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Kevin B Moses

Memphis's future starting lineup projection thread

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1 minute ago, fanboyslim said:

I think the point is that you can learn how to shoot and improve significantly, but this is of course depending on how talented you are and how broken your shot is to begin with. Age is also a factor, a 21 year old is going to be much more likely to improve than a 25 year old, all other things equal.

Harrison looks like someone who could benefit from dedicated shot training, because it's such a glaring defect compared to his overall skill level (decent defender, decent handles, can finish at the rim and get calls), but 1) he should have started this past offseason and 2) it's not clear that the team will be willing to invest a couple more years to develop him.

Yeah, I can't argue that.  I hope he can bring it round.  Last season Troy Daniels started off horribly before he got his rhythm.  I don't expect Andrew to get that good, but I hope he can get it passable for the times he is on the floor.  Right now we're better off with others on the floor.

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3 hours ago, Herodotus said:

We might need a Memphis Hustle thread. 

I watched most of the Hustle's first game. Kobi Simmons looked very good. He made some bad decisions, but his athleticism, ability to run the pick and roll, and ability to get into the paint and make a variety of plays (floater, pull-up jumper, drive and kick to either side of the court, finish at rim, draw fouls at rim) were on full display. It's obvious why Roser kept emphasizing that the front office thinks they might have found a real NBA point guard with Kobi.

I am pretty sure Simmons is a better NBA point guard right now than Harrison is. Simmons is super young, and still probably makes too many mental mistakes to be relied upon in big game situations at the varsity level, but it's easy to see how good he could be if his decision-making improves. I doubt it is in the actual plans, but still, I don't think it would be out of the question that we might see Simmons take Harrison's spot on the varsity roster by the end of the NBA season, after conclusion of the G-League season.

Aside from decision-making, Simmons definitely has some jumpshot issues. His mechanics are weird (shoots it from too low), and he's not hitting a high enough percentage. But, his jumper is not as broken as Harrison's, whose jumper is literally the worst ever. 






I am all for giving Kobi a run as our backup point guard.  Tyreke can handle the ball some anyway so I would go with Kobi, Tyreke, Brooks, Parsons, and Wright once McLemore comes back (start McLemore at the 2).  Chalmers, J Mart, and some other guy round out our active roster.  I don't think Mario should play more than 10-15 minutes a night, and probably needs a night off every once in awhile at that... so, let's see what Kobi can do.  Or, go with a bigger back court off the bench with Andrew Harrison at the 1, and give Mario's shots to Parsons and Wright. 

I would AT LEAST go with a 10 man rotation -- maybe 10 1/2 guys unless there are injuries, then we should go with 9 guys... so, two platoon lineups then an extra guy (or two) to get spot minutes (5 or so a night).  We can use an 8 man rotation here and there to change things up IF our top guys are healthy and firing on all cylinders.  Even then I wouldn't play anybody more than 30 minutes a night.  That would mean Conley, Gasol, Ennis, Green, a healthy McLemore/Selden, Tyreke, Parsons, and Wright get all the minutes.  But then the next night you roll out 10 or 11 guys in order to go with something different.  If McLemore is the athletic scorer/shooter we need, and if Brooks regresses and Selden doesn't show us much, then it looks like we can go with an 8 man rotation or an 8 1/2 man rotation, but I am of the belief that you can go with 8 or 8 guys if you are the 80's Lakers/Celtics or Jordan's Bulls.  But, the Bad Boys teams went 9 or 10 deep.  Dirk's Mavs title team went at least 9 deep (with their motley bench guys chipping in here and there).  

BUT, if you start out with an 8 man rotation NOW, it will be harder to go to 9 or 10 guys in the playoffs.  Better to play an extra couple of guys now that you might not need later (although you never know) and get your top few guys some extra rest.  Now, are top 3 or 4 guys off the bench are playing too many minutes: do you want Mario, Tyreke, Parsons, and Wright all playing 25 minutes a  night?  Get those guys closer to 15-20 a night even if you have to roll the dice with Brooks, Harrison, and a deep bench big every once in awhile.  

This team ain't built for 5 guys to average 40 plus minutes a night, then bring a world beating 6th man off the bench for a majority of the rest of the minutes.  


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