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  1. Who will end up a bust in pro ball??

    I don't blame fans for refusing to spend their hard earned $$ if the coach isn't getting it done. Attendance at VU went from #16 in the nation to #50-something during some of Stallings final years. And then attendance REALLY tanked at Pitt while he was there. Just be glad he's not Memphis-bound. The guy couldn't win a single NCAA game with THREE future NBA drafted players on the roster in Smashville. I hope Penny can get it done. But I don't think he ends up getting Wiseman. I still think UM needs an on campus arena. (or nearby) It doesn't have to be gigantic. Maybe the size of the new one Auburn built.
  2. Who will end up a bust in pro ball??

    You really don't think fans of Tiger High will have a hissy fit if he loses Wiseman? I'm not buying that. This past season, attendance at Tiger home games hit a 48 year low. ..average attendance of 6,225. That doesn't sound like people want to be patient with a long rebuilding process. Penny is a Nike guy? Beware of backroom crap out of Adidas...
  3. Who will end up a bust in pro ball??

    He'll get one anyway - Wiseman. If he loses Wiseman to UK, the Penny era start will look more like the Penny error.
  4. Ringer Draft Analysis

    Bates-Diop is almost 6-9? I thought he was 6-7. And they are very high on him. Could he drop to the early 2nd round?
  5. Who will end up a bust in pro ball??

    He wasn't picked in the top 10. And the last time I checked, he stuck with Portland. Just like Damien Jones stuck with Golden State and Kornet with the Knicks. But I can understand the anti-Vanderbilt sentiment in Memphis. Half of Shelby County residents can't spell "Vanderbilt." ** ** rimshot here.... relax... it was just a joke ** part 2 looks like 2 more VU players going in the first round next year... I don't see any from Tiger High listed? What's up with that? Where did they go? (just kidding... don't get your panties in a wad) ** part 3 - my Aunt and Uncle and cousins lived in the Poplar-Perkins area and my cousin went to White Station, so I'm not anti-Memphis. It's just fun to mess with Memphis over their Nashville envy issue.
  6. Who will end up a bust in pro ball??

    Wow. Five different guys with one vote each? I should have included Robert Williams so most people could agree on one player.
  7. What about Graysen Allen from Duke

    Jeremy Lin said when he was brand new with the Knicks, when he went to the secured entrance with a windsuit on and a laminate on a lanyard, the security guard at MSG would ask if he was the new team medical trainer. (true story)
  8. What about Graysen Allen from Duke

    I was watching some of the scrimmages at the combine on tv the other day while he was in but none of the brothers would throw him the ball, so I'm not sure about him. Didn't he drop a bushel bucket of points on Kansas in the title game?
  9. I sat there 15 rows from the court and watched Williams get held to 5 points by a college team with a losing record that started three guards and a 6-6 and 6-7 forward. Teams should be hesitant to use anything other than a 2nd round pick on the guy. His buddy Tyler Davis at A&M might be one to keep an eye on for the future though. ^ ^ Note how much standing around and not doing anything Williams does with those bad knees vs Michigan ^ ^ Davis had 24 and 8. Williams 12 and 6.
  10. Meat and a Potato Guy

    Williams is not even the best big on his own college team. Even if the Grizz traded down they should NOT draft him.
  11. 2018 NBA Combine

    Robert Williams going before Carter? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ain't never gonna happen dude.
  12. 15 legit looking mock draft sites

    Robert Williams off the board before Sexton??? Not in a million years. Williams is not even the best center on his own college team.

    I was impressed with the video of him hitting all those NBA range 3's but they were all from the top of the key. Can Bamba hit an NBA 3 from the side or the corner? Jump shots from straight in front are the easiest for lots of people due to the having the background of the backboard. Corner seems to be the hardest unless you are a great shooter and automatic from all over. Teams will have him scouted out and know if top of the key is his only hot spot for nailing 3's. (if it indeed is) If he can hit jump shots from 3 equally well from the side or the corner, wouldn't he be the first or second pick in the draft, considering the rest of his skills? If he doesn't jump up into the first five taken, this observation might hold water.