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Another loss on Rudy

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Posted 23 December 2008 - 07:32 PM

QUOTE (On-Demand Klondike @ Dec 23 2008, 04:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Uhh, with all due respect and no disrespect to you. I don't really see the point of this post. I have not seen one person on this board who has EVER said Rudy cannot be criticized. I have been posting on this board a long time and I think most people realize that your best players will get criticized when the team is losing and pretty much everything you said has been said on this board at least 1000 times before so I think people realize that. So I'm not exactly sure what the point is. It seems as if your argument is "Rudy should be criticized when he doesn't play well" Uhh okay, I'm pretty sure everyone agrees. Same goes for OJ, Kyle, Conley, Gasol, Darko, etc It just seems to me you are trying make a point that everyone already agrees with.

With that being said. It's one thing to criticize a player and it's another thing to go overboard and start nitpicking just to be negative. You say I have been defending Rudy. To me, that would imply that I'm making up excuses for his behavior. I look at it as quite the contrary, I'm basically stating facts when people are throwing out regurgitated bs about Rudy. Such as....I didn't get a chance to respond but right after that Charlotte game I saw someone posted that all Rudy was doing was "chunking up bricks all night". Really? Rudy went 7-10 in that game, so a player shooting 70% is just "chunking up bricks all night"? That's interesting. yet people say Rudy needs better shot selection. Then this thing about Rudy not passing, which is funny as well. Should Rudy pass more? possibly, it depends on his role on this team, but it seems that some people totally ignore when he does passes. That's why in some of the game threads when people starting regurgitating the same ole same ole, I step in and point out when he does pass, especially when the person misses wide open shots. I did that in a couple of game threads and one person who repeatedly kept saying Rudy never passes seemed to be irritated with me for repeatedly pointing out when he did pass. That's not defending him, that's pointing out facts. Some people seemed to be upset with Rudy in that Charlottte game because he didn't help OJ get to double digits, really? So Rudy's job is to help OJ get to double digit scoring? Forget all of that trying to help the team win anything, he needed to help OJ and yet another regurgitated piece of bs-Rudy never passes to OJ. Rudy has passed to OJ numerous times. As a matter of fact, in that Charlotte game Rudy made three really good passes that I can rememebr, one to OJ, one to Ross and one to Marc down low. They were all wide open and they all missed their shots. Yet, people try to use Rudy's low assists total as justification of him not passing. That was 3 lost assists right there, Rudy did his part, the other players didn't finish. Also, in last night's game thread, there were 2 posts which pointed out Rudy's poor shot selectiona nd ohh what a bad shot by Rudy, thing is RUDY DIDN'T EVEN TAKE THE SHOTS. So if you think me pointing out FACTS that discredit regurgtated bs on this board is me defending Rudy so be it. Jut realize that I criticize, praise, and defend not only Rudy, but OJ, Marc, Darrell, Darko, Kyle, Conley, Hak and everybody else equally. Since Rudy seems to be one of the most talked about players, a lot of my responses are to comments on Rudy. It's as simple as that. I have not seen one person on this board say that Rudy is above criticism. As I satated in the other thread, I just state my opinion. It's one thing to rightfully criticize someone, it's something totally different to blame that person for everything from single-handedly losing games to stopping OJ's streak to blaming him for shots he didn't even take to blaming him for others missing wide open layups to blaming Rudy for killing 2Pac, Biggie, and JFK. It's ridiculous. What else did Rudy do, invent SARS?

It's funny that you mention that you feel Rudy should be criticized and no player is above criticism, cause anytime I mention something about OJ, people jump down my throat and tell me how I hate OJ and ask why do I have a problem with OJ? Funny thing is, they totally ignore when I pat the guy on the back. I guess people have their own views and are entrenched in those views. I just leave it as that and state my opinion. my fair and balanced opinion.

You wrote a novel to tell me that my post is pointless. Don't you have some xmas shopping to do or something.

Let me make my point in another way. I've noticed this season that several posters on this board become very defensive whenever anyone criticizes Rudy, while other posters, like the one who started this thread, apparently think that Rudy deserves nothing but criticism. Both responses have the effect of shutting down open, honest dialogue.