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  1. cdp

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    1. Look at roster 2. See we need backup center 3. Sign another backup PG worse than what we already have Makes sense. This has to be leading to something else. Something like Harrison/Selden/Martin to the Hawks for Dedmon + a 2nd rounder would be a nice move.
  2. Westbrook-Robertson-George-Grant-Adams with Schroder off the bench. Whew. The Thunder lookin like a top 4 seed.
  3. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    Had no idea where to put this but... Looks like we dodge a bullet. And got simply the best player we could've got at #4.
  4. They save money for who exactly? Someone better than Derozan? They ain't guaranteed to be better with Kawhi than they were last year. There's even less of a guarantee Kawhi comes back the same player. And there's even less of a guarantee that he resigns. A. So basically they lose Derozan and a 1st for the chance to sign someone whose not Kawhi on another big contract. It's a god awful trade for them.
  5. ewwwww what in the **** the raptors doin?
  6. cdp

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    I just don't see where Martin'll get minutes, especially at PF. Unless JJJ/Rabb play backup center to start, dunno if they're ready for that. I think we're right at the tax line with a cap hold on Chalmers. We stretch Martin and renounce the rights to Chalmers we could offer the minimum to a center.
  7. cdp

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    Now waive Martin, sign Len or Okafor, and call it an offseason.
  8. Maybe they can package Martin/Davis/Mclemore/2nd for an upgrade at center. Dedmon, Henson, Dwight Powell would be good targets. Or just sign another FA to the minimum. Greg Monroe, Alex Len or Okafor.
  9. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    Yeah makes the game quite boring huh. Atleast the rest of the teams doin alright without them. This Portland team is deeeeeep tho. Zach Collins, Baldwin, Swanigan, Archie Goodwin, Layman, Papagiannis, Trent Jr, John Jenkins. Gonna be tough to pull it off.
  10. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    We've seen what JJJ can do under pressure. Now we'll see what Rabb can do in a do or die game.
  11. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    Literally every single commentator has just been praising JJJ. It's a good sign.
  12. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    The best thing about summer league is the pure ****ery like we just saw.
  13. My friend, he'll be affected by it the rest of his life.
  14. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    ‎Yea he tied the summer league record not shabby. He and Deyonta could become a suffocating combo on defense. We need a third center tho. Not only to get Marc even more rest but to light a fire under Deyonta's ***. He has no competition for his spot right now. edit-And everyone raggin on DD ain't wrong. But at the same time he's only 21, he'll be our only true backup center unless they bring in another, and he's the only thing stoppin the 2016 draft from bein our worst draft since Thabeet. So lets give him another year aight? This is a make or break season for him, he has to take another step.
  15. cdp

    Vegas Summer League

    Crawford needs seasoning in the dleague. DJ should be a two way for sure tho.