs

    Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Sounds like another cheap shot at his teammates. Marc is deferring to these young players on the regular so shut the f up. I'm "frustrated" that gasol is still here. I hope this is his last year. Dude is a loser. The grizz won't move forward until he is gone. He is holding the team back.
  11. tmoneyinmphs

    Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    I have missed watching at least the last 3 to 4 games. All the losing games would be more interesting to me if marc gasol would sit his azz down. I want to see the young kids do it on their own without gasol dominating the offense. Since that won't happen, i've just lost interest. Imo, you would truly see more character from those young players, so i just don't get what the grizz are doing. I'll admit i'm already bummed about next season, because i don't really see anything changing. Going to be the same offense running through gasol which means grizzlies will remain one of the lowest scoring teams in the nba. How much low scoring offense is it going to take for the front office to wake up. Mike and marc are officially getting old. Grizz need to move on. The only saving factor would be the draft pick and the kid would have to be the next michael jordan and put this franchise on his shoulders for the grizzlies to even have a legit shot of winning their first division banner or going deep into the playoffs. That is not gonna happen. The grizz also won't attract any free agents to put them over the top. Most likely the best the grizz will do next year is 7th to 8th spot and a first round exit. Move the f on already. This team nucleus is done. I'm so disappointed that the trade deadline passed and the grizz have done nothing.
  12. tmoneyinmphs

    Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Fwiw, i thought the all star idea of picking teams was stupid. I watched about 30 seconds of sloppy play in the all star game before i turned it off. That's how much of nba all star weekend that i watched, and i'm a long time nba fan. I just don't appreciate how the nba and their agenda filled refs cater to today's whiny ***** so called superstars. This nba era led by leboy is the worse ever, imo.
  13. tmoneyinmphs

    Parsons return?

    The commercial appeal article about Parsons return is wasted ink. Nobody cares about the team anchor. He sucks. He cant play very long before getting hurt. The end.
  14. tmoneyinmphs

    The 2018 Free Agents

    No big time free agents are gonna come here while our 3 big $ contracts are here. Memphis won't even be considered. First, who wants to play the grizz offense going through gasol all the time. Plus grizz just don't have the money. This team won't be much better next year unless some miracles happen. They need to start over. Grizz FO is gonna stay stuck on stupid apparently. This team around these so called star players is done.
  15. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis @ Oklahoma 02/11/18

    Flagrant foul my azz. I like ivan rabb so far. Glad to see tyreke but i want to see very little of marc gasol, because every time he is in the game, the offense must go through him. I prefer to see the team playing without gasol and see how they react. Wins don't even matter right now. It's about seeing who the keepers are among all the young guys. Btw, i hope the grizz are able to resign tyreke next year if he will accept playing 6th man. Espn says deyonta davis is out to "knees" as is plural?