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Jordan Adams Surgery?

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 06:32 AM

lmao, people acting like the Grizzlies are the only team to ever play a team that had injured players, Golden State had the luckiest run to a championship that I've ever seen as an NBA fan, legit every team they played had multiple injuries to key players and they didn't have one injury during their whole run, and no one says a thing about how lucky they were with injuries. 


but yeah sure, let's keep debating about a Grizzlies series from 3 years ago, because every other team has always played against fully healthy squads and injuries have never been a factor in a playoff series

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Posted Today, 08:35 AM

Not too simplistic for a bozo like me. We are talking about effing Rudy Gay, man.  :)
I'm not talking box-office money or tv money because Rudy probably put more butts in the seats than any other Grizzly. (This is a measure that most folks leave out when they calculate Rudy's value. I guess they don't believe the NBA's bias for marketable teams shows up in favorable treatment.) So yes I was talking about basketball money which in this comparison means the luxury tax penalty and the rules about how you can spend money if you are a penalty team.

The luxury tax had everything to do with the Hardin trade and the Gay trades. Yes, trades, the first trade was done to supposedly get better offers for Rudy. Think of all that Levien gave away. It was the tax.

Rudy and the rest of the team were playing great until Levien started to shop them around the league. I think most everyone's play declined at that point. The team played badly mid-season both before and after the trades and then regrouped in the last third. Folks have their opinions on the reason. I mostly credit the coach. If you want to talk about something simplistic, the whole "addition by subtraction" whooey fits.

That was the season that we hoped everyone would be healthy at the same time. Before the Levien cancer, Rudy was third option more often. Other guys were hitting shots. That's the team to compare Rudy's loss against, not the teams that expected Rudy to be a superstar.

OKC's fall shouldn't be pinned on the inability to replace the pre-Houston era Hardin. They would be incredible with Hardin but I think most would put put the fall on the other two guys' injuries.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to grind my Levien axe. :lol:

The Grizz would have been better off if they had kept the others and let Rudy go. It sure is terrible when a dude making 18M can't afford to go to an optometrist.

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Posted Today, 06:01 PM

The Grizz would have been better off if they had kept the others and let Rudy go. It sure is terrible when a dude making 18M can't afford to go to an optometrist.


It's too bad. We'll never know how far the team would have gone either way. We know the coach thought he had a champagne team.


From news articles, Grizzly Rudy had contacts and goggles. They bothered him and he felt he was better off without them.