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  1. No but that James Harden, Chris Paul and Eric Gordon can. And that Steph Curry Kevin Durant Draymond Green and Klay Thompson can. And that Terry Rozier Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum can. Yeah you need defenders and rim protection but unless you have a top 5 player all time on your team you better have multiple all around players.
  2. Really good shooting and multiple versatile offensive players. The elite teams have 3 to 4 guys who can dribble, pass and shoot at an elite level. The Grizzlies have 1, that gets hurt all the time.
  3. 2018 NBA Combine

    Except his numbers...
  4. 13 points a game in college is not having an NBA offensive game
  5. The better question is would Conley get you one of the clippers picks. I don’t think there’s a big market for mid 30’s bigs
  6. Yeah, that most Izzo guys are winners worked out well when we got Deyonte Davis last year.
  7. Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    Yeah the reasons are a 7’2” animal from Arizona and a 19 year old setting records in the 2nd best league in the world.
  8. My bad 4 games. He also got hot against mid majors in the college season but mysteriously went cold against conference teams when they started putting in defenses to counter what he does. But I understand stuff like that doesn’t matter caus #groupthink
  9. Porter Jr. #2 in the country, Trae Young #23 while playing next to each other. Stop it with the one game comparisons, it ain’t close. Not to mention Young weighs about 150 and I doubt he’s actually 6’2”
  10. The worst thing about getting the 4th pick

    I hope he tears up the Grizz workout and we shut him down
  11. No concept of the NBA at that time. But currently bigs as the best player doesn’t win you championships, the NBA is all about premier wing talent. Just look at the conference finals in both conferences, best player on all 4 teams KD, Lebron, Harden and Jaylen Brown or Tatum. I think people forget age is a factor in this. Parsons is mid career with a history of multiple knee injuries. Porter Jr is 19 with 1 injury to his name in life, two totally different situations.
  12. So Cleveland shouldn’t have drafted Kyrie #1 because he was hurt at Duke? What about Embiid to Philly? Young talent is worth the risk as opposed to drafting a role player.
  13. And if he shakes up the top 3 We should take whichever 1 falls.
  14. On top of that when Trae Young and Porter Jr were on the same team there was no question who the best player on the team was.