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Memphis @ Dallas 12/18/15

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And with Hamed Haddadi we would have won 108:70...



Another one



Actually With Haddadi+Rudy+Mayo and addition of Barnes & a guard like Chalmers or better Grizz not only would've kicked Dallas's butt it would've also reached the finals this year. Haters  keep hating, numbers don't lie.

Haddadi joined Grizz in 2008-9, previous year record was 22-60 = 0.268

2008-9     = 0.293   in his first year he plays 120 minutes(3 full games' worth) making 48points/47rebounds/12blocks

                               or 16points/15.7rebounds/4blocks per full 40-minute game(as he plays today).

2009-10   = 0.488

2010-11 =   0.561

2011-12 =   0.621   and he's waived <_<  :)

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