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  1. Dillon Brooks named to Rising Star Challenge

    draft doncic/ayton and well be competing for a ring in two years conley/brooks/doncic/davis/gasol conley/harrison/brooks/ayton/gasol
  2. Pre-Draft 18-19 Squad Prediction

    gasol would basicly become a 3D center
  3. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    i would be happy if he only missed 30 games
  4. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    not ready to give up on martin but mclemore bball iq will never be good enough
  5. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    he can start and still just play around 15-20mins a game
  6. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    or both conley/harrison/simmons reke/Mbrooks/seldon doncic/Dbrooks/mclemore parsons/jam/martin gasol/davis/rabb
  7. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    next season our backcourt has a chance to be queit dangerous: conley/evans harrison/Mrbrooks
  8. Marshon signed to two year deal

    i think you guys are wrong on martin...he is doing what the coaching staff wants him to do...he is an energy guy...he brings the ball up court for a faster past game, plays defense, not a total reliability on offense, his rebound number bounce around but he is always in the mix when a off/def rebound is in play...if you guys want him to score more well guess what thats not his role on the team.
  9. Marshon signed to two year deal

    dump wallace cant do nun ryght...
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    conley/harrison/simmons evans/brooks/seldon brooks/parsons/mclemore ayton/jam/martin gasol/davis/rabb
  11. Memphis @ New Orleans 04/04/18

    next season you should start a thread and the highlight reels be your thing
  12. Memphis @ New Orleans 04/04/18

    next season you should start a thread and the highlight reels be your thing
  13. Injuries, wow

    its simple you take a sport that has a history of destroying and players lower body and then you ask them to play it at the fastest pace ever in history...i swear alot of people just dont have common sense
  14. Portland @ Memphis 03/28/18

    westbrook 4th pick love 5th pick harden 3rd pick curry 7th pick dorozan 9th pick cousins 5th pick george 10th pick thompson 11th pick leonard 15th pick butler 30th pick there is plenty more i just got tired of looking...yeah you are right this is not the NFL what ever that means.
  15. Portland @ Memphis 03/28/18

    i really dont mind them winning the Home games....the fans atleast deserve that...on the road is another thing...but im not to worried about the draft position....who becomes a superstar out this draft is going to be determined by Org compatence and fit.