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  1. Share In Lower Level Suite

    My group needs one more partner in a lower level suite. You would have two tickets every fourth game (12 games) or two tickets every eighth game (6 games). Plus parking in the arena near the suite. The price is not much more than a good lower level ticket. Average is approx $160 per ticket but lots of amenities. Price including parking for 2 tickets every 8th game is $2,200. Price including parking for 2 tickets every fourth game is $4,400. 1. Very nice seating. Very wide and lots of leg room. 2. Restroom right at the door 3. Two flat screen TV’s for football bowl games, replays, etc. 4. Refrigerator to keep drinks in (you have to buy your own in the Forum, but can store them there) 5. Sofa, large table, etc. 6. Phone, internet, etc. PM me for details ... Edited by Toke
  2. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    Still have room for 1-2 more partners in the suite. Call 901 481 2131
  3. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    In total they are pricey, But if you have someone (me) taking the risk of the committment, the per seat cost of the people partnering in the suite are close to the good arena tickets
  4. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    Your math is close. The suite costs more than $175K actually. By the time you split it out per person it comes out to the amounts I mentioned. The people in our group were paying $120 to $180 per seat for a good seat in the arena before joining the suite. Now they are paying a little more (not a lot) but getting many more benefits.
  5. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    We've GOT the whole suite. We just have a group that shares in the cost and tickets and need a couple more partners. Some of our partners have two tickets, some have four. Some have every eighth game, some have every fourth, some have every second. None of our group want to go to 45 games. I'd be glad to discuss in more detail if you want to call. Number is in original post above.
  6. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    Actually there are 45 games counting the 4 pre season games.
  7. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    The price for two tickets to an eighth of the games, including parking near the suite is $2210. This is about 6 games. the price for two tickets to a fourht of the games (11-12 games) is $4417 with parking. Not cheap but not much more than lower bowl tickets in the stands.
  8. Share In A Lower Level Suite?

    Is any member here interested in sharing a in a lower level suite for the Grizzlies games? Good view, very large seats, wide screen TV, restroom, sofa area, refrigerator, access to other Forum events in the suite at a modest cost Nothing in Forum is cheap but these seats on a pro rata basis are close to the price of a good seat in the arena. You can have 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 the games. Call if you'd like to discuss. 901 481 2131
  9. Ok City Playoff Game Schedule

    Need to make plans for the week. Does anyone know when the whole schedule is released fo this series? Only Game 1 has been set right now? Any guesses as to the schedule now even before the schedule is released? Thanks.