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  1. I'd go all in on a guard in this draft....Kemba. Flip the pick for Kemba. Do it, do it now‎. Parsons/1st rounder/2nd rounder for Walker/MKG. It works in the trade machine...
  2. This is why im more inclined to draft Ayton or Bagley. You see if they fit at PF alongside Gasol n if not then atleast you can trade Gasol for a package at the deadline n move Bagley/Ayton to the center spot if need be. Drafting Doncic would be good insurance if Tyreke leaves tho.....
  3. Just ask yourself the question "Who would you take at number 1?". Would you take Bamba, Jackson, Porter, Sexton or Young? No. Would you take Ayton, Bagley or Doncic? Yes. It's between those three. And from there who we pick should be based on two things; where we finish and whoever has the best combine/workouts/interviews. Not a matter of who fits best with Deyonta Davis, who might not even be on the team in a year.
  4. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/19/18

    Parsons man. He could've said "fcuk this, shut me down for the year" n sat on his arse like Joakim Noah. Instead he's out there trying hard to make a comeback, trying to prove his worth. Mans had three knee surgeries n still he's refusing to call it a career. You can't say nothing about his dedication to the team.‎ Any hate towards him needs to be directed at the person truly responsible for that contract. If I'm Pera or whoever'll own this team, you keep Parsons on the team n work around his salary. Fire Wallace the first day of the offseason. edit- wow the typos in this lol. im sorry i was daf last night
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Pretty much locked into mine; any of Ayton/Bagley/Doncic w/ a fallback option of Porter. Just finish top 4 please grizzlies please just make somethin positive out of this nightmare season.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    JJJ is playin like arse against Syracuse right now; 0/4 with 2 points and 6 rebounds. I pass on him if we're gonna finish around where we are now in the standings. At 5th or 6th he'd be a good pick tho. Just wouldn't take him over Ayton/Bagley/Doncic/Porter.
  7. Bagley ain't makin the choice any easier
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    MPJ gettin his butt whipped so far. Florida state on a 41-13 run dammm. Still plenty of time to come back tho. I'm just glad I only had Virginia goin to the sweet sixteen. Jeezus.‎
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Future Memphis Grizzlies Superstar Center/Forward Deandre Ayton bout to face Buffalo. That has a nice ring to it.‎
  10. The 2018 Free Agents

    TA should definitely be on our list of free agent options. Prolly would've been ready to accept a lesser role this year. I think when it's all said n done tho, both TA n Zbo will retire as grizzlies. Whether it's a one day contract or not.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    At this point, unless he has a huge showing in the tournament, you can't take MPJ at 1 or 2. But between #3-5 I don't see why he shouldn't be heavily considered, especially over guys like JJJ n Bamba.
  12. Milwaukee @ Memphis 03/12/18

    Yes heaven forbid Gasol taint the fantastic progress of Grizzlies future all-star starting PF and C the mighty Ivan Rabb and Devasting Deyonta Davis lol. Gtfo here.
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Mykhailiuk. Dunno why but he's been the only 2nd round guy that really intrigues me.
  14. Reminds me of the last Xavier we had.
  15. Not any less than not firing him.
  16. Memphis @ Dallas 03/10/18

    The fact that DD didn't start tells me all I need to know about what the team thinks of him as a future starting center
  17. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm thinkin Ayton, Porter/Doncic/Bagley (they switch dependin on the day), JJJ as my top 5. If they draft Ayton they should see how Gasol n him play together first before decidin to move Marc. Everythin will become more clear once march madness is done n we know what slot we'll be pickin in.
  18. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Actually in this case there is. There definitely is. Like lions said there would be a problem if Marc wasn't frustrated with this season. There would be a problem if any of us weren't frustrated atleast a little with the team losing 15 in fackin row.
  19. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Based off one half after not playin in 4+ months? Lol c'mon now. I'm wonderin if Missouri needs to win this to make the national tournament? I dunno how it works I always thought u needed to win a certain amount of games and/or win your divisional tourny.‎
  20. Memphis @ Chicago 03/07/18

    He's tough to figure out. He'll make plays that make me wanna waive him tomorrow then he'll make a couple nice shots. If they had a problem keepin Daniels tho I can't see Mclemore stickin around next year. Maybe replace him in the draft with guy like Mykhailiuk or Trier or bring Ian Clark in free agency.
  21. Memphis @ San Antonio 03/05/18

    Why Gasol playin the whole 1st quarter? I always hated when DJ and Hollins would play guys whole quarters like why u riskin injury on a guy for an extra 2 minutes out of him?
  22. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'd say both of them primarily SF but I imagine Doncic will play plenty at SG and Porter'll do well as a small ball 4. I think if we draft Porter/Doncic and another versatile guy in the 2nd round, like Robert Franks, we'll be pretty much set at the forward positions atleast. If everyone can stay healthy; ‎Brooks/Parsons/Franks‎ Porter/Green/‎Rabb/Martin That depth would be nasty.‎
  23. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Yea if MPJ comes back healthy and shows the injury won't be a problem it's a wrap. He won't go lower than top 3 and we should seriously consider taking him even if we get the #1 pick.
  24. Memphis @ Orlando 03/03/18

    This is by far the best loss in Grizzlies history.‎ 20 more games of this sh!t then we can get a ourselves knockout pick, continue development of the young guys, make a couple nice trades/FA pickups (including Tyreke), and hopefully heal everyone up.‎ And then after all that + 5 months, our record will be 0-0 with little reason to tank since we'll owe our pick next year to the Celtics. And we can do it all over again.‎
  25. IMO the only players you could get that from are Ayton, Doncic and Porter. Those are the only guys I could see bein #1 from day 1. Guys like Bagley n Young could turn into that but it's the nba, what they're doin in college ain't gonna cut it. Especially Young. His post-game interview a couple weeks back was very tellin. He was strugglin and he said somethin like "I'm bein defended like noone else in the country". Well you're bein defended by kids that aren't even gonna be drafted lol the **** u gonna do when you're bein defended in the nba?