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  1. tennesseessio

    What are we gonna do about a backup center?

    It has been stated by our coach and our GM that we are going to try to play different than other teams. We are going to try to play inside-out. So yes, we could use a backup true C or another post-scorer at PF. I expect we'll see Rabb at 5 as much as we'd have seen Davis; maybe like 10mpg. I doubt we'll see Parsons and Anderson at 4 as much as others on the boards do, assuming we don't trade Green.
  2. tennesseessio

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    Lots of Garret Temple love on here! I doubt he is of much consequence this year or that he'll be here next year. I'd rather just keep the pick. I don't see him as being a better option than D. Brooks, Selden, Anderson, or even Parsons or M. Brooks. I'd actually rather get Simmons some extra spot mpg than win an extra game or two with Temple. On the bright side he is a more attractive expiring than McLemore so there could be a subsequent trade in the works or something else at the deadline... If there really isn't anything else going on, i'd just call this a minimal loss for an incremental gain. This is literally; no big deal.
  3. I assume he'll be paying their tax burden for everyone and letting them stay at his place.
  4. tennesseessio

    Vegas Summer League

    THANK YOU!!!! Introverts get treated worse than dirt in society. It's just dumb. Chest thumping accomplishes nothing. If you can't see past a lack of histrionic demonstrations and evaluate how a person is actually doing their job, then you are an idiot who probably thinks you're way smarter than you actually are.
  5. tennesseessio

    Grizzlies 1 of 2 Teams Pursuing RFA Smart via S&T

    Sorry, thought he was RFA. Apparently the 6xers declined his option before trading him.
  6. tennesseessio

    Grizzlies 1 of 2 Teams Pursuing RFA Smart via S&T

    How bout doing a S&T with the Nets for Jahlil Okafor. He'd give us some serious low-post offense off the bench. If we want to be that iconoclast kind of team that plays D and plays offense inside out, Okafor can make that work - at least the latter part. The guy can really score even if he's been devalued and passed over somewhat. I'd bet he like to sign with a team like ours that would appreciate him. He could keep a lot of tread off Marc's tires, also. I bet we could get him on a 1 or 2 year for around 6mil. McLemore, Davis for: Okafor
  7. tennesseessio

    Grizzlies 1 of 2 Teams Pursuing RFA Smart via S&T

    I like Smart as a player and i'd support bringing him into the fold but the fit is a little iffy to me. If we did get him i'd just play him as a backup PG, but give him heavy mpg like 22mpg or something like that and just rest Conley for playoffs. I don't like him in a starting lineup and esp. with Anderson. Playing backup PG with shooters like Parsons and D. Brooks would blend well, or playing him with a point5 like Gasol would work okay too. Maybe some situational minutes at SG with Conley at PG would be good if we really wanna lock a certain somebody up. I guess Green would be the main player of interest, but I think they might like Harrison also who would be redundant for us with the Smart import. I actually think the Celts would go for that if Smart agrees to it. I'd be fine with a 4 year 9mil contract like what the similarly limited Anderson got. That's a good raise from the 6mil/year that it is rumored BOS is offering. At this late date in the game that may be about what he could really expect. Conley, Smart, Carter Seldon, Brooks, Brooks Anderson, Parsons Jackson, Martin, Rabb, Casspi Gasol, Davis, Rabb
  8. No, it has everything to do with disagreeing. You didn't like something I said, you got triggered, and you started name calling like a child. Now we see you are either too cowardly to own up to it or too stupid to recognize it. What is it like to go through life with the emotional intelligence of a 9 year old? What exactly do you think this message board is about? People come here, they converse about the team - that's the whole point! Do you expect to live in a dream world where everyone loves everything the FO does all of the time, or do you expect to live in a dream world where everyone agrees with you about the team all of the time? Neither will ever happen. If you can't deal with complaints about what's going on with the team, then you should leave.
  9. Wah Wah Wah! i'm sooo tired of people who disagree with me... why does this even keep happening? Why can't they see it my way and say what I want them to say? You are such a baby. I can't believe it took you this long to just say plainly what your issue is. Maybe it was b/c your issue was weak and you knew it from the start. Also, I don't always complain. Sometimes the Grizz make moves I like, sometimes they don't. Eat it!
  10. No, not happy at all. B/c you aren't able to offer any reasoning. All you have been able to do is just spew borderline retarded nonsensical insults. Are you usually hyper-emotional when confronted with different opinions in other realms of life? Are you PMSing? Really, honestly, i'm trying to figure you out? Help me help you!
  11. b/c why? b/c I'm not an Anderson fan? I mean honestly what the hell are you even talking about? Do you even know?
  12. Be brave, be explicit. I don't know you or what you're about, so I'd really love it you'd spell it out for me... I know you will b/c you spoke soo boldly before, so you're obviously not a coward, right?
  13. what is that supposed to mean?
  14. Parsons is said to be in relatively good health; better than at any time in his Grizz tenure. One of the announcers said so on one of our SL broadcasts. They said he was playing and working out at full speed all summer.
  15. Anderson was signed just b/c we felt we needed to sign somebody. Signing just to be signing; a bad strategy. Far as I know there is no rule that says a team must sign somebody every offseason. Just wait, sign nobody, and be in a great position to sign somebody consequential or better next year. You can tell there is no vision or plan with a move like this. It reeks of desperation and impatience.