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  1. Not exactly on the movie... Seattle got the head case QB after he kept dropping. Cleveland got the top defensive player in the nation at #1, got all their draft picks back + a kick returner from Seattle, got the blue chip RB out of Florida State with their other top 10 draft slot. And they lived happily every after. Costner's mother finally accepted Jennifer Garner as his new old lady (who was pregnant). Glad to see somebody else was able to sit through that entire film. I thought it was tolerable but the reviews were brutal. Has anybody noticed the film Blue Chips that was thoroughly despised when it was out is now getting tons of respect now that all the college basketball scandals are hitting the fan? I always thought it was good, in spite of Penny and Shaq's attempt at acting.
  2. Jarell Martin!! His +/- of -44 in a 70 point loss (top ten worst losses in NBA history) makes him the "we've been gifted a future superstar" anti-hero and dishonorable mention tanker of the game! Congrats!
  3. If the Grizz draft Ayton, it will be time to move Gasol to the stretch 4. He doesn't play tough in the paint anymore but does have a good shooting touch. It's time for the Grizz to think outside the box. Especially after a 70 point loss.
  4. With back to back games today and tomorrow, why not just forfeit one? Or send the Washington Generals of Globetrotter fame (infamy?) to go play the second night dressed up as Memphis? At least Phoenix has Houston left and Golden State twice. Their remaining schedule is much tougher.
  5. Tankzzlies

    Their losing streak is "only" at nine. If the league warns one, they should issue a blanket statement to warn all. And actually mean it. (as if)
  6. Technically Davis has ALREADY started some NBA games, but with ** by it... **games by a team that is intentionally tanking Will he ever be a consistently legit valid starting NBA center? If so, not soon. But anything is possible.
  7. Are you kidding? How many teams would Martin start for next season? If the Grizz draft right and work the free agent market at all, Martin should be lucky to not end up back in the G. Green hasn't exactly blown people away this season either. Neither would start on a decent team anywhere in the NBA. And what's with the over-estimation of Davis? He is on the way to being a decent back-up but is hardly an NBA quality starting center yet at this point. Maybe in the future. Harrison has certainly improved but he is not in the same universe with Conley Jr. or most of the legit starting NBA point guards. Which of those starting five looks the best for the future? None anytime soon. Brooks+ Bagley/or/Ayton + Evans/Conley/Gasol would be a legit NBA starting lineup. Selden, Harrison, Parsons, Martin, Green, Davis, etc. off the bench as needed.
  8. Tankzzlies

    Benching Gasol and Evans because they won a game vs Denver? The first win since January. The league warned Chicago to stop with that obvious tanking BS. Why are they not warning Memphis.
  9. I saw Williams in person not long ago. He was held to 5 points that day. Don't let that one big windmill dunk he had vs UNC fool you. Tyler Davis is the future game changer on A&M's frontcourt. Not Williams.
  10. Bagley at the stretch 4 is next the great 4. Elvin Hayes. Bob McAdoo. etc. Ayton is really good also but Bagley could be a transformational player. A game changer. He's that good and that versatile.
  11. I always heard refs aren't supposed to decide the game on a ticky-tack foul call with a second left. Unless they feel like it and do anyway.
  12. Briante's back

    Tarantula hair!! He should play for Avery Johnson at Bama.
  13. Grizzlies valued at more than $1 Billion by Kaplan

    Kaplan? What did they say about taking the GRE? (most people that post here unfortunately will say "ummmmm, I don't get it")
  14. Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    I don't recall him getting into politics. Being against racist statues in less about politics and more about common decency. Unfortunately, certain people in America think "there are good people on both sides" of slavery, neo-nazi violence, etc.