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  1. N I

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Centers, or forwards for that matter. The team is full of PGs and SGs (Rubio, Calderón, Rodríguez, Navarro, Llull, Fernández, Abrines), but has just one SF (Claver, who had to play PF last night) and two PFs (Reyes and Ibaka, both injuried). Anyway, Spain will usually play both Gasols together from the start if history means something.
  2. N I

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    I know what they have, but they didn't have much more on the inside yesterday than the Gasol brothers due to injuries, that's what they had to play both for so long. That's what I meant, not that they didn't have more weapons.
  3. N I

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Spain didn't have anything else. Reyes and Ibaka were injuried, and they had to play Claver at PF so both Gasol's wouldn't play the whole game. Marc, as usual, wasn't too focused on scoring, he played more of a passing game (had 4 assists) and defense (a game high +/-33).
  4. N I

    Fiba World Cup Thread

    Don't worry about the SF, Spain doesn't have any. Claver is mainly irrelevant, so it has to be a guard playing there also. Spain will become the favorite as soon as Rubio makes a layup Seriously though, as close as it has been between the two in the last two olympics, Spain should have the edge, but they need to get their perimeter game together, because crowding the paint is much more easier in FIBA than in the NBA: no defensive 3 seconds, slighly smaller court... If you think Grizzlies games could get ugly, watchout. Now, there's always the chance that Calderón will shoot well, that Navarro will emerge when needed, and maybe even that Claver will be finally usefull for this team.
  5. N I

    Athleticism And Jordan Adams

    Go look at how high Luol Deng, Caron Butler, Martell Webster or Monta Ellis jumped in the combine.
  6. IMO Marc trimming down so much has more to do with his knee than the contract year. Much more.
  7. N I

    Fiba World Cup Thread

    Nah, just kidding, great post:
  8. N I

    Grizz Free Agency Rumor Thread

    Pau got that because he decided to pick a destiny. I don't know how much weigh we can put on this contract, he rejected a higher amount from LA, around what Zach got.
  9. N I

