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  1. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    I say we get rid of all the women's sports and lacrosse.
  2. Do you remenber lioncub10 (I think that was his name) and his love for stromile swift? If you weren't a fan of stromile, you were a racist. That guy took the cake.
  3. Fizz goes off !!!

    The statue in downtown Memphis was erected in 1905. That meets your 100 year old threshold.
  4. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Straddling the line. He doesn't want to get a lane violation!
  5. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    I'm beginning to think that Tony brings more baggage that I ever imagined. Hard to believe he doesn't have an offer from anybody.
  6. Good article on
  7. Exceeding your fears? You must be a glass half empty kind of guy!
  8. Espn: "the Grizzlies Are Freakin' Clutch

    Thanks ESPN...
  9. Seriously Espn?

    Here's a more balanced take on the game. The mighty Golden State Warriors cruised into Memphis having won four straight, and coming off a dominant victory against the Clippers and a good win vs. the Jazz. Memphis was without Mike Conley, their best player, Chandler Parsons, their third-best player, Vince Carter, their seventh best player, James Ennis, their backup small forward, and Brandon Wright, their backup center. The Warriors beat Memphis by 50 in their first matchup last season.
  10. Seriously Espn?

    Not on the segment I saw.
  11. Seriously Espn?

    I watched sports center this morning to see what they had to say about the Grizz thumping the warriors. They talked about the warriors not having Andre Iguodala... No mention of injured Grizzlies.
  12. Fizdale Has To Go

    Lioncub hands down! That guy actually believed all his b.s. One kooky messed up kid!
  13. Grizzlies Will Waive Jordan Adams

    You do know that players can seek their own doctor, don't you?
  14. Haven't you "left forever" before?