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  1. Thank God ESPN just pulled our last national telecast which was April 4th at New Orleans. Hopefully they'll put on some more entertaining YMCA ball. I'm mad, embarrassed and want this season over. On a better note, I did profit $75 on my two tix for tomorrow's Lakers@Grizz game on StubHub. For some reason, there's a really good demand on the secondary market for that game. Maybe it's the Grizz lunchbox giveway.
  2. What's disappointing is occasionally Martin looks like a NBA player. He always seems to play hard, gets to the right spot, and has a nice touch from 10-15 feet. Other times, like last night, he just seems to run around with no purpose. Of course that was pretty much everyone last night.
  3. Robert Pera

    The silence is deafening. Something has to happen soon to stabilize ownership and management. We just can't go into the offseason with so much uncertainty. It's unfair to the players, market and most certainly the ticket buying fans. The term 'throw away season' has never been more true. As a lifelong Memphian and ticket buying fan since day one, I am very angry. Mike Heisley would at least tell you exactly where we stood.
  4. Memphis @ San Antonio 03/05/18

    I feel like that guy on 'Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom' right before they rip his heart out.
  5. Train Station In Memphis

    No, it's actually in a 'hipster, gentrified' part of town. Very cool with lot's of bars and restaurants.
  6. the preds are awesome baby.

    They better ride it while they can. Aging players, front office turnover, bad management decisions will be staring them in the face before too long. They are the 2013-2015 Grizzlies now, on top of the world.
  7. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Welcome to the club Marc. We're all frustrated over this season. The sooner it's over, the better.
  8. Robert Pera

    Chip, can you confirm this? You seem to be plugged into the info stream a little better than all of us. I would definitely rather have Pera as controlling owner than Kaplan. I'm afraid Kaplan would reinstate Jason Levien as GM. We sure don't want a return to those days.
  9. Just take it easy there big fella. Here is a Q and A from the Commercial Appeal a couple of months ago when this all started: " Q: Goodness. Any other protections we should know about? A: Actually, yes! In order to persuade local owners to kick in money to buy the team from Heisley, Pera — and this is according to an NBA document from October, 18, 2012 — “has granted a call right to the other owners at a price equal to his invested capital in the event he files with the NBA to relocate the team within 15 years of the closing date of the transaction.” In other words, if Pera tries to move the team any time before 2027, the local owners could — and certainly would — buy it from him for the money Pera put into the team. Q: OK, but what if Kaplan buys the team from Pera? Is he bound by those same terms? A: Absolutely. If Kaplan tried to move the Grizzlies before 2027, the local owners would have the right to buy the team from him. The only murky part is price. Obviously, if Kaplan makes a lucrative bid, either he or Pera — whomever emerges with the team — would ultimately have more equity in the franchise. Would the local owners have to account for that increased equity in their purchase? It makes sense that they would." Let's just worry about getting the Grizzlies good again.
  10. As for the op's original question, first round draft picks can be held by the team that drafts them up to seven years before they reach unrestricted free agency according to the current league/players association labor agreement. There is all kinds of twists, turns, qualifying offers, restricted free agency in there but bottom line if a player is drafted to a franchise he hates, the team can keep him up to seven years.
  11. Robert Pera

    He may not be at the games but look at all the upgrades to the FedExForum. Millions of dollars in behind the scenes stuff also as in lockers and training rooms. Plus a Grizz owned minor league team right down the street. You think that's city/county money? Heck no, that's all Robert Pera. He may be an absentee owner but he's funding this franchise incredibly well, much more than Michael Heisley did.
  12. Rabb to the rescue!!

    As we get closer to the point of no return, I would love to see Rabb on the NBA court. I know it's only the 'G' League, but his numbers warrant a look. Many of these players just need a chance to show what they've got. Lot's of marginal college players turn into excellent pro players simply because they're given a chance.
  13. 7 of the next 8 games are away games

    This next part of the schedule is bizarre. Over the course of 10 days we go out west to play at Phoenix and at Golden State, then come home for one game against a far west team, the Clippers, then board the plane and fly back to road games against Phoenix and Golden State again. Thanks NBA.
  14. 7 of the next 8 games are away games

    Maybe, but sometimes when you expect the least, teams have a way of delivering the most.
  15. New Orleans 'paid' attendance is a whopping 125 more than Memphis. The percentage of actual ticket usage is much higher in Memphis.