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  1. Spurs Game 12/30

    Looking for tickets to this game in lower level or club level. Prices a tad steep on ticket sites. I would be coming from Nashville for what it's worth. PM me if you have anything. Thanks
  2. Strangest Good Luck Rituals

    Well just for this series...I've watched 3 games in my bedroom (all wins). For the other 2 games I watched one in my living room and the other I was at the game (game 4). Guess I know where I'll be tonight.
  3. Grizzlies @ Thunder - 4/29/2014

    Go grizz. This is too much for me to handle!!
  4. Tracking Playoff Positioning 2014 Edition

    According to the Spurs twitter...Parker will play, but Duncan and Manu wont play (rest).
  5. The Team On The Grassy Knoll

    So, I guess we need Minnesota to somehow beat the spurs. That way the Spurs will have more of an incentive to try and beat Dallas/Phoenix to clinch #1 seed (pretty sure I read they needed 2 wins to clinch). Or am I just over thinking this whole thing haha?
  6. Awesome. I love this idea being that I live close to the Nashville area. Definitely need to get more details on this.
  7. Support In Middle & East Tn

    Murfreesboro. Always been a huge basketball fan, so I immediately became a fan when they moved to Memphis in 2001.
  8. Western Conference Finals!

    Awesome feeling. Let's keep it going. Go Grizz
  9. Grizzlies & Thunder - 5/11/2013

    Headed down from Nashville in the next few minutes. Next stop: FedEx Forum. Go Grizz.
  10. Grizzlies & Thunder - 5/11/2013

    Love the movie. Love the idea. That would be awesome.
  11. No More White-Outs In The Post Season

    I definitely like your thinking. Even though we have never won a series with shirts, I still like seeing all of the fans in the same color.
  12. Grizzlies & Clippers - 5/3/2013

    That happened to be the two playoff games I was able to make it down from Nashville to go last year. Very disgusted and depressed drive home to say the least. Thank goodness I was able to be at game 4 this past Saturday for a little redemption. Won't be in the Forum tonight, but I'll be yelling at the tv at my house. Go Grizz.
  13. Grizzlies & Clippers - 4/27/2013

    About to make the rainy trip down from Nashville to Memphis soon. Can't wait to be in the Forum. Go Grizz
  14. Grizzles & Clippers - 4/25/2013

    A little off topic, but does anyone have an idea why they aren't doing the white t-shirts? I mean I realize we have never won a series with the t-shirts, but I was just curious. Go Grizz.