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  2. Yeah they're the 8th seed right now, and with the bottom couple seeds being completely wide open, it'd have to be something to consider.
  3. fanboyslim

    So Mods Locked The Wendell Carter Draft Thread

    Eh, no one is a bit too much though, some people were convinced. He had been breaking historical records for a while but it didn't count since it all happened in Furrinerland.
  4. fanboyslim

    So Mods Locked The Wendell Carter Draft Thread

    Yep, Ted Stepien rule. ATL wasn't looking for a 2022 or later pick.
  5. ...yeah but Luka is like young LeBron...priceless...
  6. smit-tay griz

    So Mods Locked The Wendell Carter Draft Thread

    I'm glad you're not the GM, especially since no one knew at that he would be this good.
  7. You mean the one we used to pick Ja? Just be thankful that we didn't get stuck with no Luka + a Jared Culver type and we rid ourselves of the failures who traded our pick for Jeff Green and replaced them with some of the sharpest young minds in the NBA. Ja is going to be an MVP candidate for a number of years alongside Luka.
  8. yeah that one.....and i would trade Ja 3J and even extra 1st for Luka the Don.
  9. smit-tay griz

    So Mods Locked The Wendell Carter Draft Thread

    What pick? The one we got Ja with? This is sounding dumber as we go.
  10. Karas

    JV and Crowder for Demar DeRozan

    Yeah, Derozan is a great mid-range shooter and can drive to the hoop with the best of them. His one potential value for the Grizz would be mentorship for Ja. He did not show much of a leadership ability in Toronto and does not look he's had much success in San Antonio either. Personally, as a player, I don't think he's worth JV alone, never mind Crowder. Derozan does not have a three-point shot and does not play defense. Grizz are not in dire need of fire-power. We all saw what JV can do when unleashed. In addition to that, he offers elite rebounds and screens. Grizzlies priority is developing Ja and JJJ. Maybe if Brandon Clarke is also a priority to develop, they could unload JV and Crowder's contracts to make more room for other young talent as Derozan's contract expires...
  11. Or, 5 per game most nights then 10 or so when he is really feeling it. That would average out to 7 or 8 per game. Still needs to attack mismatches and do work inside though. And, I would like to see him in more pick and rolls (although his bread and butter should be pick and pops).
  12. we had our pick 1-8...i am sure Atlanta would've taken than in a heartbeat.
  13. Do the Suns have their own pick this year? I guess they want to make a run at the playoffs, but they aren't really the Mavs or some team like that who is basically "all set". One more really good player would help the Suns. I would take Mikal Bridges. Great fit at the 2 or at the 3. Can you imagine Melton, Mikal, Clarke, and Jaren swarming other teams on defense? As good as you can get. Mikal still has a solid floor and baseline, and even if his "ceiling" isn't as high as it used to be he might actually better than a lot of other (young) wing players on the market (or in the draft). Maybe it's not good that the Playoffs might turn into the Lakers/Bucks Open, but there are still some secondary contenders that could use him. I can see the Mavs needing him more, but yeah, maybe put him on a young/youngish team that really wants to get into the playoffs.
  14. I'm okay with the six, but if his efficiency goes up, by all means, give him more attempts.
  15. Yes our future picks were locked up in the Boston trade until 2023.
  16. smit-tay griz

    So Mods Locked The Wendell Carter Draft Thread

    There was no way at that time that anyone knew that he would be as good as he has been this season, and it would be a very stupid move to gamble a team's whole future on a move like that. Especially considering that we already owed a first round pick and are not a popular free agent destination. For Dallas it was far less of a gamble.
  17. Before the season started I thought he should take 8 per game. I think he can up his averages a bit more, but maybe 8 is the MOST he should take per game. Many more than that would really take Jaren out of the rebounding action. We also have to utilize his low post game. JJJ is also good (and getting better) at exploiting mismatches in space. So, would he be the first player in NBA history to average 8 three pointers AND 8 post/paint shots per game? Also give him a few mid-range attempts. Sky hooks, too. So... give him Video Game Beast Mode HORSE contest shot chart.
  18. smit-tay griz

    Ja out tonight?

