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  1. DPI Graphics

    Should We Think About Starting Nick Calathes?

    This is going to get my head chopped but WTH.Who is the better b/u point guard?
  2. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    He might not be relevant here any more but he is in Boston. He's no. 2 in assists for the them & with another week of starting, & he'll be in the top 5 of the team in scoring. I guess he just likes that parquet floor.
  3. DPI Graphics

    Courtney Lee Ftw

    Looks like the trade may have worked well for both players. JB has a regular rotation on the C's & is 2nd on the team in assists. It's always nice to see a trade work for both.
  4. DPI Graphics

    Is The Lack Of Diversity In The Fo A Concern?

    Diversity has nothing to do with skin color but like mindedness. If they had 1 person in the FO that came from the court, field, rink, he/she would have known that you don't get rid of your backup PG, QB, SS, C, etc until you know that you have a really qualified player to step in. It doesn't matter who you get in return you DON'T do it but this FO is full of agents that got paid by stats not wins. Sorry I don't want to be an "I told you so" but... I TOLD YOU SO! last summer.
  5. DPI Graphics

    Grizzlies & Hawks - 1/12/2014

    I keep saying that if they show him that they want him, JB Will probably stay. He wants to be wanted.
  6. DPI Graphics

    Grizzlies & Hawks - 1/12/2014

    I agree with you except that MC can't continue to play 38 to 40 mins. per game unless he turns into a super man or something. We have GOT to replace JB or things will turn sour with MC by the playoffs.
  7. DPI Graphics

    Third String Point Guard Options

    Golly gee I know of a backup point guard that scored 14 with 6 assists & a stl tonight IN THE NBA. maybe we could get him.
  8. DPI Graphics

    Grizzlies & Suns - 1/10/2014

    OK just wondering. Wanted to make sure I was on the right page.
  9. Look he may not be in your book but, he was able to keep the team going & sometimes even make it better while he was in there. Can you say that about Calathes? You see a backup is supposed to Be able to play 15 to 20 min. without costing the team the game. Can you tell me a game this year where he cost the team a game?
  10. DPI Graphics

    Grizzlies & Suns - 1/10/2014

    I'm confused, now that JB is gone, is Tay or MM the WBOTG now?
  11. Good luck. Trying to find a backup PG isn't easy. If you can trust him to run the team for more than just spot mins., the other team isn't going to let him go. As I said when the trade was going on, getting rid of JB without a replacement was NOT a smart move. Shooters are a lot easier to find. I sure hope it works but it just looks like a shoot from the hip move right now.
  12. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    Could be that they are thinking about some more dealing, or thehey're just replacing Lee.
  13. DPI Graphics

    Courtney Lee Newest Grizz

    Oh Yeah isn't he a 7' center? I was just spoofin, I know who Griffin is.
  14. DPI Graphics

    Courtney Lee Newest Grizz

    That's funny becaus last night he was guarding that 32 guy,what's his name, in the 4th qtr.
  15. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    The thing is he isn't trying to fit the coaches system. He is playing naturally He won't even see Boston until sometime next week. When he is allowed to play on his own this what you get. This is what I have been saying for 4 yrs. Once he gets to a team where he can be JB not not Jose, CP3, Blake/Miller, MC, he will be the star(like his summer league season) that PDX wanted when they traded for him on draft day. If you remember, I have said that he is a slash & dish guy who is quicker than fast & can hit some long shots as well. Also, I noticed that his new coach put him with a couple of mins. to go to make the in bounds play. That shows BB I/Q. The bottom line here though is we really need to give them about 10 games to see how the trade is going to work for both players & both teams.