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  1. Jeebus. I really hope the Grizzlies don't move. That would be brutal.
  2. David Fizdale Fired.

    Earl Watson??
  3. Fizz goes off !!!

    I liked what Fizz had to say. Leaders lead. Besides, it's not like he took off a month from thinking about winning a championship to research and write a dissertation. He gave an interview and answered questions from the heart. It's not like he kicked off a post-game press conference with a political monologue. I get people's appreciation of the South's history--warts and all. I appreciate it too. I just don't get why folks would be outraged about taking down a monument in a public park that glorifies a Klan member. Seems reasonable to say, "You know what, history is important, but this offends, threatens, demeans, some of my fellow Memphians. I don't feel good about that. It's not worth it." For Coach Fizz to point that out doesn't seem like a political statement to me. Sounds like more of a pro-Memphis, "we've evolved--here's an opportunity to put that on display" statement. Made me proud of our Coach. Proud to be a Grizz fan and a native Memphian.
  4. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    gotta be a trade/trades coming. too many guards. I'd be shocked if they don't resign JAM.
  5. ZBO ??

    gotcha. thanks.
  6. ZBO ??

    We don't heave enough roster spots for everyone, so does a S&T work? Say TA, ZBo, and Wright for Kevin Love? We resign JaM, let VC walk, and pick up a point guard. Obviously I don't wanna lose ZBo or TA, but how else are we gonna get some value out of ZBo and TA when we can't pay them?
  7. Billionaire Strut

    Went to the game last night. Still haven't recovered. Great win!!!
  8. Memphis @ Minnesota 11/01/16

    Tonight's starting lineup. Ouch. I hope we can keep it close. Was kinda looking forward to watching the game.
  9. Minnesota @ Memphis 10/26/16

    off to a great start! wait. never mind.
  10. Grizzlies Mlk50 Pride Uniform Unveiled

    Look at that. Someone finally figured out how to make a sleeved jersey that isn't a total assault on the eyeballs!! Really well done. So...thumbs up to the execution and design of the MLK50 jerseys, and thumbs up to choosing to use the opportunity to create another alternate jersey to raise awareness for the NCRM.
  11. Fizdale Interview W/ The Undefeated

    Good stuff from Fizz. By all accounts, a good human being.
  12. L-Train Hollins For Tigers Coach?

    I recall an interview with him while he was coaching the Grizz in which he mentioned that he didn't even watch every one of his son's college games because he just doesn't care for college basketball. Anyone else recall that??
  13. Possible Leaked Jerseys?

    The good news: the Grizzlies have great uniforms. Timeless design. Still looks fresh to me. A new alternate might be cool, but I, for one, am great with the Grizz keeping the primary home & away jerseys. The 'neon sign' font is VERY cool and totally authentic. Need to bring that back for the numerals.