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  1. Father Pat

    My bold predictions thread

    So Dillon did well because the team sucked, and Marc did worse last season because the team sucked? I think Dillon exceeded the expectations of any rookie taken #45 in any NBA draft taken by any NBA team.
  2. Father Pat

    My bold predictions thread

    It's always sad to see someone relapse.
  3. Father Pat

    New Flooring

    There is nothing to like about New Jersey. Nothing.
  4. Father Pat

    Parsons Out for Rest of '17-'18 Season

    ...or JB leaves him in the first game until his leg falls off. Should take about 12 minutes. Then the Grizzlies can get a disabled player exception and insurance will pay his salary. Win - win. ?
  5. Father Pat

    Grizzlies sign Yuta Watanabe

    Anyone not rooting for Yuta is just plain nuts. There are 127 million people living in Japan. If he does well and gets some good minutes playing for the Grizzlies, just 1 in a hundred people over there buying his Grizzlies jersey... that would be awesome.
  6. Father Pat

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    Just don't go full KBM. Never go full KBM.
  7. Father Pat

    Grizzlies sign Yuta Watanabe

    The Grizzlies sign someone to a 2 way contract and you post 10 times in the thread made to announce it as if the sky is falling. Give it a rest. It's a glorified G league contract, not another Chandler Parsons contract. Where the heck are the drama police when you need them???
  8. Father Pat

    What are we gonna do about a backup center?

    Half the NBA would ask, "what's a center?"
  9. They need to do a DNA test when he shows up for training camp. Make sure we get the right one back.
  10. Father Pat

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    Not so fast. Toronto is also getting Kawhi's "people" in the deal. The guys that Pops talked so fondly of when reporters kept asking about Kawhi last season. Kawhi AND the drama team for Derozan. Toronto will be going places this season for sure! I guess Wallace isn't the worst G.M. in the league after all.
  11. Father Pat

    The 2018 Free Agents

    I agree. If the team needs a 3 pt shooter off the bench, just sign Heslip. He's an outstanding 3 pt shooter and is more mobile than Korver is.
  12. This explains a lot. You are obviously living on the wrong continent. ?
  13. Father Pat

    Vegas Summer League

    Canada needs him! He's one of only 3 guys from there that can actually play basketball. They fill the rest of their FIBA team with washed up hockey players. True story. ?
  14. Father Pat

    Vegas Summer League

    Canada vs Zappastachistan. Just kidding of course. I forget the details. I just remember reading something a week or so ago that he was playing for Canada and the article had a pic of him playing.
  15. Father Pat

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    Poor Clay Bennett is losing money. Bwa hahaha ?