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  1. IDK about top 5 but definitely top 10, which is definitely elite, specially considering how stacked the position is.
  2. tuco

    Sonny Weems

    Weems has improved tremendously his composure and decision making during his european tour and become a more consistent shooter. He'd be a nice pick up for any team, including the Grizz if they didn't have Lee, as it is he'd be a litle redundant. He can play SF but it's not his ideal spot.
  3. tuco

    Who Do We Draft

    In order of preference and assuming Porzingis is not available Anderson > Hairston > Thabeeares
  4. tuco

    Who Do We Draft

    All those guys may not be very explosive but have decent quickness and mobility to play SF in the NBA, not so sure about Mcdermott.
  5. tuco

    Who Do We Draft

    Me likey some Kyle Anderson.
  6. tuco

    T'wolves, Grizzlies Trade Rumor

    Have you seen Prince lately? i guess the Wolves FO have.
  7. tuco

    Grizzlies Salary Situation

    Even if it were 3/36, that should leave enough space to re-sign both JJ and Davis if the lux tax is around 75 million. It could become trickyer the following season when Gasol and Conley are due for an extension though. Ed: NVM Conley is under contract until 2016, that makes it more manageable.
  8. tuco

    Gasol Injury

    In China.
  9. tuco

    Grizzlies & Spurs - 11/22/2013

    Well, if it's a small tear we might be talking about weeks and not months.
  10. tuco

    Grizzlies & Spurs - 11/22/2013

    Any update on Gasol?
  11. tuco

    Grizzlies & Rockets - 10/25/2013

    According to ESPN CSN Houston will show it so at leas it won't be one of those weird jumbotron feeds.
  12. tuco

    Grizzlies & Rockets - 10/25/2013

    The result is meaningless, the play and chemistry the team shows isn't.
  13. tuco

    Jeff Green

    Shed long term salary maybe, but f that's their intention they'd try to move Wallace or Lee before Green. I don't see it unless there's some big incentive, and given that Memphis can't trade a 1st till 2050 or so...
  14. tuco

    Espn Nba Rank

    Leuer should be higher, the rest seems about fine.