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  1. First off, do they have Irving and Hayward? If not, you assume they won't get far in the playoffs, and you won't prepare for them. Oops.
  2. Who's getting moved

    I think running would be out of the question.
  3. Who's getting moved

    Surely we should consider ALL the players who are coming off an injury that cost them a whole season?
  4. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I thought this was about Dwayne Bacon and Spud Webb.
  5. Ringer Draft Analysis

    So are they ranking Jackson ahead of Bagley because of D? The numbers say it's Bagley, no contest. Although "reliable" is nice.
  6. Jeff Green is more like "Can do it all; doesn't."
  7. Bagley or Doncic, Ayton if we must, otherwise trade down a couple of slots and take Carter.
  8. Trading the pick

    1987, Suzanne Vega
  9. Trading the pick

    For the record, someone got that reference.
  10. Trading the pick

    If you rate the players out of 100, and the two guys over 95 are gone, then you have maybe six players you rated 88-95 ... between them "best available player" is meaningless . Trading down from a 95 to a 93 because another team really wants the 95 guy is just good business. Specifically, I can see a deal like the Mayo-Love swap.. Among the players close in apparent value, any smart FO will award points for various criteria - overall O, overall D, BBIQ, attitude, risk of injury, upside, downside, strengths, weaknesses, fit with existing players. Then, carefully weighing all the variables, they will pick the guy the boss's barber likes.
  11. Someone has to say it: Steve Francis scenario?

    I like Bamba but his weight! *** Current NBA players *** === 6'10" or taller AND under 230 lbs: Thon Maker, Zhou Qi, Lucas Nogueira, Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson, Dario Saric, Davis Bertans (coupla good ones there) === Players Bamba would who are at least 40 pounds heavier: Nurkic, McGee, Pachulia, Whiteside, Monroe, Favors, Mahinmi, Lauvergne, Aldridge, Baynes, Yabusele Gasol would have to guard them - that's a lot of teams.
  13. The worst thing about getting the 4th pick

    It would cost us Martin just to get another team to take McLemore. McL has negative value right now.