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  1. Yeah, my guess is Parsons and/or Jamychal Green are headed out possibly before training camp.
  2. Yeah, I'm not understanding all the Dillon Brooks slight. People throwing him in trade scenarios already. Some actually having Jamychal starting ahead of him at the 3 spot. Dillon looked really, really good this past season. He's only a rookie. It's safe to say he's already given us more than Chandler Parsons has. He's is definitely the player I'm most excited to see take that next step this upcoming season.
  3. LilFrontOffice

    How Do You Feel?

    I feel like Chris Wallace is going to do something stupid like trade away the pick for a slightly above average role player.
  4. LilFrontOffice

    Trade Likely Coming for Draft

    Supposedly the Mavs' are interested in the 4th pick and are willing to take on more money for it. I bet you anything the Grizz FO are seeking to acquire Harrison Barnes in some sort of scenario. I don't want this! I'm not impressed with his game and would much rather hold steady at pick 4 and bet on the long term instead of a quick fix to stay relevant. Barnes isn't a game changer to me. I'd rather let DIllon Brooks continue to develop and see if he can become that dynamic wing player we've needed for quite some time.
  5. LilFrontOffice

    Minnesota @ Memphis 12/04/17

    Our offense looks so much better under coach JB!
  6. LilFrontOffice

    The question that hasn't been answered

    Does that change the fact that he was still playing like crap? No. The injury just gives the crappy play meaning.And I think you actually bolstered my point; Gasol carried the team even while Conley was playing injured. One man can only do so much.
  7. LilFrontOffice

    The question that hasn't been answered

    Did you even read my post? Before you respond you should try forming a logical argument to counter my viewpoints instead of highlighting one line and running away with it. I clearly wrote that Chris Wallace deserves the blame for the roster not being what Fizdale needed. But I've also stated in another thread that even with this current roster, no way should we be losing 8 games in a row. And certainly not 2 games to Dallas! C'mon son!?! Dallas?? Did I ever once say Marc was innocent? Did I ever say he was the sole reason we were successful in seasons past? No! I simply stated that his attitude never stopped the team from being successful before even with noted rocky relationships with both Hollins and Joerger. Now that we are 7-12 Marc is suddenly a locker room cancer? Give me a break... Blaming Marc's attitude for our poor play is ludicrous and is short-sighted. Also to your Conley point; we were already starting to look pretty bad even before Conley was injured. If I remember correctly, Conley played the 1st game we lost to Dallas. He was also playing sub-par basketball while he was on the court this season. His shooting percentages were below average and couldn't hit a 3 to save his life. During that 7-5 stretch Marc literally carried this team to victories. But you "conveniently" forgot about that huh?
  8. LilFrontOffice

    The question that hasn't been answered

    Assumptions... Nobody knows the reasoning for their strained relationship except for Fiz and Marc. You guys keep trying to place blame at Marc's feet is almost comical at this point. Marc's attitude isn't what caused an 8-game losing streak. Even if his relationships with Joerger and Hollins were rocky, they somehow managed to pull out winning season after season along with a WCF appearance. We finished last season with a 7-14 record and we're off to a 7-12 start this season. At some point you guys should consider the fact that Fizdale was not the coach you hoped he was. If you want to blame Chris Wallace for the roster not being what Fizdale needed to be successful, fine. I'm cool with that. But let's not act like Marc's attitude is why we're losing.
  9. LilFrontOffice

    Countdown to Marc Demanding a Trade

    Hurling insults in order to mask your butt hurt-ness
  10. LilFrontOffice

    David Fizdale Fired.

    I'm not opposed to firing Chris Wallace, just curious how that would have had an immediate impact on this season besides everybody wanting to blow the team up. Let's say hypothetically Wallace was fired instead of Fiz; what would that have done for our immediate situation concerning style of play, culture and identity? Not much... I think in the offseason Wallace should get the boot. But right now we have to see if this season is salvageable and bring in a coach who can maximize our talent. We've invested a lot in Mike, Marc and Chandler financially. It would be pretty stupid to blow it all up before seasons end.
  11. LilFrontOffice

    David Fizdale Fired.

    You fool, I am the Front Office! Just kidding... But seriously, I am not saying the Front office is absolved of any wrongdoing. The point I'm making is that our current roster is in no way an 8 game losing streak type of roster. When your playing style clashes with your best(or 2nd best) player, that is a coaching problem. If you can't get your star players to be on-board with your game plan, that is a coaching problem! You can't blame the FO for that. And if I remember correctly, when we were 5-1 people ( not saying you specifically) were singing Wallace's praises about how he's starting to look like a genius.
  12. LilFrontOffice

    David Fizdale Fired.

    Yeah, because they didn't have us figured last season or even this season either huh?
  13. LilFrontOffice

    David Fizdale Fired.

    I used your argument against you and the best you can do is put words in my mouth! As someone stated before me, Fizdale wanted to change things for the sake of changing things. He felt we needed to adapt our style to keep up with the league. That is a rookie coach mistake. The truth of the matter is, we've always been the odd-ball of the NBA when it comes to our playing style. Why change what was working for us and actually gave us an advantage our some of the more elite teams?
  14. LilFrontOffice

    David Fizdale Fired.

    And Fizdale inherited the same exact roster that knew how to play together and led it to a season worse than Joeger's. Fizz tried to play catch up with the rest of the league instead of tailoring our style to our personnel. He shot himself in the foot.