    Grizz Free Agency Rumor Thread

  10. That's why trading him for an Eric Gordon would make sense. We need another scorer, ideally one that can create from the outside. Maybe we are trying to count on some unlikely surprises from within the team (i.e. Conley taking another huge step, Bayless becoming a legit sixth man of the year candidate, Pondexter mutating or something like that), or maybe they are not looking for it at all. Gordon would make sense in that way, but there is the salary and the health issues (and well, those are the reasons we can get him). And the makeup of the team, of course, with Tony Allen in. You can always have Gordon play the majority of the minutes at the two (around 30), give Allen the rest and the starting nod and play him at the 3 in small lineups. Bayless would be obviously out, and we would need a third string PG. Franklin would be injury insurance, and I would keep Miller and Pondexter to play the three, probably needing another injury insurance here to cover for Miller. In the inside, without Zbo, I would probably look for an enforcer to play limited minutes, with Davis and Leuer getting most of them. That would mean trading Zbo, Prince and Bayless, and trying to get four players back: Gordon, a PG, an SF and a PF, preferably in one year deals, or very cheap multiyear deals. A huge risk move, but a high reward one too: Gordon does play in isos, but that's not the only aspect of his game, he is good spotting up, can play in the pick and roll, can be the main ballhandler at times, creating for him or others. Can shot and drive. That goes well with Conley and Gasol, it gives them someone to draw attention when they lead the pick and roll, it gives Gasol an active players to pass off the high post, and Conley the option to play off the ball at times. He can play in transition too, letting Gasol use his outlet passes. It would open up the game for us, would give players like Davis open looks which they can capitalize if we move the ball well (and Gordon can move the ball). And it gives you another go to guy late in games, and an effective one. However, having said that, if I were the one to pull the trigger, I would probably restrain myself due to his health.
  11. Well, excuse or not, Marc spends plenty of energy doing every rotation possible in the defensive end. After all, he is not your typical shot blocking, rebounding DPOY. We can discuss if it's his somehow limited athletic ability, his weight, or a non outstanding motor that limits him. Or a combination of that and the way he plays defense. I haven't really analyzed the amount of energy he spends comparing to other players, but I can see how he bodies up everyone every possession, how he challenges outside shooters all the time, and how he clears the paint for rebounds. That, and the physical job he does on offense (setting picks, getting position downlow), must have a toll. Even if he knows how to save some energy, we have to realize that HE can't do all that and be the go to guy every possession while playing close to 40 minutes per game. Maybe some other players can or could, but Marc apparently can't. That's the player he is and he has that limit. Maybe this season with Koufos in we can see Marc spending more energy when he is on the court and resting more minutes or playing less through injury (that would be great, BTW, because every season he has come too soon from some injuries -ankle, for instance, or played too much through them -abs). Maybe what chipc mentioned about seeing him more in the low post will make him more of an scorer and make him less responsible for all the high post screens (and he set lots of them) and pass some of that to Zach. I don't know how it will work, because we would be seeing less of Zach bothering defenders for the offensive rebound, but I'd like me some more Marc Gasol spin moves down there.
  12. The game has changed since the Hakeem days. He is one of my favorite players, but his best teams clearly benefited from not having to face zone defenses. Four open guys and he could go one on one. Nowadays, even if pure zone defenses aren't allowed, unless you have true outside scoring options, your post guy won't be able to go one on one. That's why Howard succeeded with guys like Turkoglu or Lewis at the four. That's why scoring big men usually have a good outside scoring game (the Dirk Nowitzkis, Pau Gasols, Chris Boshes of the world, Duncan's bead and butter is his midrange bank shot, Garnett played facing the basket from midrange too, most of these players have developed SF moves). Where does Marc Gasol fit in there? Well, he has some physical limitations, his motor isn't that of the prime Duncan or Garnett, and we have seen him getting tired and missing more FTs than normal when we use him as a clear go to guy. It doesn't help that defenses collapse in the paint because of the lack of outside shooters, so he has to fight through contact more. He is a very good midrange shooter, and he can face up some defenders, but he doesn't have the quickness or agility that Pau, Bosh, Duncan or Garnett had or have. I don't see him as a player that will give you 20ppg, but then again I didn't see him as a player to get the DPOY award, or an all star berth. With the right offensive system and the right players around (outside shooters and active cutters, a good pick and roll guard) he might.
  13. Gordon is the kind of player we would need in the perimeter... if he was able to play, of course, which we don't know. Like BHZ says, his ability to create from the perimeter automatically makes the team better, and unlike with Tyreke, you still have a very respectable shooting ability. He can handle the ball quite well, allowing Conley to play more off the ball if he wants to. He moves the ball well in the perimeter. And you can still use him in isos if you need to, so you don't lose that trading Randolph. The only other problem with him has been motivation and confidence. He obviously didn't like getting traded to the Hornets, he obviously wanted out. Does he want to play here? If he does, his shooting should go back up. Anyway, injuries and salary are main concerns and high risks. He's got three seasons left in his contract, pretty much our window of opportunity with Marc Gasol (he will be 31 when Gordon's contract expires) so we would be tying a huge part of the teams potential to a player that may not see the floor in the playoffs. It would take really good care and planning to have him at 100% come playoff time. So having Allen aboard should be considered a plus, as it allows us to keep Gordon's minutes under control during regular season. Looking at the makeup of the team, there are other problems to be considered. Depending on what we get in return, we would be left with unproven players at the 4 for the playoffs (well, we would probably see a lot of small ball lineups featuring Prince or Miller at the 4 anyway, with a faster pace -for instance this summer Spain is trying to run on offense with Marc Gasol on the team and playing non-4s at the 4). If Gordon is coming in, Bayless would be going out, so we would need to find another player who is able to play the 1 when needed. How would we fare in rebounding? Gordon is not specially good from his position, and Marc bodies up well but he doesn't grab them, so we will miss Randolph there for sure, unless we play Koufos more than expected and alongside Marc. All in all, even if the risks are considerable, I would be curious about a trade like this and probably feel pretty well about our chances.
  14. It's not as much how he was 0-12 as how he wouldn't deliver in the playoffs for the Griz.
  15. Maybe you need to look back at his first stint, when he was traded.