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  1. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

  2. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    MVP. Silver in Asia beat by Australia
  3. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    8/13/2017 game Vs. Jordan Hamed is back after injury that kept him out for about 6 months so he's a bit rusty. Still 17 points/7 rebounds/9 assists.
  4. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    First FIBA Asia 2017 game vs. weaker India team got beat by 47 points. Second game vs. Syria, nice assists:
  5. Who Wins the NBA Finals?

    I'd put my money on Golden-State in 7. I think the combination of Durant and Thompson makeup for 80% of LeBron and Irving and Curry will wipe that 20% off and raise the team into a slight advantage.
  6. Who Wins the NBA Finals?

    I even predict that Curry gets a $200 million contract afterward.
  7. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    He made it into the Playoffs 7th rank while being short of his 2 NBA team-mates (Mike Harris was injured, other one gone). He averaged 26points/16 rebounds/4.9 assists/2blocks and .588 FG% even though he took a lot of 12-15 footer shots. Harris is back from injury and they're playing good. His Chinese team-mates learned his Memphis D game and are leaving other teams in their dust. The first Quarter-final game is Feb24, then Feb-26, March-1 against Shanghai S. NO.2 ranked team. The games can be seen on youtube with a few hours delay as instructed in the previous post.
  8. Pick 10: Friday The 13Th

    7-3 94 vs Jazz
  9. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Thank you guys but per CHIPC3's request I've taken down all my posts under this thread, removal of it is up to the moderators. There won't be anymore posts after 4/28/16. Scooter I'm Hesam not Hamed, take care.
  10. What Happen To Michael Beasley And The Grizzlies

    He got waved by Grizz around Oct 9, 2014, moved to China to play for "Shanghai Sharks" a team owned by Yao-Ming, then returned to Miami-Heat for a short time before heading back to China to play for "Shandong golden stars" he made the Allstars MVP after scoring 59 points, got a $13000 prize but his money got stolen from his locker, his team ranked 5th and got knocked out in the first-round of playoffs. And after CBA season he signed with Houston, he scored 9 points last night in a 126-115 loss to Suns. This is an early-season game from 5 months ago between Beasley's Shandong and Haddadi's Sichuan-blue-whales:
  11. Pick 11: Tombstone

    7-4 Clippers score 96
  12. Pick 10 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

    This is Memphis Grizzlies Forum, we have no Tigers here, just fluffy bears.
  13. Pick 10 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

    7-3 kings score 88
  14. Pick 10: Smokin' Joe

    If someone is not nice at this time for sure he has a problem in his personal life, family, job, financial or love-life. This is the time loneliness is felt the most and people act mean when they don't have what they think they should have. Happy New Year
  15. Who wins? Golden State Reason? Curry+Thompson+Green's 75 points
  16. Pick 10: Smokin' Joe

  17. Pick 10: Smokin' Joe

    6-4 Houston scores 93 Houston will score :23-22-23-25 for the quarters. Harden scores 28, Chalmers 16, Conley 22, Marc 14 and Zach scores 18
  18. Memphis @ Dallas 12/18/15

    Actually With Haddadi+Rudy+Mayo and addition of Barnes & a guard like Chalmers or better Grizz not only would've kicked Dallas's butt it would've also reached the finals this year. Haters keep hating, numbers don't lie. Haddadi joined Grizz in 2008-9, previous year record was 22-60 = 0.268 2008-9 = 0.293 in his first year he plays 120 minutes(3 full games' worth) making 48points/47rebounds/12blocks or 16points/15.7rebounds/4blocks per full 40-minute game(as he plays today). 2009-10 = 0.488 2010-11 = 0.561 2011-12 = 0.621 and he's waived
  19. Memphis @ Dallas 12/18/15

    No TA = No Defense = 8 extra opponent points No Wright + No Carter = Less offense and rebounding = Minus 10 With those 3 result would've been Grizz 98-89
  20. Pick 11: Hit It!

    7-4 Bulls will score 98
  21. Pick 10: Arise!

    O' well, the bridesmaid this time, but overall pretty happy with the previous 3 times: The 1st ten games (1 game late) I won the other 9 games, called the Grizz score at 92 vs portland within 4 points and called Philly at 82 within 2 points. Called the second Portland game a 98-95 win or within 3 and 5 points. That's 5 in a row, 7 including the finale exacta of last season. For the number of wins this time I gave more Credit to Houston and OKC than they deserved.
  22. Pick 10: Arise!

    Won the Pick, within 2 points/1basket