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  1. Dang, I had forgotten about Hollinger. I wonder how much influence he will have on who the F.O. picks. Personally, I don't have much faith in his ability to gauge non-NBA talent. Just too many variables.
  2. The last thing this team needs is another steve francis fiasco. They'd be better off saying something to the effect that Pera wants one of them and hope he gets taken before the Griz pick, allowing someone else to fall.
  3. The guys that cleared Wright and Parsons???
  4. I would expect a guy like Bamba (physical tools) to totally dominate in college, yet his season stats coming into the draft are sub- Thabeet. Which of these players that might be around for our pick truly dominated this past season?
  5. I agree with the back issue, but don't think it (injuries) should be used as a reason to bypass college ball. I would pass on Porter but I don't expect the Grizzlies will if Wallace has anything to say about it..
  6. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    I pointed out what was stated on Wiki, and the fact that the investigation was done by the gang unit. For whatever reason, your brain is seeing that as an attack on a dead person and being defensive for the accused. Back in December I said that she probably was involved, but you chose to ignore that and run with your crazy conclusions attributed to me. You fail to realize that no one on these boards, including me and you, know everything about this case. The police have said that this is one of their highest profile murder cases in many years, and the fact that the gang unit is in charge of it is significant. Without putting words in my mouth, how can you not agree with that? If it wasn't significant then the homicide unit would have handled it. Stating that fact is not calling Ren a gang banger or drug dealer, as you have claimed. It means that there is much more about the whole story than a basic murder for hire scenario.
  7. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    What the heck is your problem??? Pull your head out of your backside and explain where I said he was a gang banger or drug dealer. My very first post on this thread was a response to why no one was coming forward. It happened to be the same response that investigators and reporters made. It was the common perception at the time. That's why I put it in quotations. If you want to get emotionally bent and make negative assumptions about me, that is your failing, not mine. If you fail to see any possible significance in the facts that I mentioned, again, that is your failing, not mine. Deal with it in a mature manner.
  8. Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    Sounds like a Wallace special to me.
  9. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    Gangs = drugs. The investigation and arrests were done by the gang unit, not the homicide unit. Evidently some posters do not realize the significance of that fact. There's my commentary.
  10. C'mon Chip, that's crazy talk. Only a front office with no direction and little basketball sense would pull a stunt like that. Hmmm ...you might be on to something here.
  11. Parsons Out for Rest of Season

    Absolutely. The focus should be to get whatever production we can get from him. GTF hit the nail on the head.
  12. New_Sacred_Cow appreciation thread

    A very well deserved thread. Thanks N.S.C. Hats off to you.
  13. Get Rid of Low BBIQ Players

    Good topic. Low BBIQ guys should be weeded out on the draft board. Having them to start with is the blame of the FO's lack of due diligence. This is why old school scouting still has a place in the league. The old "what's going on between their ears" can't be found on the internet. You need reliable scouts that do the foot work, talk to players and such. We, as fans, can easily find out which players are physically gifted. Just check out the draft thread. A good NBA organization goes well beyond that, and I don't believe the Grizzlies do.
  14. Memphis @ Oklahoma 04/11/18

    Same here. Thanks NSC.