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  1. On My Grizzlie

    There is one thing that really scares me when it comes to Luka Doncic

    I think he wants to do more on the scoring side of things than Marc. Luka has a nastiness to his game that i think we miss and need. Dillion has that too, but i feel like we need more.
  2. On My Grizzlie

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Young or Porter is pick. They both have star potential to me depends on the situation.
  3. On My Grizzlie

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Nothing from actual doctors, just porter saying what he should.
  4. On My Grizzlie

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I have always said i wanted Young, i just dont see us getting him. Porter fits too well for them not to get him unless hes not truly healthy.
  5. On My Grizzlie

    Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    Porter,Young, Bamba. Bamba has the most Unicorn potential.Young and porter also have all star potential. im just not sure Bamba can become that player on our team.
  6. On My Grizzlie

    Ping pong time.

    I agree. I dont see why we would need to cut him. Let him get all of these chances out of the way, and if he fails then so be it,like we should have done with Wade.
  7. On My Grizzlie

    Grizz Offseason Moves

    Mario Hezonja is my pick for the MLE. i feel like hes only going to get better.Hes cocky. but i dont mind a few cocky players. they get under peoples skin, Much like D. Brooks. I saw a rumor that Nick Calathes is making a comeback. Dont we still have his rights
  8. On My Grizzlie

    Ping pong time.

    To be fair he doesnt play with much effort, and seems to not care to the naked eye. If we see that the coaching staff sees it too. He just doesnt have the motor to become that good of a player. The talent? Yes, but untill he can show that he will stay where he is.
  9. On My Grizzlie

    Obligatory 2018 NBA Draft 2nd Round Thread

    I say we go after a conference player of the year with our 2nd round pick.. They normally seem to at least be decent players on the next level.
  10. On My Grizzlie

    Dillon Brooks named to Rising Star Challenge

    I put more stock into a player who was player of the year in a tough conference. That means something to me. He has what it takes to silence the Nay sayers, At SF or SG.
  11. On My Grizzlie

    Memphis @ Portland 04/01/18

    Got to love dillions swagger..
  12. On My Grizzlie

    Parsons return?

    I was actually happy at how he was playing.. I was confident that he would make every open shot he took. He just cant stay healthy at this point, which hurts.
  13. On My Grizzlie

    2018 trade deadline thread

    Smart=GNG 2.0 It would help bring the fans back if they can package it like that even if we lose.
  14. On My Grizzlie

    2018 trade deadline thread

    Winslow is someone i want.. so if we have the chance we should jump on it.
  15. Players who actually play here learn to love the city and people, so its possible to draft a guy who ends up staying if we treat him like we do zbo, conley, or marc, or even a role player such as tony who we treated like a star..