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  1. rc0213

    Z-Bo's Brother Shot

    Prayer goes out to the family. This will always be Z-Bo's home, to me. I wish we could get him back as a player/coach. He definitely loved the city.
  2. rc0213

    Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    The Grizzlies have a tendency to have a 9 pt. quarter in a game, which is hard to overcome. Plus, their defense is not Grit N Grind, and, don't have the ability to make stops. If they can reduce the number of 9 pt. quarters, and stop the opponent with some kind of real Grit N Grind, they might have a chance to win.
  3. rc0213

    Jumping on the J B Train

    I'm all for Grizzlies, no matter who the coach or players are. I just hope we end the losing streak. Maybe Coach Bickerstaff can salvage the season. The players, coaches and the fans need to unite. We had some good years lately. I'm happy. Not that I don't want a championship. Just like any new unknown coach, no one knows how well the team will be. The players still need to work on their FT, defense and team work.
  4. Wallace always seemed to sacrifice good picks on "potential" players who had a glimmer of star power, but are on the way down. So, after time, maybe this years' team seem to have the most potential. But, we need a couple of players who are hitting their potential. Right now, no one really stands out. Marc starts slow at times, and eventually hits 50%. Mike, for most of the season, has not been hitting his shots. Maybe his injury was the cause of it. Chandler, outside of a few games, has been averaging 8ppg. Tyreke hits his shots, just not a team player. The rest are young or "potential" players who haven't shown hardly any spark of their potential. I liked Coach Fizdale, but his offense set was a spread and a cut and post, one on one, offense. I think he was trying to apply what they did in Miami and use it in Memphis. One major problem, Memphis is not loaded with major players, like Miami was. So, Fizdale might not have known enough of X's and O's to counter the opponents' defense. Also, he didn't seem to know when to use the clock to break up the opponents' momentum. But, back to the team's talent, there's a lot of potential. But, our experienced players aren't leading the team, like Z-Bo and TA did. Leadership shouldn't just come from Marc, but all the experienced guys. And, part of the problem with that is the experienced people's injuries and the young players depending on just Marc to guide everyone. Z-Bo and TA were also very active in the community, and was loved by the people. And, Z-Bo and TA returned the love. That helps build the team if you have players who love the city. Players' talent and potential alone won't win games. And, we are finding that out this year. Decent coaching, team leadership and love for the city are missing pieces this year, outside of injuries. "Team" is missing in this year's group. Marc, Mike, Z-Bo and TA were a close net group, and that helped on court communications. I like the young talent, but I don't expect us to do well this year, even after firing Fizdale. Marc, Mike and other experienced players need to start learning to play together. Once you get the core to gel, then the younger players' will fall in place. But, then, again, I could be wrong about all of this. LOL
  5. rc0213

    Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    If the Grizzlies have let down games, I pray it's with the two games with Dallas. Not that Dallas cannot win against Grizzlies, but Mavs are not the caliber of the teams Grizzlies have played so far. Conley is still finding his shot, and I hope he finds it in these games. This is a good time, if it allows, to empty the bench, giving the young guys some real game time. GNG! Go Grizzlies!!
  6. Gasol has definitely become more aggressive in the paint. I don't think it's just Gasol, but a team philosophy. Everyone is slashing to the paint. Gasol has started to dunk more. Last year, he started to hit 3's more. I think Fizdales' system is making all the players play more physical, more aggressive. I'm still not sold on the idea that the Grizzlies still have the TA Grit N Grind. They hustle, and the defense is good, but not like aggressive with TA and Z-Bow. Grizzlies biggest asset for defense is their slash offense to the glass, opening up to more fouls and chances from the FT line. And, because the Grizzlies have had to be a lot more physical and in better shape, they are not as winded as the opponents in the 4th. Gasol, like the others are benefiting from the Fizdale system. I give Fizdale credit, he's doing some things I wanted Grizzlies to do, but his slash offense lacks set plays, and, in certain situations, it would be more advantageous to set up a play. I hope he adds that to the system.
  7. rc0213

    Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    So, far, Dillon has been pretty good. There are some things that he could work on, but I see him like a Tony Evans with more skills. Dillon can grow into the defense guy Grizzlies need to stick on the opponents' scorer. He can score, but he needs to hone his moves to the glass. They say he works hard, and he looks like a team player, two things all Grizzlies players need to possess. Overall, a great draft.
  8. rc0213

    Fiz Is Killing This Team

    I think Fiz could have done a lot better with the team he was given. But, this is his first real HC job. Sure, he was assistant coach to championship teams. But, that doesn't mean he'd be a great HC. I personally would give him a few more years. But, with Gasol and the Core being older, can we wait for Fiz to learn the HC position? Maybe we need to find a more seasoned HC while we still have the Core still around. Good question.
  9. rc0213

    Mike Conley

    Conley has a "family" in the Core Four. They have all stuck for each other. But, Mike has a chance to be on a playoff team, Spurs. And, Spurs probably will pay max. So, I believe it is a tossup for Mike, will he stay with his "family" at Memphis? Or, will he move on to a team where the HC and FO know how to develop teams. With Grizzlies, The Core Four just can't seem to stay healthy consistently during the playoffs. If they could have, you might have seen a different results. I would love to keep Mike, and add a true 3 pt. Shooting Guard. If Mike moves on, I will miss him and wish him the best.
  10. rc0213

    Is Steph Curry A "volume Shooter/scorer"?

    No doubt Stephen Curry can shoot. But, my question is the game today vs. MJ's days. Are the refs calling it close that gives Stephen more cleaner shots? Are the players playing as defensive as they did in MJ's days? Those things are not taken into account. Today's games, rules and sets are made for players like Stephen. IMO So, would Stephen be just as effective back in MJ's days? Maybe, maybe not.
  11. rc0213

    Mike Conley

    Conley has had a bad couple of years, but I hope he comes back next year with vengeance. Seems like, unless I am wrong, we have yet to have a full healthy Core Four each playoff year. Imagine if the Core Four were all healthy. The rest of the team did their best the last of the year and playoff. I applaud their effort. Sure, their record was not very good, but it was the heart that counted this year. Z-Bo gave it his all, and I really am impressed with his effort.
  12. TA was shooting the lights out! GNG is now Shoots Lights Out, SLO!
  13. rc0213

    Minnesota @ Memphis 03/16/16

    Time for TA to mentor these guys into the Grizzlies' system. I am not expecting this team to go far in the playoffs, nor win a lot of games the rest of the season. BUT, I LOVE being the Underdog. LOL So, this is kind of exciting to me on some level. Too bad we can't have a well oiled team by playoff time. With everyone recovering at different times, it is just going to a constant adjusting the rest of this season. We used to be happy when Grizzlies won 50+ in a season. We are at 39, even with Gasol out most of the later half and all these injuries. If they win a few games, the Grizzlies still might have a 45 game season. NOT shabby for an injury laden team.
  14. Rio's % Field Goal the last couple of games is 25%. 2/10 and 2 of 9. His other games were around 50%. Where Rio is helping is at the FT, where he hardly misses. This is where we should take advantage of Rio, letting him drive the paint to collect fouls on the opponent's Big Guys. His point production is back to average. But, I think he will help relieve Mike at PG.
  15. rc0213

    Z-Bo Responds

    And, the ironic thing is Z-Bo is playing like he usually does, and putting up his APG. But, Marc and Mike are below their APG.