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  1. You are nuts if you think he would leave 48 million dollars on the table because you bust him down and make him ride a bus. Hell he could buy his own tricked out bus to ride to the next town/game.
  2. Dillon Brooks named to Rising Star Challenge

    I like this kid, and I think his floor is that of a rotation player, with a high ceiling. I give Chris Wallace a good grade on this pick.
  3. Parsons again

    His career ended some time ago, just that the Grizzlies were the last to know. There are probably 100 guys in the league that can give us what Chandler has.
  4. If you can get Tyreke for 10-11 Million it is a no brainer. I would be cool with 13 Million a year and 4 years. That would fit perfectly in the salary slots vacated by the money coming off the books of Wright 6 mill Ennis 3 Mill Chalmer 2.1 million Baldwin 1.9 Million for a total of 13 Mill With Our first round pick, who we will HAVE to develop, we will have a decent core and some young guys with some potential.
  5. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    Notice I purposely did not mention TA or Marc Gasol for leadership roles. Zbo and Vince are leaders TA could be but if chose not to be then move him out. ZBO and Vince are going to play that exact role for Sacramento and all those young talented players that they have, and soon those talented guys will push ZBO and Vince to the bench. Which could have happened here if we had drafted worth a flip.
  6. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    The problem here is drafting and only drafting. Out of our last 8 years of draft picks there are only two players (demarre Carroll and Jarell Martin) who are still in the NBA. If you are drafting THAT badly and don't have draft picks to play with, then it is more of a reason to keep older guys who are semi productive.
  7. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    I disagree. The core four was fine for where we were and better than what we are now. We are not going to win a championship unless we get and keep a superstar talent. In the absence of a superstar talent we need to embrace a franchise culture. Zbo was the leader and face of our franchise culture, and to a lesser extent TA. We should have followed the Spurs model and develop younger players in addition to allowing them to be mentored by the older guys. They have developed several young guys while Duncan, Parker, and Manu have faded. Zbo and Vince should have been re-signed and allowed to mentor an Ivan Rabb and a Dillon Brooks. The change to a new style and new players would have happened organically as Zbo and Vince minutes would decline yet the culture could be passed on like the Spurs have done so well. Of course Pop understands that you don't have to move old guys to develop young ones, you can do both.
  8. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    The only blind ones are you guys who constantly bash Gasol for what he is and HAS ALWAYS BEEN. He looks great and stretches but is not dominate. He looked great when Zbo was dominating. He and Conley would be great with a superstar, but are not foundation pieces alone.
  9. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    Wrong again. I wanted Gasol traded last year because I always knew what he was. I always knew Zbo was carrying him. It is only your kind and the dumb a$$ coach you look up to who couldn't see that and thought you could make him into something he isn't then hate his guts because he isn't what you wanted him to become
  10. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    His nut huggers want to ignore how bad this team was the after the all star break of last year. Players who worked hard to get where they are in the NBA should roll there eyes at a dude who shows off rings that LeBron got for him as an assistant coach.
  11. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    It's insane how many people are upset cause this dude got fired. He convinced "someone" that by going away from what the Grizz have done he could make it better. When it didn't work he was thrown under the bus for it. Life goes on.
  12. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    I don' have to answer that on a fan board for the Memphis team. Now what has Fizdale for said Memphis team for him to deserve Memphis fans Loyalty?
  13. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    The problem has always been that you wanted to "move on" from them for lesser players and believe that somehow the new play style would make them better. Tony Wroten sucked. Jamal Franklin sucked. Wade Baldwin sucked. The problem was never the players playing but the ones to be developed. Not to mention the 1st round picks we gave away. If you draft talent then they would eventually usurp the older guys any way, but when you get rid of older guys for less talented young guys you get what you have now.
  14. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    Aww.....did I offend your Fizdale love with my petty little Memphis fandom? Maybe you can go be a fan of Fizdale's next team since you love his balls so much. Us petty little Memphis fans could not possibly understand his greatness.
  15. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    The goofball should have been fired for that alone. Dude has done nothing in the NBA but be LeBron and DWade bag boy and people want to put him on a pedestal like he is Pop.