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  1. BLUEandGOLD changes their Grizz prediction

    Wonder why the Grizz chose not interview him at the combine?
  2. BLUEandGOLD

    Memphis @ Indiana 01/31/18

    Love seeing the young guys play! I just wish Harrison was not one of them. Okay individual player, but he cannot run an offense. I would say he looks like Reke 2.0 out there trying to create his own shot, but 2.0 is saying way too much! Trying way too hard to do things he just cant do.
  3. Not interested unless Gasol goes. Love is anything but a low post presence. No need for 2 bigs on the arc.
  4. BLUEandGOLD

    Team Hero v Lakers 01/15/2018

    All around team effort. TH: Dilly Dilly HM: Reke (almost a triple double - Jam should have let him get that last rebound)
  5. BLUEandGOLD

    Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    26 points in his Hustle debut. Appears to be a pretty good shooter. Here's hoping he is a diamond in the rough!
  6. BLUEandGOLD

    Inverted Standings Watch

    Our FO needs it to be a little clearer than finding a diamond in the rough. Some could find a great talent in the teens, but not our FO.
  7. BLUEandGOLD

    Kobi Simmons

    I like Kobi. He just needs a little time and a lot of confidence.
  8. BLUEandGOLD

    Memphis @ Phoenix 12/26/2017

    Personally I am not smearing Gasol. Again I think he is an asset. He is just being asked to do something he cannot do and by his actions has no interest in doing. And if we can find someone who gives this team leadership and ability without getting rid of MG then I am all for it.
  9. BLUEandGOLD

    Memphis @ Phoenix 12/26/2017

    Gasol is a very good center in this league, but he is no leader. I think he gets respect from both opponents and the team. I think he is capable of taking over quarters (not games) as well as being relatively consistent throughout a game and season. And these things make him a solid asset to most any team including ours. Unfortunately he is NOT a leader. He is being forced to try and be one, but he just can't. By definition a true leader has followers. Followers who actually respond to the leadership in front of them. I do not see any of these guys buying in to what Gasol is SAYING and I do not want them to follow his EXAMPLE.
  10. I guess I have been a "hugger" for a while now. Not only of Gasol, but Mike and the core as well. I enjoyed being the successful underdog...maybe it made the wins more satisfying. This being said, I am done. I hate being a bottom dweller even if it helps for the future, but again it is time. MC11 is a great player, but I doubt he will ever be that great player again. And if he is then his age will quickly become a major factor. Gasol is a great role player. I would love to have him as a piece of our team, but he cannot carry us alone. The big 3 need to go. Unfortunately I think we are stuck with them.
  11. BLUEandGOLD

    Marc fined

    @245,000 - 15,000 = @225,000 I think he still gets paid pretty well per game! I hope he says it more often too.
  12. BLUEandGOLD

    Marc sounds off

    Sad to say.....but I completely agree.
  13. BLUEandGOLD

    Team Hero Grizz@ blazers

    TH: Dillon Brooks (Homecoming of Sorts) and that 3 point play. HM: 1st Half - Reke 2nd Half - Conley
  14. BLUEandGOLD


    If it is correct, then I hope McLemore is 110%. No need to bring anyone on early at this point.