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  1. gentlemanquartely

    fo draft grade

    while everyone is clamoring about scorers; is it possible we already have them? (conley, brooks and brooks, gasol, selden, and maybe reke). who knows, maybe we get something from mclemore next year. he does have a year in the system. maybe we get something out of parsons. who knows...
  2. gentlemanquartely

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Thanks for sharing. That's what i was thinking. Maybe they did consult with players and coaches...
  3. gentlemanquartely

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    i don't know Michael Jordan sons. but i do know Mychael Thompson, Del Curry and the influence their careers had on their sons. JJJ as a result of his father's pedigree and champions mentality will make him evolve into a great nba player.
  4. gentlemanquartely

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    who would you suggest as opposed to those two?
  5. gentlemanquartely

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    i totally disagree with you. 20 mins a game during garbage time does not equate to Big 10 Defensive/Player of the year. They don't just hand those awards over. His dad rings mean a lot. Champions understand discipline and attention to detail. That's what he's been taught since he first picked up a ball. i believe the kid is going to serve us well. did you see his % from behind the arc?
  6. gentlemanquartely

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    don't just stop at deyonta. MSU has always placed good players in nba. you omitted to second reason i attributed to his success. (his dad). he's been getting good coaching all of his life. and may i add, a guy with a ring.
  7. gentlemanquartely

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    he'll fit in great. come from a great program with excellent coaching (Izzo) as well as having the greatest coaching growing up (his dad-a nba champ). love the pick.
  8. gentlemanquartely

    Trade Likely Coming for Draft

    just read from app on my phone: Clippers move up; Clippers get Chandler Parsons , No. 4, and No. 32. Grizzlies get Danilo Gallinari, No. 12, and No.13. I say "PULL THE TRIGGER"
  9. gentlemanquartely

    How Do You Feel?

    I need a drink...
  10. gentlemanquartely

    Pera Article Confirms, Parsons Physical Waived ....

    welp, at least the complaints wouldn't be about partying, skinny jeans, and restricted minutes while producing absolutely zilch. smh
  11. gentlemanquartely

    Pera Article Confirms, Parsons Physical Waived ....

    i read that. someone told me this about a year ago and i told him to his face he was lying. Well, I'll be darned. they actually did. someone should be fired for this. 94 mil down the drain. we could signed Harrison Barnes for the same amount.
  12. gentlemanquartely

    Was Doncic considering bailing out of the draft?

    praying sacramento takes him.
  13. "smooth" ok. does he now how to play? fyi, smoothness doesn't cut it in the nba.
  14. gentlemanquartely

    Wenyen Gabriel

    why would we want him and no one else does?
  15. if we're seeking lock-down defender and rebounding the obvious choice is bamba. anything else you go with the other guys available at 4 (bagley, JJJ, etc).