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  1. I actually think this is reflection of most NBA fans. The casual fan far exceeds die hard fans. I'm in Nashville an these guys here think Zbo is starting at averaging 20 10. People are ignorant when it comes to lesser teams. I love the Grizz but we are not significant to the league at all aside from being fodder for the greater teams.
  2. Haven't posted in years but check this out. Shame there are NBA fans posing as real fans.
  3. 2015 Nba Draft

    Lakers are looking for a big in this draft. I think those guys are trying to be competitive right now. I wonder if we can strike a deal to get the #2 pick somehow. I would sacrifice losing Marc if we could get our hands on the #2 pick. Hell, I would trade with the Knicks if we could get Russell or Mudiay at #4. Koufas can start for us and be our primary pick and roll guy.
  4. Anybody Ready 4 A New Coach

    That year we beat the overrated Clippers and an injured thunder team. This year we were leading our division and had the 2 seed for majority of the year. Marc, Mike and Zbo were playing like top 5 players most of the year. We just ran into one of the best teams in recent memory and pushed them. I'll be surprised if they are tested by Clippers or Rockets.
  5. All Said And Done..

    I agree with Gasol. Sign and trade especially if he demands the max. Mike, I would keep. Honestly he is in a tier of his own. What point guard in the league can you say will fit on any team Mike and John Wall? The other elite point guards in the league are the 1st options of a team. Mike would be a hot commodity if he was on the block.
  6. Anybody Ready 4 A New Coach

    Dave inherited a contending team. He tried to install a new offense. Which was jist a more complex motion to isolate a post player. We may run a play to put Green in a scoring position, but if Zbo is clogging the paint up as we are than force to feed him as he has better positioning. I never ever got the feeling that players backed him like they did with Coach Hollins. He was just a replacement while still keeping the same philosophies of the previous regime. I'm not blaming DJ. But he has limited options. A fresh start on a new team like Minnesota last year would have allowed him to start from scratch. As long as we have the core 4, we are not deviating from what works. The only problem is what works has reached its climax and we dont have any banners to show for it.
  7. What type of players would you put around him? Mike isn't CP3. He is elite at what he does but that doesn't mean he should he first option. Mike and a dominating pick n roll player would be something to build around. Not Mike by himself. Although I would be interested in Mike playing with a combo guard like Monta.
  8. Anybody Ready 4 A New Coach

    I actually think Dave has done well. I wouldn't be upset if they brought him back or if they decide to part ways. He was on his way out last year so that shows something, meaningless or not. Our inside out offense will only be effective as long as Zbo is around. He is getting older, and we can't expect him to shoulder the load every postseason. We were fully healthy only once in the postseason and we advanced to the WCF. The year Zbo missed like half the season and Rudy led us to a first round exit may have been the best chance to made the finals. That team was lethal until the injury bugs. We had a triple threat perimeter player, and a dominating post player. We need to find us an elite perimeter player for us to succeed. I'm not disappointed at all with this series lost. We may look back at this year was the best team we had. We also ran into one of the historically great teams thus far and we were able to dominate 2 games.I don't see Clippers or Rockets beating them. Hell, Cleveland has the best player in the world and they would be underdogs against them. We all should be proud of this team.
  9. Anybody Ready 4 A New Coach

    I feel like our core has enough experience to not worry about the regular season. I know the Spurs have won rings to validate their decisions to rest guys and we haven't. But we are tested in every scenario in the playoffs aside from a NBA Finals appearance. We need to sacrifice wins sometimes to play Jordan Adams, Stokes, Russ, and JA Green. I mean we tried to develop one player; Jon Leuer and that was a failure. We tried stop gap veterans: Agent Zero, Keyon Dooling, and VC. That hasn't worked. Some other thread I seen Thibs as a replacement coach, he might as well dress 7 guys because he doesn't even use the other 5. Mike Malone would be my option.
  10. The Nba Is A Talent Proposition. End Of Story.

    I'm curious if we can make a big run at any free agents the next 2 years. I wonder if Durant would want to come to Memphis. He clearly likes being in a smaller market vs. the other stars. Well, by the time he becomes available we would be trending away from our paint offense. He could open up the paint to provide the spacing and I guarantee we would be favorites to win a ring. We still have Zbo, TA, and Vince a couple more years. Mike will be testing the free agency after next season. If Marc is resigned, than we will have to worry about how to keep Mike. I don't see Mike taking a pay cut as this will be his only time to maximize contract offers. If we don't sign Marc, we can make a run for any big name free agent. This years free agent class are filled with perimeter role players. Only top tier players are Marc, LMA, Butler, Monta, Kawhi, and KLove. Players like Wes Matthews, Middleton, Danny Green, and Shumpert are perfect players for our system. All these players available are great 2 way players. But, we are already deep at the 2 and 3 position with TA,Green, Lee, and VC who play significant minutes at both positions. Next years class we really cant do much to improve the team. I don't think we should resign Marc. I think a sign and trade will be the best position we can put ourselves in. If Chicago wanted Gasol, we could package him with Green as an expire for Gibson and Rose. Backcourt with Mike and Rose playing combo guard would be interesting. Rose has a max for 3 more years and his contract would expire the same years with Zbo, TA, and VC. Very unlikely scenario, but with Chicago and Thibs divorcing, you will never know.
  11. ZBo's game 6 vs. SA for the first ever Grizzlies series win was magical. MC's game will only trump it if it leads to a championship. I have noticed though, Mike is becoming a star in the eyes of the media. Glad to see him finally get the recognition he deserves. If it weren't for his face fractures he would be an afterthought again. They also forget about his foot injury that is possibly lingering. Been saying it for years, he is the best point guard in dictating the pace of the game. In the playoffs, this guy has outdueled prime Tony Parker, Chris Paul (thrice), Westbrook, and now he has 1up on the MVP.
  12. Grizzlies @ Timberwolves - 2/6/2015

    I can't believe 8 games Is the longest longest winning streak for us. I could have sworn we had a 12 or 13 game winning streak when we played Miami during their 27 game win streak. I remember the game from couple years ago when LeBron hit a deep 3 to seal the game for them. Only 8 games though? Wow
  13. Pick 10 - No More Mr. Nice Guy

    8 and 2. 102 vs Utah
  14. Pick 10 - Wall Street

    8 - 2. 101 vs bulls