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  1. TT_Grizz

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    If we can trade Marc and get another first round pick, then I'd love getting one of Doncic/Bagley/Porter/Ayton/Young with our higher pick and going after Kevin Knox with our later pick. I like Knox.
  2. TT_Grizz

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    What do you think of Doncic?
  3. I haven't been on the boards in a while, but I am definitely all aboard the tank and rebuild through the draft train. In my eyes, Philly has had one of the best rebuilds in recent memory. They had a few terrible seasons of nothing but losing, but in the process, they developed some great role players like Covington, Luwawu-Cabarrot, TJ McConnell, Richaun Holmes etc. This should be an example for us that young guys need to be given a chance, guys like Brooks, Davis, Simmons, Selden, could all develop into solid role players if given the chance and opportunity to grow, as opposed to continuing to play vets like Chalmers and Evans. After a few years of being terrible, Philly got a few top 3 picks and now have 2 of the best young prospects this league has seen in a long time, Embiid and Ben Simmons both look like absolute generational, transcendent-level talents. That duo for the next 10 years will be scary, and even though Fultz's shooting has looked really bad, he is still really talented and if he can develop well then that core is set to dominate the Eastern Conference for a decade. It's a shame Sam Hinkie got such a bad rep, because the Philly way to a rebuild really was the best way. Completely bottom out, maximise top 3 pick chances, hope to draft a couple of generational talents, get a great coach who'll develop young guys, develop great role players like Covington, and then welcome a future of dominance.
  4. We are all Jonathan Simcoe
  5. TT_Grizz

    Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    Ennis is the best rebounder on the team
  6. TT_Grizz

    Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    hahahahahah Curry throwing his mouthguard is easily the highlight of the game
  7. TT_Grizz

    Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    Draymond complains alot doesn't he
  8. TT_Grizz

    Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    Loving the bench unit
  9. TT_Grizz

    New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Good win, Brooks is very impressive
  10. TT_Grizz

    New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Brooks is legit
  11. TT_Grizz

    New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Cousins abused Gasol that quarter
  12. with better ball-handling skills as well
  13. The Grizz will be fine eventually, but I think for next season there'll be a real hit to the spirit of the team, just because it'll be the first season without him, and most likely without TA either. Also, the fact that we have no real young A+ guys to be very excited about doesn't help the transition either. And Gasol let us down in the playoffs in terrible fashion so I'm real pessimistic towards him at the moment.
  14. It's not necessarily about winning championships. ZBo is my favorite player and he was the heart and soul of this team. Most Grizz fans only know a Grizzlies roster that had ZBo on it. Losing Zach is not the end of our championship run or anything, because we never really had one. Losing him is just a big hit to the spirit and fabric of the team. He was a hero for us and everyone would rally around him. Now with him gone we lose a positive impact on the overall spirit of the franchise and we'll notice it very soon. Same could be said for VC but not to the same extent as ZBo.
  15. Also, to the OP, I 100% agree. Losing ZBo is going to have a much bigger impact on the culture and spirit of the team than people expect. Don't have a good feeling about next season at all.