    Gee, nice job! Now if you could just stir the whole team to victory.
  19. are you saying ...we couldn't offered future picks or our top 8 pick?...Grizz had a chance at greatness for a decade and more...and Mavs are laughing all the way to the bank....Atlanta lost big too.
  20. Today
  21. smit-tay griz

    So Mods Locked The Wendell Carter Draft Thread

    Except we had no chance to get Luka.
  22. smit-tay griz

    Milwaukee Bucks at Memphis Grizzlies - 12/13/19

    Silly. Would you say the same if JV scored 43 points in a game - ever? I like JV. He's a good ballplayer, but your player fan bias is silly.
  23. Aside from the last 7 minutes, that was the best game of the season even with it being a loss. Against the best team in the league without our best player. They could've laid down for a game like that and noone would blame em. Instead they played to win and that's the best you can ask for this season. Losing is fine as long as they play to win. Haven't been on there since my high school days, stopped using it when the school computers ran too slow to load it
  24. YES you are 100% was probably the biggest mistake in franchise history...Luka could've brought a Chip...whatever the cost...Jaren will bring nothing but excuses...year after year after year.
  25. toocoolkellz


  26. I❤️JV


    Jaren will never ever will become an All Star...Ja however will...


    In the past two drafts the ONE GUY I really really wanted was Ja Morant in this past draft. I liked Mitch Rob in 2018 (man, we should have gotten him in the 2nd round!), and I am not really sure who I wanted on draft night. I had basically all the bigs a bit lower on the draft board. Didn't like Luka that much but forgot about what I wrote about him. He is a MUCH better scorer than a thought he would be. The rest of the package: athleticism/working on frame in progress, streaky shot, emotional, passing, ball handling, rebounding is what I thought it would be. I had Jaren pegged as a 3 and D big man. But maybe not a great rebounder. So, John Salley with a 3 point shot and a 4/5 more than a classic rim-running center. I would like to look through the Draft Night thread to see my thoughts in progress. Could have gone either way with Wendell. Ironically, we did well with our big man pick even though you should basically ALWAYS draft your lead guard FIRST in a rebuild -- THEN get your big man and complementary wings. I had Trae and the Bag Man super low, too. They can put up stats and highlights but let's see if they win. If the 2018 draft show down/comparison is between Jaren and Luka I wouldn't be shocked. Ja/Zion should be the 2019 draft comparison/rivalry. IF Zion shows up. If I were Zion... maybe I make a surprise debut at the dunk contest. His NEW/REAL ceiling might only be Fat Dominique Wilkins at this point. Past two drafts: Is Ja the best -- wouldn't doubt it. Luka, 2nd. If I have a super high usage guy maybe I want a more traditional (and super athletic) point guard than a big wing (basically a point forward). Jaren/Trae/Zion next in line in some order. Not giving up on some of the other guys though. Brandon Clarke looks like a really good 4th option, but if Ja and Jaren start killing it as Options 1 and 1a then I think Clarke can be a good third option. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any takeaways from the past couple of drafts to apply to upcoming drafts -- unless it is "do your own homework" and "if a guy can play then he can play". As a contrarian, with the relative busty-ness of Bamba and maybe some other bigs, even Ayton or The Bag Man or Wendell who is solid but maybe not a guy with a super high ceiling... maybe I take a look at the BIGS in this draft. Not just James Wiseman but also N'faly Dante. Makur Maker is probably gonna drive me nuts. If we were looking for a point guard/lead guard/alpha guard then I would have a different draft order -- maybe I might have my Draft Option 1 being "trade down for Nico Mannion". As it stands, I am looking elsewhere: Tres Tinkle, DJ Jeffries (sleeper who could REALLY move up), Jaden McDaniels (but he has pretty much already moved up a lot), and Josh Green (although I don't see anyone who DOESN'T like him). 2nd tier utility wings include Jordan Nwora and Jarron Cumberland. Anthony Edwards: too many Dajuan Wagner or OJ Mayo vibes???
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