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  1. Hollin's Interview On Sports56

    1000% +
  2. What If Lionel Hollins Leaves?

    The F.O. better consider the PR implications. Need those butts in the seats.
  3. Of Mice Or Men

    I agree.
  4. Maybe the Mods are becoming re-actionary a lot of the rest of us.
  5. 2013-2014 Head Coach?

    100% +
  6. Question About Joerger

    if the Grizz don't improve their offense for next season, it doesn't matter who the coach is. Assuming we make the playoffs, we will be lucky to get out of the first round of the playoffs. Our offense has been predicated on steals and the other team making turnovers. Can't just rely on that. We also need more quality depth.
  7. Imo, maturity has to start within the person. Getting older or gaining more experience should help, but with some individuals it can be a slow an arduous journey. If he wants to be a keeper in the NBA it would be in Wroten's best interest to accelerate the maturity process. He should know what his strengths and weakness's are. Utilize and strengthen the former, and correct and as much as possible eliminate the latter.
  8. Hollin's Interview On Sports56

    This situation is turning into a Soap Opera. And I'm not going to miss any episodes.
  9. Wrong or right, it's not a good idea to confront management in front of players unless they are way way out of line. Hollinger didn't do anything that bad. The proper time to do what Hollins did would be later in Hollingers office. Hollins seems to have an anger management problem.
  10. How Could Trading Away Zbo Improve Us As A Team?

    But can we get better depth AND be a better team all around by moving Z- Bo. If so, I'm with you on this.
  11. How Could Trading Away Zbo Improve Us As A Team?

    His salary is the problem; not Randolph.
  12. How Could Trading Away Zbo Improve Us As A Team?

    These stats are flawed due to his less attempts.
  13. How Could Trading Away Zbo Improve Us As A Team?

    I've seen enough of him in action in Memphis to form an opinion that he's a project. And I also don't think as of now he can be a starting P.F. for the Grizz in their present style of play. Imo, he will be gone from Memphis within the next 2 years if not sooner via the trade route. PS: I believe of those games where he averaged those stats, including minutes you mentioned were when he played for Toronto ( a mediocre team at best ) when their starter he substituted for was out. You can have him. I don't want him.