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  1. Blue Bear

    Welcome Jevon Carter!

    I see Carter being one of the steals of the second round. I like this pick.
  2. Blue Bear

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    What did the rings do for Michael Jordan's sons?
  3. Blue Bear

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    I hope the front office got this pick right because if Mo Bamba ends up being a better pick..............
  4. Blue Bear

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    I'm not sure what to think here. I'm not excited.
  5. what you talkin bout willis
  6. Me to. NBA summer news is going to be fantastic.
  7. I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow but I'm excited. I will be stunned if Doncic or Bagley are available at 4. Whatever happens, the FO just needs to pick the best available player at 4. I don't care if we have Mike and Marc we need a star.
  8. I really don't think Doncic will be available at 4. I see the draft going this way for top 3 picks. #1 Ayton #2 Doncic #3 Bagley #4 (hopefully Porter if it goes this way)
  9. I hope not. The Grizzlies will end up with a couple of garbage picks and give up a solid star for What? Parsons has been here for two years just let that contract play out.
  10. If Porter is available you have to take him at 4. I know the history and the injuries with this franchise but you have to take a gamble on possibly the steal of the draft. Worst case he can't get over the injury but we all know Porter is not at the level of Hasheem Thabeet. He is a proven player with a high skill set.
  11. Wow, I haven't heard that in years. You are old man.
  12. Blue Bear

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    Hell no it was not the answer.