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  2. Memphis Grizzlies

    Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour

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  3. Memphis Grizzlies

    Yo Gotti & Friends Birthday Bash 8

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  4. Memphis Grizzlies

    Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin 'Kingdom' Tour

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  5. Memphis Grizzlies

    CHEER LIVE 2022 Tour

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  6. smit-tay griz

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Why would Phoenix be trading Ayton? That's silly talk. He's a key young player the team that had the best record in the league. They were Western Conference Champions last season. They need tweaks, not a rebuild. That's a rebuild move.
  7. Djf5233

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    Kinda like JR在ut just a worse version存hoots more and at a worse percentage, especially from three. Obviously db is a better defender although jr was good in that respect on the cavs.
  8. smit-tay griz

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    More versatile than Kyle? Like @memphis slim said "the kid can play 1-5 in a pinch. not many players can say the same." Where you going to get more versatile than that? Don't get me wrong, I understand that the FO may be moving on from him, and I know that it would be nice to have more shooting and scoring, but except for his perimeter shooting he's like the ultimate Swiss army knife bench player. He defends multiple positions, he handles the ball well and can run the offense, he rebounds, he's smart, and he's got good height and very long arms. I would prefer to see them draft a more offensively gifted player to fill Culver's spot and resign both Kyle and Tyus and run it back.
  9. King Dork

    2022 Lottery

    My man really just added another 3 不不不不不不不不儭儭儭儭儭儭儭儭
  10. Anyone got the clip of Kleimans reaction when we got the 2nd pick? submitted by /u/evehaiku [link] [comments]View the full article on Reddit.com
  11. I have the Celtics going to he ready of the way. Celtics and Bucks were the two best teams this year imo
  12. My man Allen

    2022 Lottery

    Why is it two Chips? Omg nooooo
  13. submitted by /u/illestdesignstudio [link] [comments] View the full article on Reddit.com
  14. chipc33

    2022 Lottery

    Pera is a passionate owner but dont confuse passion with meddling. Pera appoints people to jobs and then lets them do it without interference. He does get constant updates on decisions.
  15. BigHunkALove

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I f Tyus doesn't return, I would not be surprised the FO has a close look at Schroeder. Darko Rajakovic worked closely with him @ OKC, as ge did with Adams - who was picked up by us
  16. bhoyal

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    The site I saw now lists him as an unrestricted free agent. Looks like the Grizz declined the option to keep him around for about 8 million bucks per. Obviously.
  17. I take great comfort in this being one of the worst possible outcomes for the Pelicans.
  18. Personally I think center, just because his defender is less likely to close out to him if it's another center.

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Upside with Rubio: He and Ja aka Air Twitter can rehab TOGETHER.
  20. Yeah, you are right. They just don't call FOULS on guys like Marcus Smart -- or Tony Allen back in the day. lol Jaren is probably our Defensive Anchor 1, still could use Defensive Anchor 1a and Defensive Anchor 1b. A LEGIT wing defender. A LEGIT primary deluxe rim protector who can also crash the glass (yes, that matters for defense). One question: anyone know if Jaren shoots better from 3 as a power forward or as a center? Which five man lineup contributes to Jaren's best shooting?
  21. Memphis Grizzlies

    Stupid lakers

    They cost us a lottery pick because of how horrible they were. Now we're stuck with 22 and 29, and this draft isn't even as deep as the last few. submitted by /u/Spirited_Two_1698 [link] [comments]View the full article on Reddit.com

    2022 Lottery

    Good to know! By now they probably have a pretty good idea of who they want to bring in (for workouts/interviews/medicals/etc.). I am also assuming that Pera can offer some guidance for a particular draft strategy. Although probably less so than other owners. Although I would ALSO assume that Pera gets instant feedback on potential picks. Does Pera show up for individual private work outs? Do owners show up for that stuff?
  23. cdp

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Break it down like this, Morant// Bane/Melton/Konchar Williams/Brooks/Tillie Jackson/Clarke/Tillman Adams/Aldama/ So biggest thing is if you're not resigning Tyus then you better go get someone else like Schroder or Rubio if he's healthy. Then another big either free agent or package Melton+Tillman+picks. I'd move Brooks to the bench and if he complains trade him.
  24. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    2022 Lottery

  25. Memphis Grizzlies

    Remember the Draft Lottery?

    I just turned on the draft lottery and can't help but be SO excited to not care at all about it this year. This event was usually one of the highlights on the Grizzlies offseason and hoping the ping pong balls bounce in our favor. This year? I don't give a **** what happens (although LAL's pick would be nice) and think we've got a fun off-season ahead of us submitted by /u/gentrifriedchicken18 [link] [comments]View the full article on Reddit.com
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