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  1. Strange why you would mention Deron and Boozer. Those two guys have been overpaid trash since they left the Sloan system. And the Spurs system is one of the biggest reasons why so many of their players are sporting high PER. It allows every player to get high quality shots for themselves and create them for others. PER favors their methodology.
  2. Kuma

    Z-Bo Gets 2-Year, $20M Extension

    Atlanta wasn't a desirable market and they managed to get the underrated Paul Millsap on a 8 million annual deal. Now he is an all star.
  3. Kuma

    Z-Bo Gets 2-Year, $20M Extension

    Next summer we will blow all our cap space to keep Gasol. Prince will expire, but it won't be big enough to bring in someone with a high impact.
  4. Kuma

    Z-Bo Gets 2-Year, $20M Extension

    Terrible deal. Are we even players in the FA market after this extension? I don't think this FO is committed to winning a title.
  5. Kuma

    Dumb Pick # 22

    Adams is one of those players that cheat analytics. He plays in a zone which allows him to pad his steals number; a strong indicator for a future all star prospect. Personally, I hate the pick. I would rather gamble on Anderson. After all, we just saw what Boris Diaw did to the Heat. Why not go after a player with a similar skill set?
  6. Only an inept franchise needs 10-15 years to rebuild a team. It's not like this is 60 win team with future HOFs. A smart, well run franchise can get in done in 2-3 years.
  7. Kuma

    Grizz Compared To These Finals Teams

    When you play 35 mins per game as a center, of course you will grab 10 rebounds per game but that doesn't you aŕe a good rebounder. Oh and Big Al is terrible at getting to the line which is why he isn't efficient. If you thought the grizz had problems getting respect from the refs, imagine having Big Al on this team.
  8. Kuma

    Grizz Compared To These Finals Teams

    ? Ellis has been a superior offensive player that Big Al. I'm not sure why some posters are jealous of Bobcats. Big Al is an inefficient black hole who is also a subpar rebounder and defender. Kemba Walker is a dime a dozen pg who isn't efficient either. The rest of their young prospects are not very intriguing either. I find it amusing that Jordan decided to break up a team featuring the number one defense in the league, a prime Gerald Wallace and Tyson Chandler only to build a team where no one on their current team is half as good as they were.
  9. Kuma

    Grizz Compared To These Finals Teams

    Posting up is fraudulent offense and no different from an iso heavy offense. The ball is still stopping and you are still relying on the individual brilliance of that one player to constantly generate offense. You need star post up talent to make it semi-successful and frankly it is just as difficult to find as a star perimeter player.
  10. Kuma

    Trade Marc Gasol For The #1 Pick?

    Why would the Cavs even consider this? Unless Marc is a young perennial all star, count on every team in the top 5 to hang up the phone. Everyone else will listen but only because there is a significant drop off in potential star talent after the top 5.
  11. Let Zbo walk and let Ed Davis take over and see what he can do with more minutes.
  12. Lance is the perfect wing for our shortcomings? He is a huge reason why IND offense collapsed for most of 2014. Putting him here will solve nothing. We need a player that we can run our offense through and get high quality results. No one on that Pacer team fits the bill.
  13. Don't you mean go down? Bringing him here to be the primary option on offense is asking for trouble. Conley and Gasol will defer to him, encouraging Lance to chuck bad shots on a more routine basis.
  14. Kuma

    Was Trading Rudy Gay A Mistake?

    Trading Gay for 50 cents on the dollar was the mistake. At the time I argued that trading Zach would have been the better option because you would be getting par value for a player on the decline as opposed to the younger one who still might be able to revive his career. Right now Gay is the more coveted asset. We don't have any other expendable assets with value so we are in no man's land.
  15. It's bad news because he built a second round pretender team and put a small market team over the tax by paying two mediocre players max deals.