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  1. I am opposed to any way of acquiring McCollum. He will fall apart. (Back when he broke Mike's face, I put a curse on him. Which would pan out playing for us. Its the way the Grizzlies gods git ya.)
  2. Vernon says he wants to trade for McCollum. Wallace says you'd have to trade Gasol. And later says that it might be doable if you drafted Ayton, although neither guy would do it even then. This is a bombshell suggestion to make a trade?
  3. Pete Pranica calling Playoff Game

    "Ring It Up, Put 3 on the Board" Yes. I'm a Pete Pranica fan too.
  4. Pete Pranica calling Playoff Game

    I agree. Some of the guys add very little info and if you want insight, forget about it.
  5. Parsons Out for Rest of Season

    All out for under 20. Odds are 50-50.
  6. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    For a while now, probably because of the ownership turmoil, the media have not been fed well so they've become snarly toward the FO. Everyone wants a talented and experienced gm, a take-charge kinda guy who obviously makes all the tough decisions correctly. He should be good with the media and available to the press. If he's experienced and the rest then he's already got a better job than the Memphis gig, so you can't know if he's talented and will make the correct decisions. Heck, its a crap shoot on many decisions anyway. Not long ago we had that take-charge, talented (at least with the media) guy who seemed to have a keen sense of direction. That direction turned out to be down. Pera canned him. I think Pera wants be good for Memphis, hopefully, he's also contractually obliged to be so for a long time. Why doesn't he choose a take-charge GM? He doesn't want one. He's a basketball guy. He's busy with his business but wants to be part of the team, in on the action. If any of the basketball nuts on this board owned the team, would they turn complete control over to someone else?
  7. Memphis @ Oklahoma 04/11/18

    Mr Cow, many thanks for the threads. There is an old saying, "You're a gentleman and a scholar. Your generosity and extreme good looks are only exceeded by your uncanny ability to distinguish between fast women and good horses." I know some of this must be true of you.
  8. Marshon signed to two year deal

    The way that I see it, because of injury, this is like Martin's first year. I don't understand why his offense runs hot and cold. Its not talent, so I agree with others that its a head thing. He's getting better. Will he mature in time? Maybe it depends on the ping pong balls. I think he still has promise and is serviceable now. Anywhere near his price range all you get is serviceable. I've always liked Rabb. Against 2nd line players I think he will shine. He's a talented scorer and rebounder. Can intelligence and determination overcome physical limitations, foot speed and heft? Time will tell because, imo, he's gonna play somewhere in the league. Just my 2 cents worth. I think it was Einstein who said sucking is relative. Or maybe it was Stormy Daniels.
  9. Marshon signed to two year deal

    So we can't believe our own eyes and we need to worry about teams game-planning for M.Brooks. Speaking of game-planning, isolate Rabb and bump him under the basket. I doubt he can put enough muscle on his frame to stop good bigs. At least Martin has shown in stretches that he can be a good player. Can he do it consistently? I hope he doesn't run out of time.
  10. Silly human persons, there are only infamous otters. To others, Doncic at the 3, because of D... maybe.
  11. He'll only leave if another team otters him more, so he's probably staying.
  12. Portland @ Memphis 03/28/18

  13. LAL @ MEM 3/24/18

    Luckily, no Kimba to score 17 in the first quarter.
  14. Robert Pera

    If coming up with $300 million was the issue, I believe we know Heisley stance. These things take time especially considering the suspiciously timed attacks on Ubiquity.
  15. LAL @ MEM 3/24/18

    Leading at the half. This could be revenge against the tanker faithful.