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Lord Gordon

How Much Criticism Does Wallace Deserve?

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15 hours ago, lions said:

i think chris wallace would not be the only person to give talent evaluation back to pera

Pera had very little to do with anything basketball related.  Wallace is the final voice he's  the one that makes the calls.  

Now I'm not saying he is the ones that brings every new player in but he is the one that makes the actual call.  So he has the last say so even if we have a guy that Wallace may not have liked, he didn't man up and say no we aren't drafting this guy or no we aren't signing him. 

Wallace is a yes man so if they come to a consensus on a player hes gonna go with that. 

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Wallace is an excellent Assistant GM. It's too bad he's the GM instead of the Assistant GM. 

Wallace knows talent and can identify players very late in the draft when others have already missed. Consider some of Wallace's later picks: DeMarre Carroll (late 1st round), Sam Young (2nd round and a solid contributor for a few years), Darrell Arthur (late 1st round pick), Greivis Vasquez (late 1st round), Tony Wroten (late 1st round and a promising player before injuries ended his career), Andrew Harrison (2nd round). 

Sure he's had some misses late as well but his batting average on late 1st and 2nd round picks is pretty good. It's been the lottery picks (Hasheem Thabeet and Xavier Henry, trading Kevin Love for O J Mayo) that people are most upset about. That was when he needed to be a strong leader and instead deferred to his owner, scouts and others. He shrunk when the spotlight was on him so that he didn't ruffle feathers and kept his job instead of doing his job. 

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