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  1. BigHunkALove

    What are we gonna do about a backup center?

    Parsons (if he plays) is not going to have the mobility to play SF. If thats where we gonna play him I can see teams switching for the mismatch. Anderson will play more SF than PF so I agree with you there
  2. BigHunkALove

    What are we gonna do about a backup center?

    Well considering Triple J probably wont be starting the season as a starter, and considering Parsons wont be playing at SF (if he plays at all), and both SloMo and Casspi can both also play small ball 4, I would try and move JaM or Martin or both for a decent specialist C. This way Triple J gets guaranteed big mins at PF. I dont have Trade Machine in front of me, is there anyone we can snag that fits the bill?
  3. BigHunkALove

    What are we gonna do about a backup center?

    LOL Nothing good happens hanging out after 2am There must be a song out there about this.....
  4. BigHunkALove

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    So Melo will end up @ Rockets?
  5. BigHunkALove

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    Yep they were great memories
  6. BigHunkALove

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    He should have included Fizdale in the list. Still havent finished taking out the trash until Parsons is moved
  7. BigHunkALove

    The 2018 Free Agents

    Jabari Parker to the Bulls? Gery Woelfel: Jabari Parker’s tenure with the Milwaukee Bucks is over: Parker has become an unrestricted free agent after the Bucks rescinded their qualifying offer. Parker is expected to sign a two-year deal for in excess of $40 million with the Chicago Bulls
  8. BigHunkALove

    The 2018 Free Agents

    When are you guys gonna give up the Mayo fantasy? It's like your dreaming about your first girlfriend coming back a decade after she left you for someone else This does my head in
  9. BigHunkALove

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    Hey bhoyal, Cheer up brother I appreciate your posts. Make sure you do check out Sun. Everytime I been there its like visiting the Cistine Chapel (if your Catholic) Also check out Rock and Soul Museum next to the FedEx Forum Handy's Blues Hall and Jerry Lee's club both on Beale are great too
  10. BigHunkALove

    Grizzlies 1 of 2 Teams Pursuing RFA Smart via S&T

    I'm with you on the second part, but JaM > Smart? no way
  11. BigHunkALove

    Grizzlies 1 of 2 Teams Pursuing RFA Smart via S&T

    Not being a Debbie Downer, but I'll believe it when I see it happen. This is journalist hype.
  12. BigHunkALove

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    And I agree with KBM, about Joerger being a waaaaaay better coach than Fizdale. Joerger (who me personally didn't think was that great compared to Hollins), knew and understood what the Grizzlies were, the GNG persona, and the limitations of the personnel, and instead of ditching it like Fizdale did, utilized and followed it (maybe to his own detriment - who can forget his famous play call, "Give it to #50!"), and understood these were the things that made the team greater than the some of its individual parts. Fizdale completely disrespected and trashed that.
  13. BigHunkALove

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    No that's not accurate. Nobody said he deserved to be fired because of his comments on confederate statues. I challenge you to find these comments since your the one making them. Some posters did say, however, that it was not his place as a sports coach to be commenting on political historical issues, but many did say that it was his right (ie. Freedom of speech) to be able to provide his personal thoughts on the issue. For me, none of this is the reason. I have said it repeatedly, and consistently the reasons why. He lied to the team when he took them over. He lied about the biggest and most important identity of the the Grizzlies/GNG persona - Zach Randolph, and his future and role with the team. You can believe what ever you want to believe, and reason it anyway you want to suit your own narrative, but you ask the fans and supporters, and I'm sure that you going to hear many times the response about Fizdale killing the chemistry and identity of the team - and with that, Zach Randolph, and to a lesser extent, Tony Allen. And I'll bet my mortgage that Marc has been ****** since day one when he realised Fizdale wanted Zach out
  14. In principle, I agree with the strategy, if your willing to stick with it. We all know now its Fizdale who wanted Zbo out, but we should have signed Zbo for a one year deal, let JaM walk (or stuck with the low QO), now we'd have space to have signed Julius Randle for basically the same as what we are paying Green. Randle is on the upswing, Green is not. Then a Randle/JJJ frontcourt could be the future when Marc retires/walks
  15. BigHunkALove

    Marc's interview with Spanish newspaper

    Yep, one name, two words. Zach Randolph. Fiz lied to the team about Zbo's role and future with the organization. That's what I get when Marc says he should have seen it earlier. Its also the undertone in the "loyalty" comments. At the end of the day, if the team does not improve this season, I can definitely see him wanting out