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  1. Absolutely a wasted pick and rotten cherry on of what ended up being arguably the worst off-season in team history.
  2. The_PROOF

    Ron Tillery...

    Tillery was a big Heisley supporter and still is. To say he never supported the team just isn't true. It's not like his criticism of Pera is unwarranted.
  3. The_PROOF

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Haven't been on here in months, yet I knew this thread would be at the top of the forum...deservedly. My quick two cents below... I would like us to draft any of Ayton, Bagley, or Porter. Any of those three would instantly be our best player going forward. Drafting Ayton would mean Gasol has to go, which sucks because his value won't be as high as it was at the trade deadline last month. As for Bagley, I have no idea why people think he's gonna all of a sudden suck at the pro level. The guy produces, and I don't see why it would change after being drafted. MPJ obviously has great, ideal size and offensively could become a flat out star...but I question his defense (watch his HS clips) and toughness. I'm out on Doncic, and I think his floor is the lowest of the top prospects...but people seem to be in love with his ceiling. I need to see more. My wildcards are Mikal Bridges and Trae Young. I wouldn't mind either of those guys either, and I think they'll be good pros.
  4. The_PROOF

    MLK50 - New Jersey

    I like what they represent but last year's were better.
  5. The_PROOF

    Things i know wont happen, but should

    I am perfectly fine with the Kobi praise. Dude looks like he could be a gem. 2 years from now, he could be a spark for us...also, insurance for whoever we lose between Baldwin and Harrison.
  6. The_PROOF

    Things i know wont happen, but should

    Just think about the things people said about Wade Baldwin after the first preseason game last year. Hell, people compared his first regular season game numbers to Michael Jordan...not even kidding.
  7. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    It's definitely not ideal...if he can change his body, I think SF/SG would be the best case scenario for him. Defensively though? Hmmm, not so sure he can defend some of the 2's in the league.
  8. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    I fully understand and agree that players have the capability to play multiple positions. We have several guys whose primary position is SF that will have to battle for their minutes. More so than other positions on the roster. I guess we'll have to wait and see how Fizz plans on using guys. Dillon Brooks is more of a SF/PF because of his frame and defensive limitations..but who knows, maybe coach will view him as a SF/SG. What position(s) best suit(s) him? Parsons? Wright? Davis? Evans? I don't know, and I don't think we will either until about 18 Oct.
  9. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    I like him and hope he does grow as a player...hate having to bash one of our guys to try to argue a point. I think he fits what OUR team needs at his position.
  10. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    You're taking this way too personal, about JaMychal. Your idea of a legit starter is a head-scratcher because I can give you a ton of example of guys who started on winning teams that you would not consider "legit starters" (i.e. Kendrick Perkins in OKC, Luc Mbah a Moute in LAC, etc.) Noah Vonleh started at PF for over half of the season with Portland....are you ready to anoint him a legit starter at 4 points a 5 rebounds a game? Comparing JaMychal to Nerlens Noel and KCP, who were both lottery picks with potentially elite skill sets, is unfair to JaMychal. There's nothing wrong JaMychal not having any elite skills. That is simply me stating a fact, which supports the point I'm making. If the guy wouldn't start on 90% of the other teams in the NBA, how can you say he's a legit starter in this league? If 90% of the time, the starting PF on the opposing team is better than him, how can you say he's a legit starter in this league? Is he a legit starter for the Memphis Grizzlies? Well, yes. Especially now. But on most teams he'd be a 6th man, at best...just like all the other guys you listed towards the middle of your post. Just my opinion though...
  11. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    I have a hard time calling a guy who averaged less than 9 points and 7 rebounds with no elite skills a legit starter. He was the starter based on his circumstance. Most would say that he wasn't even the best PF on the team, but started solely because he fit better with Marc than Zach, based on the coach's desired style. 2 things indicate to me that he's not a legit starter: 1. He wouldn't start for most of the other teams in the league. 2. If he was a legit starter, why didn't he receive any acceptable offers from other teams during free agency? I know he was restricted, but he couldn't even get an acceptable offer sheet.
  12. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    Having a plethora of players at a positions to the point where several of the players who play that position will see limited to no playing time....typically while another position is stretched thin on options and talent (Center).
  13. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    You don't think it's a logjam, I think it is. Difference of opinion. If you read my post, I said if one of the borderline roster guys (Martin or Baldwin/Harrison) outperforms expectations in pre-season, Ennis is next in line on the chopping block due to the depth we have at his positon (plus, you forgot to mention Dillon Brooks in either response). Again, my opinion. You don't have to agree. Doesn't make my opinion right and it doesn't make yours wrong.
  14. The_PROOF

    Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season ??

    You just answered your own question.